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18 Genius Variations on Potato Salad #SundaySupper


Sliders : Ina Garten


Build a charcoal fire or heat a gas grill.

Place the ground beef in a large bowl and add the mustard, olive oil, thyme, garlic, salt, and …

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10 Surprising Ways You Are Making Your Vegetables Less Nutritious

By Dr. Mercola

Modern-day diets are often lacking in nutrition, in large part because food choices are not optimal. About 90 percent of the money …

Healthy Eating

How to Change Your Mindset to See Problems as Opportunities


Dwelling on problems causes stress and hampers productivity. What if you could train your brain to see problems as opportunities? Here's how!

Talk to any successful entrepreneur, or any professional with a positive attitude, and you'll find one key trait in common: all of them have a unique …

The Brain

Maple Syrup Pie - Cook's Country

1. Adjust oven rack to middle position and heat oven to 375 degrees. Grease 9-inch pie plate. Roll dough into 12-inch circle on lightly floured …

Maple Syrup

He Begins By Putting Ground Beef In Onions. The End Result? I'm Drooling!

Wrap that bad boy with bacon, and secure the bacon in place with toothpicks.

via Traeger Grills

Place these bombs on your grill at 225 for an hour to …

Ground Beef

Potato Salad with 7-Minute Eggs and Mustard Vinaigrette Recipe


Steam potatoes, covered, in a metal steamer basket set in a large pot over boiling water until tender, 20–30 minutes, depending on size. …


Burger with kitchen sink, and Quebecois dumplings – pick of the food web

Burgers are getting more and more pimped and this – by Birmingham slingers, The Original Patty men, and winner of a recent burger-off – is wearing the full shiny duds. With its pork scratching crumbs, peppered salami crisps and the rest of the kitchen sink, it seems pointless. How could you taste …

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7 No-Cook Summer Sauces | Food & Wine


5 Protein Mistakes You've Been Making

Fix them ASAP to get stronger and lose more lbs.

Protein is the key to a fitter, leaner, stronger you—but that’s only if you are eating it right. …


How to Make Homemade Salad Dressing, From Super Basic to Extra Fancy

Take a trip to any grocery store and you'll see more bottled salad dressings than you can count. But guess what? Making your own dressing is cheaper …


The Best and Worst Foods for Your Cholesterol

Good: Pasta

Good: Scrambled Eggs

Good: Hamburger (from Grass-Fed Beef)

Good: Egg McMuffins

Good: Almonds

Good: Chipotle Grill's Carnitas Bowl

Good: Dark Chocolate

Good: Anchovy Pizza

Bad: Tilapia

Bad: Applesauce

Bad: Tofu

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Plant-Based Energy Foods That Will Give You a Boost

As an entrepreneur, the one thing you simply can’t get enough of is energy. Long working hours and high levels of stress mean entrepreneurs need to pack their diet with energy-rich foods, ones that don’t involve the office coffee pot. Gene Baur, co-founder of Farm Sanctuary and author of Living the

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Quick and Easy Blueberry Recipes - Bon Appétit

June 22, 2015 /

Written by Rochelle Bilow

We wait all year for this: blueberry season! Sweet and faintly tart, these antioxidant-rich fruits are good for way more than just snacking or sprinkling over cold cereal. Of course, we’ll never turn down a blueberry pie (or, even better, an …


You are when you eat

(CNN) —We have all heard the age-old weight loss advice to eat less and exercise more. But a number of recent studies suggest that the key to dieting success is not just in how many calories you eat, or don't, but in when you eat them.

"There has been so much energy on what we eat and on …

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Californian Pinot Noir 2009

Decanter experts give their verdict, tasting notes and drinking windows on Pinot Noir wines from the Californian 2009 vintage.Californian Pinot Noir …

Pinot Noir

Little Apricot Cakes Recipe


Preheat oven to 350°. Coat muffin cups with nonstick spray. Whisk flour, baking powder, and salt in a medium bowl. Using an electric …


The Best Gas Grills Under $500, 2015 Edition

The best gas grills under $500

Editor's Note: We've been longtime admirers of the folks behind, the site dedicated to unraveling the science of barbecue and grilling. You won't find a better source for thoroughly researched and well-tested techniques, tips, and recipes for cooking


Forbidden Rice "Superfood" Salad

Free time has been a little non-existent for me lately. If I’m not at work, then I’m in class, or babysitting, or at a cappella rehearsal, or doing …


Elly Pear's 58 Calorie Summer Refresher (Just Add Booze When It's Not A Fast Day)

Strawberry Cornetto eat you heart out

Strawberry, lime and basil granita

58 calories

There’s a newish greengrocers near me that is ridiculously cheap. …


Get the Perfect Burger Texture by Salting Patties Right Before Cooking

Regardless of what general seasoning you use in your burger patty recipe, salt is probably involved. If you want to cook a tender, juicy burger, wait …

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How to Make Brown Butter Sauce

It's a sad fact of cooking that some tasks are no fun. No one likes chopping onions. And draining pasta? It's not exactly a day at Disneyland.

But …


14 Genius Hacks For A Quick Breakfast On-The-Go

Breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day, it's arguably the most delicious. Sadly, we often let breakfast fall by the wayside with insanely busy schedules.

But abandon breakfast no more. We've rounded up 14 hacks to ensure you get in your first meal of the day without wasting any …


What Do Nutritionists Eat for Lunch?

Lunch can be a tricky proposition. During a busy workday, there’s often no time to make something healthy — and sometimes barely time to grab a meal …


Top 30 Healthiest Foods of All Time

By Dr. Mercola

In a survey of at-home spending patterns on food among US households, the Economic Research Service (ERS) of the US Department of …

Healthy Eating

Easy Fudge Buttercream Frosting

It’s rich, creamy and intensely chocolaty, and it couldn’t be easier to make! Plus it’s the perfect topping for cakes, cupcakes and more.Baking and …


FDA To Limit Trans Fats in Food

Artificial trans-fats are generally unsafe and food manufacturers will have to phase out their use over the next three years, the Food and Drug Administration said Tuesday.

Some food makers and restaurant chains have been finding substitutes for the chemically altered fats, and this long-awaited …


5 Budget-Friendly Beef Cuts

Also known as Western griller, this cut is boneless and cooks quickly. For best results, marinate it first to help tenderize the meat.

You can …


Brown Sugar BBQ Pork Butt Recipe


Combine sugar, salt, and pepper in a small bowl. Place pork in foil tray and rub all over with sugar mixture, then cover tray with foil …