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Guns, gangs, 'Ferguson effect' cited as murder rates rise sharply in US cities

Tamiko Holmes, a mother of five who lost two of her children in separate shootings in Milwaukee, before finally leaving the city with her remaining …


N.C. Man Accused of Murder, Rape of Girl Arrested in NYC: Police

A man accused of murder, robbery and the rape of a 15-year-old girl in North Carolina has been taken into custody in New York City, police …

New York City

Freddie Gray trial judge denies motion to remove Marilyn Mosby from case

A Baltimore judge on Wednesday denied a raft of motions aimed at removing state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby from a case involving six police officers criminally charged in the death of Freddie Gray.

The motions filed by the defence team aimed variously to sanction or recuse Mosby, who became a national …


US health watchdog to take legal action against e-cigarette makers

A health watchdog is to take legal action in California against the manufacturers of some of the best-known brands of e-cigarettes, following tests to establish the levels of toxic chemicals they contain.

The Center for Environmental Health (CEH) says its tests found that nearly 90% of the companies …


SECNAV: No reason not to open Marine infantry to women

Marine infantry and special operations specialties will soon open to women, if the head of the Navy Department gets his way.

As deadlines loom on …

U.S. Marines

Ben Carson, Advancing in Polls, Is a Sharp Contrast to Donald Trump

The spotlight rarely found Ben Carson this summer. While other presidential candidates shot flaming arrows at rivals and sometimes the news media, the soft-spoken Mr. Carson seemed to struggle to be noticed. “Well, thank you,” he told moderators in the first Republican debate. “I wasn’t sure if I …

Ben Carson

Makers of Sony’s ‘Concussion’ Film Tried to Avoid Angering N.F.L., Emails Show

When Sony Pictures Entertainment decided to make a movie focusing on the death and dementia professional football players have endured from repeated hits to the head — and the N.F.L.’s efforts toward a cover-up — the studio signed Will Smith to star as one of the first scientists to disclose the …

Walt Disney Company

Teen Fakes Being Pregnant With Triplets for 10 Months Using a Website's Help

The girl reportedly bought fake ultrasound photos to trick her boyfriend and family members.

A teenage girl in Michigan tricked her boyfriend and others into believing she was pregnant with triplets using a website called FakeABaby.com, Fox 2 Detroit reports.

The unnamed 16-year-old from Wyandotte​ …


Statins could reduce risk of dying after surgery by half, study reveals

Research finds patients taking cheap cholesterol-busting drugs are significantly less likely to die in month after surgery or suffer complications

Taking statins before any type of surgery could reduce the risk of post-operative death by almost half, new research suggests.

A study of 15,000 patients …


Dengue fever: How a mosquito infected millions, and not with malaria

(CNN) — A bite from a single mosquito can result in fever, headaches, and pain. Severe cases can experience a multitude of symptoms including bleeding, shock, organ failure -- and potentially death.

There is no treatment or vaccine and no real means of protecting yourself in countries endemic for …


Swaziland: 'Cover-Up On Swazi Reed Dance Deaths'

(Photo: IRIN)There is deep suspicion in Swaziland that King Mswati III's regime is not telling the truth about the number of deaths in the Reed Dance …


'Force of the Future': career flexibility, fewer moves

A detailed blueprint for how to rebuild the military personnel system has landed on Defense Secretary Ash Carter's desk.

The dozens of recommendations …


Prosecutors Say Shannon Miles Shot Texas Deputy 15 Times

HOUSTON — The man charged with killing a sheriff’s deputy at a suburban gas station Friday emptied his 15-round handgun into the back and the back of the head of the deputy, as witnesses watched in horror and surveillance cameras captured the shooting, prosecutors said Monday.

The man, Shannon …


Slain man’s brother shocked that escort site could operate

Michael Schwartz for New York Daily News

Reginald Conley holds photo of brother John, who was killed by “nude housekeeper” he hired through recently …

California doctor faces murder trial in 3 drug deaths

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Even after several patients died of overdoses, a California doctor charged in their deaths kept passing out prescriptions for powerful painkillers in appointments that lasted as little as three minutes, often without physical exams and despite red flags that she could be feeding …


Patients fooled by fake drugs made with poison and brick dust

(CNN) — "My daughter got ill with pneumonia, so I was told to give her some powder medication from the local market," Shazill Maqsood says.

