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The Dreaded Teaser

Anyone who has tried the ‘Teaser’ in Pilates knows that when you can do it, you feel like a king, but when you can’t it just seems impossible. Here’s …

O B L I Q U E S 💪🏼 Super important for pelvic stability and preventing lower back ache. Try this ab series now! https://t.co/FiTsIfyhei

A little snippet of @PilatesPT #themodelmethod 💪🏻 6 weeks. 6 videos. 1 cookbook. 1 #lifebox = #fabversionofyou #hiit https://t.co/hJbchBuFBt

Add a medicine ball into this routine to lift the heart rate!! Great for the arms, glutes, quads #themodelmethod https://t.co/EfK2K542uU

Get Abs in Weeks with this Yoga Workout

Yoga for Great Abs<p>Eight yoga exercises to tighten your torso, trim belly fat, and create eye-popping abs<p>1. Warm-up: Reclining big toe hold (supta padangustasana)<p>Lie flat on your back, legs extended, feet flexed, and arms at your sides, palms facing down. Bend your left leg into your chest, pulling …

#SundayQuote #TheArtOfEatingWell #MayaAngelou https://t.co/0J8fgUFX4Y

I ❤️ R E F O R M E R

L E V I T A T E 💪💪💪 This is a level 3 strengthening exercise that is an absolute killer. We've found only about 1 in 4 people can lift themselves off the floor so give it a go and be smug ☺️ try not to push the hips up higher than the body - lead with the head. Squeeze the bum to keep the body in one long line. Enjoy #themodelmethod #themodelmethodonline #strongnotskinny #fitspo #fitness #health

J U M P 💪💪💪 This level 3 HIIT exercise is a killer. It torches fat, strengthens legs and can help improve bone density. Using large muscles like those in the legs strengthens the heart and will help reduce body fat. Be wary if you have any joint problems and try to focus more on safe landing than speed. For more go to www.themodelmethod.co.uk. #themodelmethodonline #strongnotskinny #glutes #hiit #fitspo

S K A T E R S 💦 This is a great level 1 HIIT exercise that challenges balance, works the glutes and quads AND torches body fat 🔥HIIT has been shown to reduce your risk of diabetes, heart disease and some forms of cancer!! Woohoooooooo!! For more go to www.themodelmethod.co.uk #themodelmethodonline #health #fitness #strongnotskinny #HIIT #pilates

C O R E 💪 This is another great exercise for your core without the need to lift the head and shoulders from the mat. Make sure you keep your lower back close to the floor (no over-extending the lumbar) to protect the spine and only allow the toe to drop as low as that's possible. Pull your abdominals in so the tummy doesn't dome. If you feel tension in the lower back stick with the single leg toe dips. For more go to www.themodelmethod.co.uk #themodelmethodonline #health #fitness #pilates #strongnotskinny

R E F O R M E R Double tap if you ❤️ the reformer! Joseph Pilates, who suffered with asthma, rickets and rheumatic fever as a child, went on to become an accomplished skier, gymnast, diver, boxer and bodybuilder. He created a very basic Reformer whilst interned during WW1 by attaching bed springs to hospital beds to aid movement of joints and challenge muscles. Reformer Pilates has grown massively is now seriously bad-ass and if you've not tried it YOU MUST!! #themodelmethod #pilates #pilatesreformer #health #fitness #fitspo #lovemyjob #fulham #abs #strongnotskinny

P I K E 🐟 There's so many variations of Pike, I love them!! Light springs work abs and hip flexors, heavy springs challenge shoulder strength and glutes. If opting for a single leg version keep hips level. Belly button scoops in, neck follows the line of the spine, scapular neutral. Like a boss. #themodelmethod #pilates #hiit #health #fitness #fitspo #lovemyjob #abs #strongnotskinny

B A B Y G O T B A C K Happy Friday people. This mornings butt exercise for you 💪 Place a dumbbell in the crease behind your knee, keep shoulders neutral and abdominals engaged. Squeeze the bum as you lift the leg but don't overextend your lower back. I've used a 4kg dumbbell here. For more like this go to www.themodelmethod.co.uk #themodelmethodonline #themodelmethod #glutes #strongnotskinny #fitness #fitspo #pilates

