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Fink on Warhol: New York Photographs of the 1960s

The 1960’s was an era in the United States alive with protest—the crisis of the Vietnam war and the struggle for civil rights provoked the nation to …


50 Years Later, The Courage of Gordon Parks

<i>I Am You</i>, the new book of Gordon Parks photographs published by Steidl, The Gordon Parks Foundation, and C/O Berlin, draws its title from a 1967 <i>Life</i> …


Zaventem & Other Territories - I moved through someone else's everyday.


Blink at Kings Cross Theatre, Sydney (until 4 March)


Photographer Ren Hang Was Magic

Hang, who passed away today at 29, understood metaphor and beauty could be found in the simple surreality of the human body.<p>I don’t usually talk …


Fashion and Architecture Collide in the Work of ‘Modelographer' Josef Adamu (Sponsored)

It’s impossible to put Josef Adamu inside a box. He’s a creative director, but he’s never content staying behind the lens. Most of the time, he’s in …


The Uncertain Future of Photojournalism

<i>Photojournalism was Donald R. Winslow’s sole focus as the editor of the National Press Photographers Association’s News Photographer magazine and website. Recently, he left N.P.P.A. to become managing editor of content creation at the Amarillo Globe-News, a family-owned daily newspaper in Texas.</i> …


The dull, the smeared...


These Ethereal Photographs Were Taken in Total Darkness

Rafaël Herman’s strange photos of the Judean Mountains and the Mediterranean were taken at night without the aid of a flash or digital manipulation.<p>Despite their bright, almost preternatural illumination, the works that make up Rafaël Herman’s solo exhibition, <i>The Night Illuminates the Night</i>, were …


How President Trump's Immigration Ban Affected This Photographer

<i>Eman Mohammed, a respected Palestinian photojournalist and TED Talk speaker, has been forced to cancel plans to jury the World Press Photo</i> …

Gong Xi Fa Cai - Happy Chinese New Year

I try to generally be the most awesome person I can be for Charlene and myself, that is my new years and everyday resolution……But I did just add …


X100F: Dawning of the Age


X100F: Soft Negative Faces


X100F: A promo shoot


X100F: Random Acros Moments

X100F: A Very Chrome Christmas

Fujifilm X100F Review ~ Fourth Iteration of the Classic Fuji Camera

And so to the Fujifilm X100F Review:<p>I’m really pleased to be penning this Fujifilm X100F Review because back in 2011, I was fortuitous enough to be …


Zaventem & Other Territories | Köln Mornings


In Memoriam: Remembering the Photographers We Lost in 2016

VIEW GALLERY | 21 PHOTOS<p>An American young girl, Jan Rose Kasmir, confronts the American National Guard outside the Pentagon during the 1967 …

All I know is the wind.

New Year's Day

A Few Of My Favourite Things (2016 Year In Review Edition)

The Many Moods of Christmas in Nordjylland | Flemming Bo Jensen | Photographer

I spent the fast couple of weeks outside the town of Farsø in Nordjylland in Denmark at my father’s place, back home for a very nice good old …


Parts of an ending

Newport Beach, California. End November 2016. I’ll start at the end. It’s where my mind is at the moment. 4000 miles was what we covered in five …


Every Frame from a Wedding / X-Pro2

Fuji recently asked me to show off the speed and reliability of the X-Pro2 during Photokina. So I produced an uncut and unedited Photofilm of a …


Polar Vortex

"<i>You live a charmed life Mr. La Roque</i>" the lady tells me as I'm checking in, "<i>We've upgraded you to the Mezzanine Suite, free of charge</i>" she …


Welcome to a Town Called Bliss

It was by chance that led Milwaukee-based photographer Jon Horvath to a small Idaho town called Bliss, located in Gooding County. His resulting …


The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring Wellington Premiere - 15 years on