But his daughter didn't get better. Desperate to help her, Maqsood visited another doctor for help.

"He told me to stop using these medicines. He told me they …


Marine asks Ronda Rousey to Marine Corps Ball

Ronda Rousey is being called out again, but this time her challenger isn't looking for a fight.

A U.S. Marine, who goes by Jarrod Hash on Facebook, took to social media to ask out the MMA fighter. He asked Rousey to the Marine Corps Ball in a video that has since received more than 3 million …

Ronda Rousey

A Black Man Died in His Cell Four Months After Being Jailed for Shoplifting From A 7-Eleven

Jamycheal Mitchell was arrested on April 22 for stealing a Zebra Cake, a bottle of Mountain Dew, and a Snickers bar from a 7-Eleven. For that crime the authorities in Portsmouth, Virginia, held him in a cell without bail for about four months. Last Wednesday, the 24-year-old died behind bars—but it …


Ethiopia: Haile Selasse - Lion of Judah or Pro-Western Dictator?

On 27 August 1975 a French reporter phoned the Ethiopian imperial palace, which had been overrun by Marxist army officers the previous year. Haile …

News (South Africa)

Could teen have run with severed spine after being shot by St. Louis police?

(CNN) — The St. Louis police shooting death of 18-year-old Mansur Ball-Bey sparked days of protests earlier this month, and now one searing question has risen to the forefront: How could Ball-Bey have run from police after his spinal cord was severed?

Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Michael Graham …


The US military is replacing the Humvee with a huge truck that looks like an angry shark

If you hanker for the power trip that comes with owning your own Humvee, the time is probably nigh. The US Army has picked a replacement for the aging military vehicle, and that could mean that the army will be dumping its outdated Humvees into the used car market or the junkyard.

The US Army has …


Suspect charged in fatal shooting of 9-year-old Ferguson girl

A suburban St. Louis man faces charges in the shooting death of a 9-year-old girl, the Ferguson Police Department said Thursday.

De’Eris Marquan Brown, 21, of O’Fallon, Mo., has been charged with one count of second-degree murder, two counts of unlawful use of a weapon and three counts of armed …


Frank E. Petersen Jr., first black Marine aviator, dies

BALTIMORE (AP) — Frank E. Petersen Jr., the first black aviator and brigadier general in the Marine Corps, has died.

Frank E. Petersen III said his father died Tuesday at his home in Stevensville, on Maryland's Kent Island, of complications from lung cancer. He was 83.

The New York Times reported …


Are Pakistan’s female medical students to be doctors or wives?

In Pakistan's prestigious medical schools, female students outshine and outnumber their male counterparts. However, many do not end up as practicing doctors - and now there are calls to limit their numbers, the BBC's Amber Shamsi in Islamabad reports.

Twenty fourth-year medical students are learning …


US Military Now Has Authority to “Capture and Punish” Journalists Who they Deem “Belligerent

Washington, D.C. — Newly adopted Department of Defense guidelines will allow military commanders to “punish journalists” and treat them as …

Foreign Policy

Ethiopia races to preserve 'Africa's Jerusalem'

Archaeologists face a race against time to save 800-year-old structures crumbling away from moisture damage.

Conservationists are facing a race against time to prevent one of Ethiopia's most sacred religious site from crumbling away.

The ancient churches of Lalibela in northern Ethiopia have been a …


Social-Media Murderer Waited for the Perfect Shot

He zoomed in and out, one hand holding his phone steady, the other his Glock. Vester Flanagan then filmed his slaying of two ex-colleagues—his final seconds on camera.

The video suggests Vester Lee Flanagan was holding his cellphone in his upraised left hand as he approached where Alison Parker and …


2 Killed, Including Police Officer, In Louisiana Domestic Dispute

Two people were killed, including a police officer, and two others injured in an apparent domestic dispute near a Louisiana convenience store on Wednesday night.

Sunset Police Officer Henry Nelson and Shameka Johnson, the sister of a local mayor, died in the attack carried out by suspect Harrison …


Two Companies Close In on a Concussion Blood Test

A pair of companies say they’ve identified proteins that could lead to a blood test to quickly diagnose concussions. A blood test that could quickly …

Blood Tests

What the Military Will—and Still Won't—Let Women Do

Two female rangers have graduated, but there are plenty of roles that still require a Y chromosome.

This past Friday, two female Army rangers …