T O O S H 🍑 Another one for the glutes 🎉 This exercise is great for Gluteus Medius on the side of your bum, really important in injury prevention (and reduces saddlebags). Also works the core and shoulder! Engage abs, squeeze supporting glute, breathe. For more go to www.themodelmethod.co.uk. #themodelmethod #themodelmethodonline #pilates #pilatespt #hiit #strongnotskinny #fitness

B U M 🍑 Oooh this one burns the bum! Not in a spicy curry type of way, more an 'I'm going to have the best butt in the business' kind of way. Yes please 🙋 Keep standing leg straight, squeeze the glute at the top and drive your weight through your heel not your toes. For more like this visit www.themodelmethod.co.uk #themodelmethodonline #themodelmethod #pilates #hiit #strongnotskinny #health #nourish #pilatespt

Lovely little lunch in @HN_Manchester with the birthday girl @Carla_Kompany, @jessica_lawlor @myaelgarice #nicetips!😝 http://t.co/7oD60HJxQI

Killer leg day with @markzim88 60 x 40kg squats in sets of 15, working on endurance to build more lean muscle! Now I'm going to put some beef shins in the oven to slow cook while I put my feet up 😴 #activesunday #sundayfunday #thesweatlife #legday

With my hectic travel and work schedule my posture can get neglected . This is a great exercise to help fire up all the rotator cuff and postural muscles I neglect when I'm sitting in a bad position using my laptop or on a plane! Thanks @no17personaltraining @johnbelton @themarkerhotel 🍀

4 Fresh Body-Toning Moves You Can Do with a Kettleball | Women's Health

Exercise 1 Goblet Squat<p>Hold a kettlebell by the handle at chest level, feet shoulder-width apart <b>(A)</b>. Keep your core tight and chest lifted as you sit your hips back to lower into a squat, elbows brushing the inside of your knees <b>(B)</b>. Hold for up to two seconds, then press through your heels to …

Yesterday's arm and feet candy @biondacastana by @matthewwilliamson boots and @chanelofficial Paris Dallas boy bag

Leg day done! @missneemam holiday time 🌞🌞🌞🌞

Tight hip flexors are a postural nightmare 😥 They pull the pelvis into an anterior tilt causing the lower back to compress and tighten. This also lengthens the abdominals and stops them working as effectively. This can be caused by and/or cause Lordosis (exaggerated curvature in your lower back) and give you lower back pain. Ouch!! Try to stretch them everyday, morning and night if tight. If you're a cyclist or runner you're at greater risk. Tip: when stretching HF try to squeeze the glutes and 'tuck under' the pelvis for a more effective stretch. #pilates #posture #stretch #themodelmethod #fitness #instafit #fitspo #health #strongnotskinny #fitnotthin #london

Here is my take on pistol squats, playing around with hip flexion. This will strengthen the core (work hard to keep alignment from ear to ankle), hip flexors as you work to lift the leg, shoulder stabilisers (keep scapular neutral) and glutes hamstrings and quads of standing leg. 💪 #themodelmethod #strongnotskinny #pilates #fitness #health #HIIT #trx #fitspo #fitnotthin #teamsb #london #love

Jumping. So so good for your 💗. It uses lots of global muscles so burns through lots of calories and gets the heart pumping!! Soft landing is important so it also strengthens joints and it's great for developing your fast twitch muscle fibres. All round awesomeness! Using a TRX allows you to go for longer as the arms can help out when the quads give up. It also helps you achieve a bigger range of movement as you know the TRX will help if you get stuck 💪 #themodelmethod #strongnotskinny #fitnotthin #pilates #pilatespt #health #london #TRX #HIIT #fitness #fitspo

Abdominal rollouts into tricep extensions. Great for the core, lats and triceps. Only allow the arms to go overhead as far as you can maintain a neutral spine, pelvis tucked under and glutes squeezed. If you feel it in your lower back you've probably gone too far. #themodelmethod #pilates #fitness #health #fitspo #strongnotskinny #fitnotthin #instafit #trx #vlogger #london #luxurypersonaltraining

Playing around with side planks, side pikes and rotation and extension of the spine. Great for obliques and scapular stability. #themodelmethod #pilates #pilatespt #fitness #fitspo #instafit #health #strongnotskinny #fitnotthin #london

Take one avocado toast, jazz it up 17 (more) ways

There’s no denying it: Avocados are the bomb. And they’re one of the best foods to stock up on when you’re quitting the white stuff. They’re loaded …

Healthy Eating