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See incredible photos of SpaceX's midnight rocket launch

There's nothing quite like a midnight rocket launch lighting up the sky:<p>SpaceX launched its Dragon spacecraft full of supplies and science experiments to the International Space Station at 12:45 a.m. ET on Monday, July 18. The first stage of the Falcon 9 rocket then landed on land at Cape Canaveral.<p>…


The Science of What Makes You You and How Old Your Body Really Is

A biological Ship-of-Theseus exploration of how quickly your body replaces itself, from your nails to your neurons.<p><i>“Life is mostly an exercise in being something other than what we used to be while remaining fundamentally — and sometimes maddeningly — who we are,”</i> Meghan Daum wrote in her …

Cool Stuff

Berberine: The Most Powerful Natural Supplement on Earth

By Kris Gunnars<p>A compound called berberine is one of the most powerful natural supplements on Earth.<p>It has very impressive health benefits, and …


Scientists extend the lifespan of mice by up to 35 percent

The foundation of the elixir of life, or just long-life pets?<p>Would you like to live 35 percent longer? Apparently the trick is removing worn-out "senescent' cells that have a degenerative affect on your body. "Cellular senescence is a biological mechanism that functions as an 'emergency brake' used …

Life Sciences

Here's Everything That Happens to Your Body When You Don't Get Enough Sleep

It is time to set the record straight and explain just how crucial sleep is to cognitive ability, concentration, emotional well-being, and other qualities necessary to climb to the top.<p>When most people consider the keys to career success, they think of habits such as diligence, creativity, …


Proof Einstein’s ‘biggest blunder’ correct

EINSTEIN thought he’d made a mistake about the universe, but incredible new research into dark matter proves he was actually right.


Obama is not a scientist. JAMA shouldn't pretend he is

The Journal of the American Medical Assn. recently published a very unusual article: a scientific study authored by a sitting president of the United States. That’s never happened before.<p>In a sense, it’s cool that President Obama cares enough about science to want to publish a paper in one of the …


Physicists discover how proteins in the brain build-up rapidly in Alzheimer's

Cambridge researchers have identified - and shown that it may be possible to control - the mechanism that leads to the rapid build-up of the …

Life Sciences

Scientists Have Discovered That Dogs Aren’t A Man’s Best Friend

Brace yourselves dog lovers. Man's best friend could potentially be replaced with an even better friend according to new findings from animal welfare …


Newly Discovered Gut Virus Is In At Least Half of All Humans

Scientists have discovered a virus that lives in the gut of more than half -- maybe even 75 percent -- of the world’s population. But it probably …


Scientists still don't know what caused the 'Eye of the Sahara'

Probably not aliens.<p>For millennia, the Eye of the Sahara was hiding in plain sight. That's because this huge and mysterious geologic formation is …


Someday, Doctors Could Prescribe You Video Games For Your Brain

This video game could actually be a medical therapy. Researchers are testing it in patients with cognitive disorders, like simultaneous autism and ADHD, although skeptics question so-called “brain games” in general.<p>You’re a bright-yellow alien cruising down a river with icebergs at every sharp …


Watch a Powerful Electromagnet Shrink a Quarter Down to Half Its Size

Remember when we saw Physics Girl explode a soda can in half thanks to the power of electromagnets? In that same video, Dianna Cowern also showed us …


Secrets of the human brain unlocked

(<i>University of Warwick</i>) Human intelligence is being defined and measured for the first time ever, by researchers at the University of Warwick. The …

The Brain

Gonorrhoea might soon be resistant to all antibiotics

Use condoms.<p>The US Centres for Disease Control (CDC) has reported that gonorrhoea is now developing resistance to the last two antibiotics able to …


NASA continues to explore our solar system to help answer fundamental questions

NASA's Juno is now poised to shine a spotlight on the origins and interior structure of the largest planet in our solar system. As we wait for Juno's …


Fat Isn't Nearly As Bad For You As We Thought — And Another Ingredient Is Likely Worse

Ever wandered down the "health foods" aisle of your local grocery store?<p>If it's anything like the one near me, it's full of low-fat, carb-heavy snack …


Al Gore’s revamped “Triana” satellite catches the Moon photobombing Earth

From NASA Goddard: NASA Camera Shows Moon Crossing Face of Earth for 2nd Time in a Year For only the second time in a year, a NASA camera aboard the …


What lies beneath Antarctica's ice? Lakes, life and the grandest of canyons

There are few frontiers in the world that can still be said to be unexplored. One of these <i>terra incognita</i> is the land beneath Antarctica’s ice …


Top 10 Health Benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin

By Kris Gunnars<p>Although most nutritional supplements are ineffective, this is not the case with turmeric. Many high quality studies show that it has …


India planted 50 million trees in just 24 hours last week

Congratulations to the 800,000 volunteers involved!<p>Last week hundreds of thousands of people hit the streets of the Uttar Pradesh state in India to …


In Defence Of Wasps: Why Squashing Them Comes With A Sting In The Tale

They are one of the most unwelcome signs of summer. Buzzing through beer gardens, attacking innocent picnics, wasps arrive ominously with a sting in …


Vaginal bacteria species can raise HIV infection risk and undermine prevention

Unusual bacteria in vagina help explain high infection rates in South African women

Women's News

What lies beneath

ESA’s Venus Express reveals details on Venus’ surface by studying patterns of clouds in its thick atmosphere


NASA Is Preparing To Send A Spacecraft Closer To The Sun Than Ever Before

We will soon get closer to the Sun than ever before, as NASA’s Solar Probe Plus has just passed a critical development milestone.<p>The probe, which is …


Hackaday Prize: 20 Projects that Make Us All Citizen Scientists

We live in a time of unparalleled access to technology and this has the power to make life better for everyone. Today we are excited to announce …


The Scientific Mystery of a Man Living with 90% of His Brain Missing

The man who lives a functional life with most of his brain filled with water challenges what we know about the brain.<br>Read More

The Brain

'Impossible' Space Tech That Might Actually Work

By |<p>Credit : Namco Bandai - 1 of 7<p>Impossible is a word you hear a lot when it comes to space. Could we colonize Mars? Impossible, some say. Could we …


Scientists Catch Pregnant Shark, Give It A Sonogram

This is a video from the University of Miami's Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science and The University Of New England of researchers …


'Absolutely Wrong': Bill Nye the Science Guy Takes on Noah's Ark Exhibit

Days after white doves and shofar horns christened the opening of a new Noah's Ark attraction in northern Kentucky, the land-anchored ship welcomed a conspicuous and curious visitor: Bill Nye "the Science Guy."<p>The bow-tied man of science — openly skeptical about the exhibit from the time it was …

Bill Nye