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Your Android phone will soon stay unlocked while you're holding it

If you're frustrated that your smartphone locks while it's still in your hands, Google may soon come to your rescue. A handful of Android Police readers report that their Lollipop-equipped phones' Smart Lock security now includes "on-body detection," a motion-sensitive feature that keeps your …


Major Labels Begin to Question Spotify 'Free Music' Model

High-level sources at major labels say the industry is slowly coming around to Taylor Swift's mentality

Taylor Swift's criticism of Spotify last fall as a "grand experiment" has helped prompt major record labels to question the entire "freemium" music-streaming model of offering every song ever made …


Windows 10 might not peacefully coexist with other OS

It seems that Microsoft is developing a pattern lately. After a flood of good news comes the fine print and some sad, if not worrying, follow ups. …

Microsoft Windows

HTC One M9 review: An incredibly capable handset that just isn’t very exciting

HTC seems to have a bizarre phenomenon on its hands. It keeps designing flagship handsets that win design awards and the heart of many a tech reviewer, but fail to actually propel the company to the sort of performance of some of its rivals. Or even its early success with the Desire range at the …


Ola, Uber’s Big Rival In India, Introduces Food Ordering Service

Ola, the SoftBank-backed taxi-hailing service in India, is taking a leaf out of the Uber playbook after it launched a food ordering and delivery service.

‘Ola Cafe‘ is initially available in selected parts of Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai — as Economic Times reported. Customers can place …


Twitter is facing a class action lawsuit for gender discrimination

Silicon Valley is having a rough week. Today, the judge in the Ellen Pao trial ruled that Pao could sue her former employer, venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins, for punitive damages. Earlier this week, we reported that a former Facebook employee is suing the company for sexual discrimination and …

Gender Equality

This Is The Demo That Magic Leap Was Going To Show At TED Before It Backed Out

It's a first-person shooter!

Virtual reality company Magic Leap has been eerily quiet since it announced its $542 million fundraising round last October, with heavyweights like Andreessen Horowitz, Kleiner Perkins, and Google all participating. Now, for the first time in months, we finally have …

Virtual Reality

Google News buries news of Google's FTC investigation under Daniel Lyons fluff

Search is Google's primary product.

Its search engine is so widely used that "Google" has become a dictionary-approved verb, and the company makes virtually all of its money by selling ads connected to search.

But Google's ventures into self-driving cars and balloons that deliver Internet …


Uber Takes Strategic Investment From Times Internet To Boost Its Visibility In India

India is Uber’s second largest market worldwide behind only the U.S., and the company is today bolstering its position in the Asian country after agreeing to an alliance with media firm Times Internet. One component of that deal is an undisclosed investment from Times Internet.

The alliance is …


Razorpay Offers Stripe-Style Payments Focused Squarely On Indian E-Commerce Plays

The rise of companies like Flipkart, Snapdeal and Ola have put a spotlight on the e-commerce opportunity in India, where the growth of catchy businesses is being fuelled by consumer demand, improving Internet connectivity and generous VC funding. Now, a new startup called Razorpay — part of the …


New Zealand used NSA data to spy on rival trade leader candidates

Want to understand why far-reaching, poorly scrutinized spying programs are dangerous? Here's why. The Intercept and the New Zealand Herald have obtained a document showing that New Zealand used the US National Security Agency's XKeyscore surveillance system to spy on other countries' candidates for …

National Security Agency

Google is making TV commercials more like internet ads

It looks like Google wants to bring TV ads into the 21st century. The company has quietly announced a new local advertising service for Google Fiber that will make TV ads behave a lot more like internet ads. Using data from its set-top-boxes, Google (and advertisers) will know precisely how many …


Elon Musk Releases SpaceX Photos Into the Wild

Just a few hours after SpaceX announced that it would allow people to use photos under a Creative Commons license, founder Elon Musk changed his mind.

It happened shortly after Musk tweeted the announcement. This was one of the responses he received:

@elonmusk Why not just public domain? What is …

Elon Musk

Universal reportedly wants Spotify to scale back its free streaming

Spotify might have bent over backwards to lift restrictions on its free streaming service a couple of years ago, but at least one music label appears eager to turn back the clock. Financial Times sources understand that Universal is using licensing negotiations to squeeze Spotify and demand more …


Apple Opens Up to Praise New Book on Steve Jobs, and Criticize an Old One

Steve Jobs prized secrecy from his executives and employees during his tenure at Apple. Now his top lieutenants are speaking out — to help shape the legacy of Steve Jobs.

Through interviews and tweets, Apple brass, including the chief executive, Timothy D. Cook, are throwing their weight behind a …

Steve Jobs

Key Democrat: Congress Won’t Tackle NSA Reform Before Cybersecurity

“High-level” discussions on surveillance overhaul aren’t taking place, Rep. Adam Schiff said.

