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Haunting pictures of brain surgery's first ever patients are revealed

Warning: Disturbing content

A set of photographs has been discovered depicting some of the earliest examples of brain surgery.

The eerie images were …

The Brain

Hospice Care Decreases Depression Symptoms In Surviving Spouses, Study Finds

Patients being placed in hospice care aren’t the only ones eligible to receive services. Family members can also benefit from the wide range of medical, spiritual and emotional resources being offered by a palliative care facility. A new study took a look at the spouses of seriously ill patients …


India doctors’ leave cancelled as heat wave kills 1,100

A heat wave in India has killed more than 1,100 people this week as temperatures soar above 47 Celsius (116.6 Fahrenheit), and doctors’ leave has been cancelled to help cope with the sick.

May and June are India’s hottest months, with temperatures regularly pushing above 40 Celsius. But …

South Asia

A Hidden Danger In The New Versions Of Birth Control Pills

Women who take a newer version of birth control pills have a doubled risk of developing potentially fatal blood clots, according to a new study published in the British medical journal BMJ.

Venous thromboembolism is a serious condition that encompasses both deep vein thrombosis -- when a person …


Kenyan police attacked by al-Shabaab gunmen

Al-Shabaab gunmen attacked Kenyan police vehicles near Somalia’s border, injuring at least five officers and burning five cars, police said on Tuesday

Two officers were critically injured and three others sustained minor injuries in the attack in Garissa County, national Police Chief JK Boinnet said …


Standard hotel apologizes after Navy officer turned away

Manhattan’s swanky Standard hotel has issued an apology after a Navy officer wearing her iconic white uniform was turned away.


B.B. King's daughters: Dad was 'poisoned' - CNN.com

Story highlights

Lawyer for King's business manager says charges are "absolutely ridiculous" and "unfounded"
• His daughters accuse two of his aides of poisoning him
• The coroner's office says there's "no evidence to substantiate the allegations"

(CNN)Two of B.B. King's daughters are alleging that the …

B.B. King

Everything we own: Chinese families with all their possessions – in pictures


Peeking into healthy brains to see if Alzheimer's is brewing

WASHINGTON (AP) — Sticky plaque gets the most attention, but now healthy seniors at risk of Alzheimer's are letting scientists peek into their brains to see if another culprit is lurking.

No one knows what actually causes Alzheimer's, but the suspects are its two hallmarks — the gunky amyloid in …

The Brain

Boko Haram militants kill 10 in Nigeria

Boko Haram militants hacked 10 people to death in a Friday raid on a village in northeast Nigeria's Adamawa state, a local government administrator said Monday.

Dozens of Boko Haram insurgents stormed Pambula-Kwamda village in Madagali district, which the military recently declared free of the …

Boko Haram

Joe Biden Spends Memorial Day Taking Selfies, Calling Up Veterans

Vice President Joe Biden spent his Memorial Day kicking off the annual UnitedHealthcare Ride 2 Recovery Memorial Challenge, a six-day, 350-mile ride from Washington, D.C., to Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The event took place outside Biden's home in Washington.

Tweets from WUSA9 reporter Nikki Burdine …


#BlackLivesMatter: The Politics and History Surrounding Memorial Day

Sometimes the present can define the past or at the very least offer a better way to understand it.

The recent political campaign #BlackLivesMatters has in the span of three short words been able to articulate a claim that I tried to make in my book of over 100,000 words.

As the nation begins to …

Political History

On Memorial Day, Obama Honors Sacrifices Of Service Members

Americans are paying tribute today, Memorial Day, to the sacrifices of service members in the nation's earliest conflicts and the newest.

President Obama laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery, just outside Washington.

Some 5,000 people were at the grounds of the …

Memorial Day

After Fall Of Ramadi, Iraqi Troops Hope For More U.S. Support

NPR's Audie Cornish interviews Washington Post reporter Loveday Morris about how the city of Ramadi, Iraq, fell to the self-declared Islamic State. She says Iraqi troops in the city were worn down.



The flag of the self-proclaimed Islamic State now flies over the Iraqi …

Middle East

Solving a Family Mystery 68 Years After a Death on D-Day

Nelson with his granddaughter, Virgie.

Since my childhood, my mom has told me, "Your grandfather's best friend was killed beside him on D-Day."

