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After Fleeing War, They Made an Abandoned Hospital Their Home

The hospital, a cardiology institute in Abkhazia, shut down when the Soviet Union broke up in 1991. The following year, war made it a refuge. From 1992 to 1993, Russian-backed Abkhaz rebels pushed out Georgian troops in a proxy war, several dozen people squatted there, like countless others who …


a Boy in Dunkirk


Pushing The Darkness


Vote Yes / Vote No / Vote Now

Ophelia 2049

Finding my way back


For Aimé

Lemon & tequila<br>enough salt to choke the sting<br>oxygen tanks<br>be damned.<br>In the end we were infinite<br>laughing at summer ghosts <br>& August stars <br>& demons.But …


Wildlings P5

Sometimes you need to look back in silence and forget. The fury is too great, the roar too loud.Sometimes memories are refuge.<br>Away from a hail of …

Time in attendance. On Te Rerenga Wairua.

Te Rerenga Wairua Nikon D810, Sigma 24-105/4 Art ISO64, 1/2000s @ f9 “Water does not resist. Water flows. When you plunge your hand into it, all you …

Margaret Atwood

Intense Black and White Photographies by Noell Oszvald

Budapest-based photographer Noell Oszvald strips her pictures from the distraction of colors, to create a minimalist, intimist series. Poetic and …


Through my window so bright

By Patrick La Roque “I am a passenger<br>I stay under glass<br>I look through my window so bright<br>I see the stars come out tonight<br>I see the bright and hollow …

Iggy Pop

Masked importance

Photography and Text by Jonas Rask In 2012, the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride was conceptualised in Australia by Mark Hawwa. Inspired by a single …



<b>Knowledge is power</b><br>Jonas Rask | X100F, 23mm, ISO200, 1/2000s, f/5.6 <b>Cave Cocktail</b><br>Patrick La Roque | X100F, 1/120 sec at f/2.0, ISO 3200. <b>Handstand</b><br>Derek …

Wine & Spirits

The Style Of The Time

By Robert Catto Tami Neilson live at The Basement, Sydney in 2017 Tami Neilson live in Carterton, New Zealand in 2011I've been a fan of …


Greenpeace Hangs The Diesel

PHOTOGRAPHY AND TEXT BY DEREK CLARKBerlin, August 2nd 2017, 6:30am. Four Greenpeace protesters hang from the Federal Ministry of Transport and …


GF45MM F2.8 - a reportage lens for Medium Format?

Today (7th September 2017) marks another milestone in the evolution of the Fujifilm X and GFX series of cameras.When I think about it, I find it hard …


Croquis & Co

PHOTOGRAPHIE ET TEXTE DE Vincent Baldensperger S'il est un domaine où l'imprévu est roi, le portrait y figure. Ces exercices sur un mode …



Text and Photography by Jonas RaskAgain the same conundrum.<br>I'm a photographer. I know what that entails. I know it's about creating my art. Seeing. …


A Thin Veil

Heavy with seed of warriors incarnate<br>she knelt by a river<br>body heavy as the moon<br>& cried.Dreamt images juxtaposed, filmic.<br>Who knew nothing of the …

The Moon


The Colour of Mercury

We weren’t in the path of darkness. The world didn’t stop, the birds kept on singing, the light stubbornly refused to fade—at 58% on a bright summer …


Hommage: Stanley Greene en 20 images

Le photographe américain est mort le 19 mai 2017 à Paris. Il disait de la photographie qu'elle était sa “came ” et sa “raison de vivre”. Retour sur …