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Serious infections tied to medical scopes go far beyond issues with a single device

A doctor reported in December that a medical scope commonly used to examine patients' lungs had infected 14 people with a superbug that kills half its victims.

Yet another type of scope, used to see inside the bladder, sickened three patients with a different bacteria in March, according to a nurse. …


A drug to treat Huntington’s is closer than ever - but those who need it remain cautious

It has worked on mice and monkeys. And starting next month in Vancouver, scientists will begin a long-awaited trial to see if a new drug might also slow the progression of Huntington’s disease in humans.

The Centre for Huntington Disease at the University of British Columbia, led by neurologist Dr. …


Graphic Photos: Ugandan Babe Stabs Nigerian Boyfriend over Sex

A Nigerian man named Epa is currently fighting for his life in a hospital in Malaysia. According to the story circulating from Uganda, his alleged …

Former Texas surgeon's neglect led to 2 deaths, indictment says

A former Dallas neurosurgeon was so neglectful during operations that his actions led to the deaths of two patients and left others with disabling injuries in what’s seen as the worst case of malpractice in Texas, according to state regulators.

Dr. Christopher Duntsch, 44, who lost his medical …


America Invaded and Occupied Haiti 100 Years Ago Today

A century ago, American troops invaded and occupied a foreign nation. They would stay there for almost two decades, install a client government, …

Central America

Suspect Arrested In Murder Of Transgender Woman India Clarke

Police in Tampa, Florida, have arrested a man they believe murdered India Clarke, whose death put her on a growing list of transgender woman killed violently in the U.S. this year.

DNA evidence linked 18-year-old Keith Lamayne Gaillard to Clarke's death, according to a Hillsborough County Sheriff's …


Hate Crime: a White Family Pays the ULTIMATE Price For Flying The Confederate Flag

Why is black on white racism ok with the media?
Check it out:

This is by far the most disturbing Confederate flag associated crime I have heard yet.

Confederate Flag

Chemo worsens quality of life for patients near death

Chemotherapy can hasten deterioration near the end of life in patients with advanced cancer who haven’t yet lost their ability to perform normal daily activities, a study suggests.

And for cancer patients with only moderate or limited ability to function in daily life, chemotherapy may not make them …


Katherine Mitchell, VA whistleblower, tells Congress of worse malpractice, fraud

The doctor who blew the whistle on shamefully poor treatment of veterans at the Phoenix VA medical clinic said Thursday that she is disappointed by …


Study identifies delays in lung cancer treatment due to missed diagnostic testing

After the initial identification of suspected lung cancer via X-ray, the researchers found it took an average of 1.5-6 months for the majority of


Confederate Flags Placed at Martin Luther King’s Church

The placing of the flags was the latest provocative act involving the Civil War-era symbol

(ATLANTA) — Surveillance cameras caught images of two white males laying Confederate battle flags on the ground near the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s church, but it wasn’t clear whether they had committed a …

Civil Rights

Nigerian Army Rescues Dozens From Boko Haram Captivity

The military raided Boko Haram camps in Borno State, as part of an ongoing offensive against the group.

(file photo).


According to an Amnesty …


When generic medicine is still too expensive: 7 ways to save

When your monthly prescription costs are too much to handle, the pharmacist usually will first recommend buying generic drugs. But when generics are similarly costly, this advice can be for naught. Recent, rapid increases in the prices of generics can put your medicine out of reach— potentially …


HIV flushed out by cancer drug

HIV can be flushed out of its hiding places in the body using a cancer drug, researchers show.

The cornerstone of treatment, anti-retroviral therapy, kills the virus in the bloodstream but leaves "HIV reservoirs" untouched.

The study, published in PLoS Pathogens, showed the drug was "highly potent" …


Seniors prescribed twice the mental health drugs as younger adults

Stephen Feller
ANN ARBOR, Mich., July 30 (UPI) -- Older adults are prescribed twice as many mental health drugs as younger adults and get mental …

Mental Health

First Child Double Hand Transplant Announced in US

An eight-year-old American has become the world's youngest recipient of a transplant of both hands, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia announced …


Antidepressants May be Worsening Depression, Not Treating it


For years we’ve been told that depression is caused by low serotonin levels in the brain. Now, a leading professor of psychiatry is


Mother Of 3 Robs Female Police Inspector In Lagos, Strips Her Naked

Twenty-six-year-old Victoria Momidu, is a lady, one could described as a shy person at first glance. But as she stood along with her partner in crime …


Weight loss failure blamed on Doctors who can’t make their patients understand diet instructions

THE real reason you can’t lose weight has been revealed. It’s not your motivation that’s the problem but your ability to understand your doctor’s

Weight Loss

U.S. military developing a gun as loud as a fighter jet taking off, but won't shoot

The U.S. military is reportedly working on a gun that creates an extremely loud sound when fired, but doesn't shoot any bullets.

The Pentagon's Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program is working on a non-lethal 130-decibel noise gun which uses quick laser bursts to generate a powerful noise, according to a …


'It's Part of Who I Am,' Says Boston Doctor with Rare Condition That Lets Him Feel Patients' Physical Pain

A Boston doctor was born with a skill that he never could have learned in medical school.

Dr. Joel Salinas, a neurologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, can actually physically feel his patients' pain.

Salinas has a rare condition called mirror-touch synesthesia, which has allowed him to …


President Obama Visits Ethiopia: Pictures


If telomeres are long, lung cancer risk goes up

The protective caps on DNA are called telomeres. Shortened telomeres have been implicated in aging and cardiovascular diseases, but their …


Hospital medication error for Kathleen Neville, 93

A hospital patient was deprived of her daily thyroid medication for five weeks following an administrative error, an inquest has heard.

Kathleen Neville, 93, of Cardiff, died of pneumonia in March 2014 after developing complications following hip surgery.

The coroner said the drugs error did not …


The Baltimore Looting Has Led to a Problem That Is Very Unusual for the DEA

NEW YORK — The Drug Enforcement Administration is working through a backlog of Baltimore pharmacy robberies to identify and arrest looters who authorities say stole more than 300,000 doses of prescription pills.

During the civil unrest following the death of Freddie Gray after his fatal spinal …


Medical Doctor & Nurse Lands Themselves Into Trouble For The Abortion Of A 31Years Old Woman In Lagos State, Nigeria

A man, named, Taiwo Ogunlana, who claimed to be a medical doctor and a nurse, Kafayat Oyekola, have been arraigned before an Ebute Metta Magistrates' …


Doctored Vaseline turned us into idiots, says rape victim

Jenni Evans, News24

Peter Dashboy Khoza, who has pleaded not guilty to the rape of more than 20 children. (Jenni Evans, News24)

Johannesburg - A girl …

Criminal Law

Activists say new oil block on Uganda-Congo border threatens delicate wildlife areas

KAMPALA, Uganda – Activists are urging Uganda's government to reverse a decision to open for oil drilling a wildlife park on Uganda's border with Congo.

Uganda's government is expected to announce next month which companies can bid for new oil blocks, including one in the Lake Edward basin inside …


Newborn Scalded In Hospital: Houston Nurse Scalds Newborn Baby In Hot Diaper Heated In Microwave

A newborn was scalded in a hospital and suffered severe injuries at a Texas medical facility. It happened when a Houston nurse scalded the newborn …


University cop indicted for murder in shooting of motorist Samuel DuBose

(CNN) — University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing was indicted Wednesday on a murder charge in the shooting death of Samuel DuBose.

If convicted, Tensing could go to prison for life, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said in a news conference. Deters played body camera footage of the …

University of Cincinnati