She uses the same phrase every time: "killed beside him." As a child, I understood this meant my grandfather and his friend were heroes, but it also …

World War II

The Green Legion: Veterans and Marijuana

Twenty percent of veterans who served in Iraq or Afghanistan suffer from some degree of post-traumatic stress disorder. At present, no reliable …


‘I heard police shouting then a gunshot’ - Crime Courts

THE STAR A family members cries as the body of Bonginkosi Ndlovu (Bebeto) is removed. Picture: Matthews Baloyi

Johannesburg - A man believed to be …


Prostate cancer patients not given choice about costly surgery

Doctors and patients are concerned that people with prostate cancer are not being properly informed of their treatment options, leading many to elect …


Nigeria increasingly crippled as fuel shortage worsens

Major banks close branches nationwide as major telecommunications companies say lack of diesel could disrupt services.

Nigeria's severe fuel shortage has started to cause widespread disruption to everyday services, with the telecommunications and banking sectors the latest hit hard by the worsening …


It's Not Rude: These Portraits Of Wounded Vets Are Meant To Be Stared At

It's impolite to stare. But when it comes to severely injured soldiers, maybe we don't look enough; or maybe we'd rather not see wounded veterans at all.

That's the message you get from photographer David Jay's Unknown Soldier series. Jay spent three years taking portraits of veterans returning from …

Portrait Photography

'Black Bike Week' riders cry foul over security increase at annual gathering

For more than two decades, thousands of African American motorcyclists have traveled across the nation to South Carolina, to attend the Atlantic Beach Memorial Day Bikefest. On the last weekend in May every year, the low hum of customized choppers with high-handle bars and the high-pitched revs of …


The fake cancer cure conference the 'healers' tried to keep secret

"That's what I need!" an elderly lady called out from the audience, her frail voice filled with excitement

It was a surreal scene at the Spirit of Health Congress 2015, a UK conference about alternative medicine.

The speaker appeared to impress the audience with numerous "cures" for cancer, including …


Senator-elect to fight extradition to Chicago in 'Orange is the New Black' case

Nigeria's federal high court Monday ordered drug agents to release a newly elected senator and suspend its extradition proceedings on 20-year-old drug charges related to the TV hit "Orange Is the New Black."

It also ordered the withdrawal of armed agents who have besieged the home of Sen.-elect …


A second opinion could save your life

At age 29, Los Angeles resident Liza Bernstein was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer.

If the now 50-year-old community organizer hadn't questioned the advice of the first oncologist she saw after undergoing a lumpectomy, she's not sure she'd still be here today.

Her oncologist, she recalls, …


MSF fighting cholera outbreak in Tanzania refugee camps

Geneva (AFP) - Medical charity Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF, Doctors Without Borders) said Sunday it had launched emergency treatment centres in …


Portraits of soldiers before, during, after going to Afghanistan

Photographer, journalist and filmmaker Lalage Snow shot this series of portraits of British soldiers over a period of seven months, before, during …


​The US Military Euthanized or Abandoned Thousands of Their Own Canine Soldiers at the End of the Vietnam War

The final years of the Vietnam War were filled with chaos and disappointment. The conflict between the US and Vietcong wouldn't officially end until the infamous fall of Saigon in 1975, but in the spring of 1971 the Nixon administration began pulling troops out of the area, starting a long and …


The tricky issue of consent in adolescent mental health care

This is part of a series about improving research, diagnosis and treatment. Join the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #OpenMinds

What happens when a child wants help with a mental-health issue, but a parent, fearful of stigma or unwilling to go the medication route, refuses? What happens if …

Health Care (Canada)

Nicola Robinson: Heavily Pregnant Woman Says Cop Punched Her In Belly — And Video Will Prove It

Nicola Robinson of Chicago says that her only crime was laughing as police officers ran by in a foot pursuit of a local drug dealer who was too fast …


Ayr Hospital surgeon amputated leg with 'rusty hacksaw'

A hospital surgeon allegedly used a "rusty hacksaw" to amputate a patient's leg after attempting to get a suitable instrument from B&Q.

The Ayr Hospital surgeon was cutting into the pensioner's limb when the knife struck a metal plate in his leg.

After B&Q was found to be closed, the operation went …