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All the green we wanted

Joni Mitchell

Year Eight | Sewing Machine and Playmobil

Sewing Machine

Roots 205

This weekend we celebrated our country’s 150th by going back two centuries: to the Battle of the Châteauguay National Historic Site.In the Fall of …


Efi Gousi: Between Hyphen and Earth

Yatzer Curates a Touch of Paradise at the Enny Monaco Pop-Up Concept Store on Mykonos Island<p>Léo Caillard's 'Heroes of Stone' Project Immortalises …

Woodrow Wilson

Embodying The Light



BY JONAS RASK There's a special tradition in the Scandinavian countries for celebrating midsummers eve. This traditional celebration doesn't coincide …


Welcome to Paradise

By Robert Catto"Would the swimmers to the south," crackled the bored voice from the speaker above me, "please return to the shore. It is not safe to …


I Live To See Another Day

PHOTOGRAPHY AND TEXT BY STEVE SHIPMANI LiveI live with cancer. My life was turned upside down with that diagnosis five months ago. I struggled to get …

Street Photography

The Hissing of...

“She could see the valley barbecues<br>From her window sill<br>See the blue pools in the squinting sun<br>Hear the hissing of summer lawns<br>”— Joni MitchellBy …

Joni Mitchell

The First 10 Seconds

There must be an incredible sense of hiraeth for a baby when it is born. Perhaps, also, a complete misunderstanding of what has just occurred. From …



BY JONAS RASK We want to evolve<br>We want to keep pushing<br>We want to achieve<br>We want to moveUs and themWe require<br>We do<br>We try<br>We mightAchieve through …


It's My BirthdayKevin Mullins | GFX 50S, 1/125 sec at f2.8, ISO 160 (GF 63mm f2.8 R WR) OPPOSITEsJonas Rask | X-Pro2 Graphite - Mitakon 35mm - f/0.95 …


Lightyears Away

<i>Say something about yourself</i> <br>I am Devashish Gaur, 20 and currently live in Delhi, India. Although I am student of Journalism, most of my work …



2017<br>Winning Photographs<p>Sebastiano Tomada<p>Brooklyn, New York<br>Grand Prize Winner, Photographer of the Year<p>iPhone 6s<p><b>Children of Qayyarah</b><p><i>“Children roam the</i> …


I Just (Don’t) Want to Be Alone: The Photography of Bence Bakonyi

A New Kind of Greek: Villa Ypsilon by LASSA Architects in Messenia<p>I Just (Don’t) Want to Be Alone: The Photography of Bence Bakonyi<p>Eye Pleaser: A São …

Summer Solstice

My fellow photography brethren over at the KAGE Collective did a publication last year. It was about documenting a particular day cross-worldly. They …


How photographer Gregory Crewdson captured the sad heart of Trump's America

In 1979, a power pop band called The Speedies released their biggest hit 'Let Me Take Your Foto'. Playing in the group was a teenage Gregory Crewdson. The track proved prophetic for the American artist, who later gained recognition as one of America’s most important contemporary photographers.<p>Now …


Children of the Deer: Life and Legend in “Spanish Siberia”

On the Iberian peninsula, there exists a region known as “Spanish Siberia,” a territory of extreme temperatures and intense mountainous terrain. This area is currently the least populated region in Europe. “Children of the Deer” is an ongoing documentary work in which I visualize the relationship …


SQ 100

Haven’t you heard? It’s hip to be square! XPro2 Graphite – XF23mm f/2 – Classic Chrome – Acros – 1:1 crop

Mesmerizing vintage photos provide rare glimpse of old Hong Kong

<b>(CNN) —</b> A handsome, well-coiffed man carries a tray of tofu through the streets of Hong Kong. Workers squat on concrete steps picking at their lunches with chopsticks. An old woman walks down an empty alley, rays of sunlight piercing the smoke and dust.<p>These are just some of the scenes, captured by …

Street Photography

Photographers Turn Their Lens to the Refugee Crisis in Belgrade

Close to 75,000 refugees are still living in a state of limbo between the Balkans and Greece, unable to enter the EU due to reinforced border …


First XV: Dave Douglas Quintet at the Wellington Jazz Festival (2002)


There's this point I always reach when I exercise regularly: my body feels great, my thoughts are clearer, my mood brighter...and then for some …

it doesn't matter

"It's all too easy after a devastating event like this, to see everything as good or bad, black or white. But there is no black and there is no white, only grey." From THE GENTLE BREEZE OF THE BLAST by Derek Clark. #documentary #essay #fujifilm #lensbaby #manchester #windfarms #fujifilm_xseries #storytellingphotography #photography

Giles Duley's photographs of refugees' journeys – in pictures

More than a million refugees travelled from the Middle East to Europe in 2015. Photojournalist Giles Duley recorded some of their stories, collected in his new book, I Can Only Tell You What My Eyes See<p>Observer event: Stories from the frontline Thursday 29 June, 7pm, at the Guardian offices, London …