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The illusion of the putter shaft, and why you should forward press

If you watch the vast majority of Tour players putt, you’ll notice that their hands start in front of the putter head at address, and this condition …


Increase Your Smash Factor

<b>Tiger Woods has</b> a smash factor of 1.48. Bubba Watson is around 1.52. The average amateur has a smash factor of about 1.20. What's this mean? Your …

Make Your Putting More Precise With This Simple Drill

According to a study by Top 100 Teacher Marius Filmalter, the best putters in the world hit slightly up on the ball, adding at least 1.7 degrees of …


How To Hit Precise Wedge shots

Turn through to stick your wedges tight<p>When the pros hit wedge shots, like European Tour player Thomas Pieters is doing here, they're controlling the distance and height very precisely. There's no guessing and hoping it gets close. You can have that kind of control, too, if you start using your …


How to Swap Full Wedge Swings for Easy-to-Control Knockdowns

From 100 to 120 yards out, it's tempting to grab a gap or pitching wedge and take a full swing. After all, the extra clubhead speed will give you the …

The Perfect Punch Shot

How to hit the shot that'll get you out of trouble every time.<p>Unless you’re a freak of nature, you’re not going to be in the fairway off of every tee. And that’s fine -– every guy on tour misses fairways. For those times you're so far off the fairway that you're in the trees, you need to be able to …


This Is What You Should Think Right Before You Hit

A sports psychologist weighs in on how to get your mind in the right space to hit a good shot.<p>What’s the last thing you think before you hit the ball? I asked a few people I play golf with, and I got responses like, <i>Don’t slice it.</i> And, <i>Please go straight.</i> Then the long-winded, <i>Head down- left arm</i> …


This Little Trick Will Fix Your Tempo

Bob Tway shared the swing thought he used to maintain a smooth tempo.<p><i>Welcome to Golf Digest Instruction Throwback Thursday, where we take a trip into the Golf Digest archive, pull out a random issue, laugh at some of the outfits, and find the best, most relevant, instruction piece. Who knows -- a</i> …


5-Minute Clinic: The Basics Of Bunker Play

Whether you're in a fairway bunker or greenside — or facing a nasty 50-yarder — let's get you in a good setup so you can make an athletic motion<p>Most golfers don't have a clear concept of how they're supposed to swing in the sand. And the shots they hit don't help—fat, then thin, then fat, and so …


David Leadbetter: Wristless Chips | Golf Digest

Lydia Ko's Favorite Drill Will Fix Your Swing

Ko explains the split-hand drill, and how it'll cure your swing flaws.<p>Lydia Ko, the No. 1 player in the world, spent some time with us to talk about her favorite drill. Don’t worry, it doesn’t require any fancy contraptions, or a world-class coach to talk you through it -- you can do this drill on …


What the Pros Know: Don't Cheat Your Finish

You won't get far if you stop short<p>A big key to getting the bottom of your swing in the right place—which is how you make solid contact—is to complete your turn through the shot. That means getting your belt buckle to move around and point to the target. You can try to fake it and flip your arms up …


Copy This Thing The Tour Pros Do To Improve Your Consistency

You can't do everything they do, but you can do this.<p>There are a lot of things the pros do that you simply cannot copy. Phil Mickelson’s short game? You’re not going to look like that around the greens next time you play. How far Dustin Johnson rips the ball? You’re probably not gonna pull that …


Jason Day: Turning Inspiration Into Obsession

There's an easy "Hi, Mate" openness and humility to Jason Day. The 28-year-old Australian calls himself "a boring person," equating golf's other 20-somethings to "the popular kids in school ... I'm just the nerd in the back." Day's attempt at a recent press conference to explain his combination of …


6 Things You Learn When You Watch Really Good Amateur Teams Close Up

As seen by one of our editors at the U.S. Amateur Four-Ball Championship at Winged Foot<p>For a couple days during the recent U.S. Amateur Four-Ball Championship at Winged Foot, I served as a volunteer scorekeeper. I saw some very good teams, including the eventual winners, Ben Baxter and Andrew …


Short-sided In A Bunker? Here's Your Way Out

Quick tips on how to make clean contact so you can get up and down<p>What’s worse than being in a greenside bunker? Being short-sided in a greenside bunker. This shot is scary, and we’re guessing you’ve probably left it in the bunker on more than one occasion.<p>Swing coach Jeff Ritter says the biggest …


Being In A Fairway Bunker Isn't The End. Here's How To Salvage Your Hole

<i>Every week, a team of our favorite teachers will be bringing you a collection of quick tips to solve your game's most pressing on-course emergencies. When you need help right now, push Golf Digest's Panic Button.</i><p>You’ve heard the little phrase <i>Thin to win</i>, right? You’re going to want to apply it to …


You Have Charley Hull's Training Aid In Your Bag

Charley Hull, a 20-year-old LPGA player from the UK, posted a video of this drill on her Instagram. She’s one of the better players on the LPGA -- ranked 27th in the world right now -- but your iron game could benefit from this simple drill, too.<p>This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a tour player …


Find Your Focus: Accuracy vs. Distance

Like many of you, the thought of hitting shots 20 or 30 yards farther led me to make changes to my swing that turned out to be more trouble than they were worth. I gained some distance, yes, but I lost a lot of accuracy, and my scoring suffered. I've since gone back to the way I swung the club in …


Forward Shaft Lean Trick - Sam Goulden Golf

Jordan Spieth: Try My 5 Driver Keys

There's a lot going on in the split second it takes for the club to move from behind your head down to the ball. So much that you really can't pinpoint any one element as being the most important. When my coach, Cameron McCormick, and I are fine-tuning my swing, we like to make sure <i>I'm moving</i> …


Butch Harmon: Don't get snagged by the rough

A nifty way to get it close from the collar<p>When I see golfers in this situation, with the ball against the rough collar, they're usually trying to create some crazy shot. They'll play the ball back and chop it, or try to bump it with a 3–wood. Those things can work, but you never practice them. …


Hidden Key To Solid Strikes

The supporting elements can make all the difference<p>The movement of the knees, though seldom discussed, is vital to hitting good shots. The knees provide stability, back and through, and help ensure you hit the ball with the center of the clubface.<p>Let's start with the front knee. On the backswing, …


My Keys To Distance And Accuracy

Driving Lessons: Simple tips for boosting power and control from PGA Tour Player Sergio Garcia.<p>For over unlimited access to 150 video lessons on any of your devices, check out Golf Digest All Access.


Jack Nicklaus' Best Tips

Jack Nicklaus has been offering his insights to Golf Digest readers since the 1960s. To celebrate his birthday, we've compiled some of the 18-time major champion's best tips from over the years — on everything from fundamentals to driving to strategy.


Fitness Friday: How to go down and get it

A common misconception about the way the torso moves in the golf swing is that the shoulders rotate parallel to the ground back and through. Golf instruction is often the culprit for this belief. "Back to the target; chest to the target," is a time-honored way to get amateurs to rotate their bodies …


Rickie Fowler's Tips To Hit Greens

On tournament days, I'm already warmed up when I arrive at the course. No matter how early my tee time, I'll get to the gym and break a sweat first. That way, I'm ready to go so those first swings at the range aren't lazy ones to get loose.<p>Right from the start, I'm trying to hit each ball solid and …


Four Shots You Need to Know

How to be ready for these tricky situations<p>Every golfer loves standing in the fairway with a perfect 7-iron yardage, ready to make a stock swing and stick it next to the pin. But when you get around the greens, circumstances often force you to create a particular kind of shot. Sometimes the issue …