Congress likely needs to pass cybersecurity legislation before it can pave the way to addressing the National Security Agency bulk collection of American phone records, despite the looming June expiration …

National Security Agency

A nice handheld flamethrower? How handy

Technically Incorrect: Monday sees the launch of the XM42, which claims to be the first ever legally available portable flamethrower.



One of tech's most important investors says 'you'll see some dead unicorns this year' among startups worth $1 billion

Investor Bill Gurley has warned that Silicon Valley's golden age could soon be over — and that some of today's biggest startups could go down with it, The New York Times reports.

Gurley is a prominent investor known for investments in Uber and Snapchat.

But Gurley is also known for his pessimistic …


This cute little crossfader hopes to up your iPad DJ game

For casual DJs, the idea of slimming down your whole kit to a sleek tablet has been tempting ever since the original iPad. But some things just need physical controls, and that's where the Mixfader comes in. This tiny (but attractive) little crossfader hooks up with an app that lets you spin, …


‘Hey Siri’ in iOS 8.3 allows for automatic speakerphone calls

Apple has made a small, but helpful, change in the way that iOS 8.3 can make phone calls via Siri. With the launch of iOS 8.0 last fall, Apple added a feature to Siri that allows users to activate the service hands-free by saying the phrase “Hey Siri” if the phone is plugged into power. However, if …


Beyond Facebook: What you need to know about texting apps

If you live in the United States, you might've been surprised when Facebook purchased WhatsApp for $19 billion -- or, in other words, thing-you'd-think-you'd-have-heard-of money. Facebook identified what those of us in the US with texting plans and Apple Messages haven't noticed: There are whole …


Media Tech And Venture Capital

Editor’s note: James Brookner is a Media and Entertainment VC at Station 12. He works with companies at the series a and growth stages across the UK and Europe.

“You can’t get venture capital if you’re hiring people who make content.” Of all the people least likely to say those words, Jonah Peretti, …

Venture Capital

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active And S5 Mini Can Cripple Samsung's Masterplan

With the Samsung Galaxy S6 ready to go on sale next month, the marketing machine is starting the engines and the campaign will move into high gear ahead of the launch day. So why is it dangerous news that AT&T has just made the Galaxy S5 Mini available for purchase?

This is Samsung’s halo principle …


Android’s Smart On-Body Unlock Function Could Eliminate A Longtime Headache

Android users are beginning to see an option for on-body detection in version 5.0 and up, which lets you unlock your device once, and then have that unlock grant you continued access without having to re-enter your pin, so long as the smartphone or tablet never leaves your person.

It’s just a …


Monica Lewinsky, self-driving cars and human trafficking: what I learned at TED2015

The first thing I scribbled in my notebook, as I stood in the lobby of the leviathan Vancouver Convention Center (leviathan not just in mass – the building itself evokes a breaching, algae-crusted humpback) and watched the sea of innovators and billionaires and idea-spreaders part and flow around …

Monica Lewinsky

Spies in the Sky -- Is Your Privacy at Risk?

Imagine yourself and your companion basking in the sun at the local park, sipping on chilled fume blanc and nibbling petit fours when you hear a whirring sound approaching. Looking up you see a miniature version of an alien spaceship slowly cruise then hover about 50 feet above your picnic. It …


With Windows 10, Do Laptops Need Touch? (Dell Has Some Thoughts)

How necessary is touch for Windows laptops? Maybe not quite as necessary as PC suppliers and consumers thought a couple of years ago.

I’m using two Windows laptops with touch capability right now. Here’s the 140-character-or-less version of my need for touch: I barely use it. And many Dell customers …


Light, stable, minimalist stand for iPad: Cooler Master JAS Mini

The Cooler Master JAS Mini is small, light, very simple, offers almost infinite viewing angles, and fits well with the Apple design aesthetic. I travel a lot, about 150,000 miles a year, so the weight of my gear is very important to me. With some trips taking as much as 36 hours door-to-door, any …


Ground control: Analysts warn airplane communications systems vulnerable to hacking

Commercial and even military planes have an Achilles heel that could leave them vulnerable to hackers on the ground, who experts say could conceivably commandeer cockpits and create chaos in the skies.

For now, terrorist groups are believed to lack the sophistication to bring down a plane remotely, …


Music labels are reportedly pressuring Spotify to limit free streaming

It's no secret that the digital age hasn't been kind to the music industry. Streaming services like Spotify, Rdio, and Pandora have buoyed a long-declining market with the support of eager music labels, but it seems those very same labels are starting to get nervous about their revenue …

Entertainment Industry