James Beard Awards 2014

By Mo Krochmal | Winners will be named in May. This is all of the journalism-related finalists available in one spot.

Why no James Beard awards for Tampa Bay? It's complicated

<b>O</b>n Monday at 6 p.m., TV personality Ted Allen and Crocs-wearing superstar chef Mario Batali will take the stage at New York's Lincoln Center to host …


Entertainment Index

New shows are debuting this month.<p>Actress Ariane Bellamar says Piven inappropriately touched her.<p>Big K.R.I.T., Gord Downie, Julien Baker and others …

Anthony Rapp

'Eating Alabama' wins James Beard Foundation Award for best special/documentary

“Eating Alabama,” Tuscaloosa filmmaker Andrew Grace’s documentary about his and his wife’s pledge to live off the land for a year, has won a James …


Outback Steakhouse Review: Please Don't Call This Food Australian

Consider the Bloomin Onion.<p>Two thousand calories.<p>One hundred sixty-one grams of fat.<p>Info<p>Crispy, oily, sweet, crunchy. A big slick of salt and grease. …


Sqirl Review: Jessica Koslow's Tiny Restaurant Is Serving Some of the Best Food in L.A.

The photo, posted on Twitter, might be a still life; the accompanying tweet, a statement of belief: "Green garbanzo hummus, runny egg, yogurt cheese, …

Alan Richman: ZZ's, the Most Expensive 58 Minutes in New York Dining

The website of ZZ's Clam Bar is all but useless. No menu. No hours. No days of operation. There's a phone number that I call eight or ten times, but nobody answers.<p>I decide to show up uninvited. The worst that happens, I get thrown out and eat at Lupa across the street.<p>ZZ's is a new restaurant by …


The Elm: Is Brooklyn Ready for Sophisticated Dining?

As long as I can remember, Paul Liebrandt has been about molecular gastronomy or modern cooking or whatever food writers are labeling kitchen pyrotechnics these days. Quietly, Liebrandt has always demurred: "Everything is based on my training, which is classical French," he said recently, and not …


Alan Richman Walks Into a Jewish Deli...

Cuisines tend to be from a place, and Jews never had a place. Through the millennia, they got pushed from place to place, and everywhere they went their food changed. When I was a kid, Jewish food tasted different in every home I visited, and in almost every one, the kid living there was sure his …


The Pass unleashes plates of playfulness

The door to The Pass is less a door than a mammoth black slab that recedes noiselessly at a staffer's push. It's disorienting by design, allowing …


The cosmic soup of Pho Hung

The moment the steaming bowl of soup lands on my table at Pho Hung, the rest of the universe falls away from me. There's only the scent of scallion …


Corkscrew BBQ a new Houston classic

The smoked turkey and the cobbler were already gone when I lined up outside the Corkscrew BBQ trailer at a quarter past noon on a recent Saturday. …


PUNCH | 40 Ounces to Freedom

In the summer of 1992, exactly one year after I moved to Hartford, CT with my American mother, I returned to my hometown of Melbourne, Australia to …

Snoop Dogg

The Battle for America's Oldest Vines

Are vineyards just farmland, or are they cultural treasures? F&W's Ray Isle goes inside the fight to save some of California's oldest grapevines from …

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Dick Soup

WARNING: This post contains very graphic photos of stag penises being prepared as food.<p>The four pizzles lay sprawled out on the kitchen counter. Two of them were neat and tidy, as gorgeously tanned as homemade bacon, still attached to their pubic bones and exuding an appetizing aroma of wood smoke. …

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Don't Mess With Perfect

In the lifetime of every traveler, we encounter two distinct types of unforgettable cities. There are the cities we love so much that we wish we could return there every year. For me, this list includes such places as Rome, Bangkok, Miami, and Vancouver. Then there are the cities we love so much …


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Homesick Texan

This time last year, I had just wrapped up a month-long tour of Texas, eating chile con queso all over my home state. It was the greatest road trip …


Poor Man's Feast —

poor man’s feast at eight.<p>30 comments<p>My office was in the windowless basement of an asbestos-lined, faux-Georgian building outside Manhattan when I …

Andrew Zimmern


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Food<p>Twitter Ridicules <i>Fox & Friends</i> Cheeseburger Emoji Coverage After Manafort News<p>Compensating? Apparently Trump Needed Bigger Salt and Pepper …

Donald Trump