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How a female-only line of salamanders 'steals' genes from unsuspecting males

Kleptogenesis gets a little less mysterious in a new study.<p>Imagine a lineage made up solely of women. Generation after generation, these females pilfer genes from males—not mating and reproducing in the usual way, but using sex as a means to collect genetic material that they can parcel out to …


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An on-air rescue, and other memorable scenes from Houston's historic floods

Tropical Storm Harvey’s assault on southwest Texas has displaced thousands of residents and killed at least five people — and officials have cautioned that the devastation is far from over.<p>But already, the chaos of the storm has created a series of memorable moments. Here are three.<p>The reporter who …

Extreme Weather

A Prehistoric Toothless Dolphin That Ate by Vacuuming Up Squid

A 30-million-year-old fossil found in South Carolina belonged to a weird, weird creature.<p>The skull came from the Wando River, which today runs past Charleston, South Carolina to the ocean.<p>Thirty million years ago, it was all under the sea. Ancient dolphins and whales swam over what would become …


7 of the Most Extreme Towns on the Planet

From cold to hot and high to remote, these are some of the most extreme locations that humans inhabit.<p>In towns that have hundreds of citizens to cities that have hundreds of thousands, residents of Earth have found some extreme locations to call home. Let's take a tour of some of the coldest, most …

Climate Change

Premier League or Championship? We asked fans of the yo-yo clubs which they prefer

Every season, the same storyline. As the Championship campaign reaches its climax, two teams on the brink of glory head to Wembley for "The Richest Game in Football".<p>Triumph in the play-off final and the riches of the Premier League shall be yours. Television money, glamour matches against the best …

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2 quake faults in the Bay Area could rupture together, causing major devastation, scientists say

The most dangerous earthquake fault in the San Francisco Bay Area is connected to another, which means both could rupture simultaneously and unleash major devastation, a new study finds.<p>The Hayward Fault has long been considered a threat because it runs under densely populated neighborhoods east of …


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Shia Islam

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Odd reptile with freaky arms that lived 212 million years ago ‘stretches the bounds’ of evolution

The giant anteater is a peculiar excavator. Unlike most mammals that use their hands to dig, by scratching or jostling their way through dirt, anteaters use a two-part motion biologists call a ‘‘hook-and-pull.” First, the anteater wedges its fat front claws into a crack in a termite mound or …


Ancient DNA traces extinct Caribbean 'Island Murderer' back to the dawn of mammals

From skeletal remains found among ancient owl pellets, a team of scientists has recovered the first ancient DNA of the extinct West Indian mammal …


Study: Moon's pull may trigger big earthquakes

The pull of the moon on our oceans may be a key factor in triggering a major quake, according to new findings released in the journal <i>Nature Geoscience</i>.<p>Researchers at the University of Tokyo looked at records of tidal stress for the fifteen days leading up to quakes in Japan and California and found …


Daily Design Inspiration

Part of the Daily Inspiration series that started it all on Abduzeedo. This is where you'll find the most interesting things/finds/work curated by …

The 15 countries that have gone unconquered the longest

Invasive poisonous fish on the rise in the Mediterranean

The predatory lionfish has already become a major threat to Atlantic reef ecosystems - now conservationists warn it's spreading in the Mediterranean. …

China's floating buses will ride above the roads

To ease congestions in its bigger cities, a Chinese firm has shown off a concept for a bus that drives over the traffic.<p>China knows that simply sending in more buses to its busier cities isn't going to help ease congestion. But put those buses on stilts? Now you're talking.<p>A Beijing company has …

'Eye-watering' scale of Black Death's impact on England revealed

Thousands of volunteers have helped to uncover the full and devastating extent of the population collapse caused by the epidemic<p>Scraps of broken pottery from test pits dug by thousands of members of the public have revealed the devastating impact of the Black Death in England, not just in the years …

Farewell Boleyn: West Ham leaves home to join Premier League's elite

West Ham United is leaving the Boleyn Ground, its home for 112 years, out of the heart of a working-class neighbourhood and into the main venue of …


China has another pollution crisis on its hands

In its "China Urban Water Blueprint" released on Monday, The Nature Conservancy examined the water quality of 135 watersheds in the cities, including Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Wuhan.<p>Overall, 73 per cent of the catchments had medium to high levels of pollution.<p>Land development in …


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World Records

Unicorn-like creatures did exist and probably lived alongside humans

Palaeontologists have found the skull of a unicorn-like creature which roamed the Siberian plains up to 29,000 years ago, meaning they lived …


Ancient arachnid was almost a spider

A 305-million-year-old arachnid might shed some light on spider evolution.<p>Researchers discovered the fossilized remains of <i>Idmonarachne brasieri</i> …

240 years ago today, Spanish explorers reached San Francisco and founded the modern city

On March 28, 1776, Captain Juan Bautista de Anza and a small band of settlers reached San Francisco and laid the groundwork what would become the city's first major landmarks: the Presidio and Mission San Francisco de Asis.<p><b>GET CRAZY:</b> Sanitariums and hospitals in SF, then and now<p>Captain de Anza's …

The world's 20 fastest growing cities

Environmental Health

The first colour photographs of America

Run Windows 98 entirely in your browser

I’m a sucker for old-school operating systems running in ways that feel impossible and now there’s a way to run Windows 98 or a bunch of Linux distributions in your browser, no plugin required.<p>With browser-based Windows 98 you can relive the glory days of the past by playing Minesweeper, changing …