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The surprising history of the infographic

From Clive Thompson, a history of the infographic, which was developed in part to help solve problems with an abundance of data available in the 19th …

Chart of the day: Comparing school districts in different cities

School Districts

A Poor Journalist’s Text-Mining Toolkit

Photo: The Magic Tuba Pixie in Flickr (CC License)How can you search and analyze collections of documents on your own computers with simple tools? At …


Your Data Is Forever

The best parts of the internet are in danger of disappearing over time—but personal information has an exceptionally long half-life.<p>You may not remember your Myspace account—the early aughts were a while ago—but it remembers you. So does your LinkedIn account, even though you haven’t logged into it …


Data Visualization for the Social Media Pro

We are visual creatures. We process visual information incredibly quickly, retain it better and understand it more deeply. Anyone who's spent any …

Social Media Marketing

Using Twitter as a data source: An overview of current social media research tools

The popularity of social media sites and the ease at which its data is available means these platforms are increasingly becoming primary sources for …

Social Media Marketing

How The World Searched For The Brussels Attacks

10m20m30m1hr1hr 30m2hrs6hrs9hrs3hrsIskandariya16:15 GMTMarch 19, 2016Istanbul09:00 GMTMarch 25, 2016Lahore13:30 GMTMarch 27, 2016Brussels6:58 …

Brussels Attacks

Another Day, Another Deepdream

Dreamscope web app lets you choose your nightmare<p>Instagram meets DeepDream.<p>A web app called Dreamscope developed by Lambda Labs allows users to upload an image and apply different filters, including ones inspired by the computerized nightmares “dreamed” up by Google’s artificial neural networks. …

Defining “Technology”

2 comments<p>[<i>Last updated July 2017</i>.]<p>I spend a lot of time reading books and essays about technology; more specifically, books and essays about …


Columbia's Lede Program Aims to Go Beyond the Data Hype - MediaShift

This all began at Joe’s Coffee on the Columbia University campus one morning last spring. Mark Hansen was then teaching journalism students who …

Big Data

What Should Reporters Learn in Journalism School?

There are lots of skills—digital and otherwise—that aspiring writers need.<p>In a recent piece, I argued that journalism students who want to be writers shouldn’t focus on immersing themselves in things like CSS and JavaScript, as I had tried to do during j-school. For responses, I got everything from …

Journalism School

Verification Junkie

<b>Tool</b>: Groundsignal<p><b>Source</b>: Groundsignal / CO Everywhere, Inc.<p><b>Description</b>: Groundsignal is a geolocation search tool that surfaces trends from social …


FiveThirtyEight | Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight uses statistical analysis — hard numbers — to tell compelling stories about politics, sports, science, economics and culture.

Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Methods To Our Madness

THE ULTRA-SHORT VERSION:<p>DVOA measures a team's efficiency by comparing success on every single play to a league average based on situation and …

Marshawn Lynch

5 tips for a data journalism workflow: part 1 – data newswires and archiving

Earlier this year I spoke at the BBC’s Data Fusion Day (you can find a liveblog of the event on Help Me Investigate) about data journalism workflows. …

Big Data


Larry Fitzgerald

How to: produce video on your mobile phone

<b>Credit: By bredgur on Flickr. Some rights reserved.</b><p>Whether you are reporting on breaking news, working on features or taking vox pops, being able to …


Nate Silver addresses assembled statisticians at this year's JSM

<i>by Joseph RIckert</i><p>Nate Silver of 538 fame gave the President's invited address this year at the Joint Statistical Meeting in Montreal.<p>Nate began his …


wide scale

More than 2,300 people from over 120 countries will start this Monday, Aug. 12 a five-week online course to learn the basic skills of data-driven …


Data visualisation DIY: our top tools

Just starting out in visualising your data? Looking for something simple to use? This is where we go<p>What data visualisation tools are out there on the web that are easy to use - and free? Here on the Datablog and Datastore we try to do as much as possible using the internet's powerful free …

Data Visualization

The Data Journalism Awards full shortlist

The data journalism awards shortlist is out. Find out who is in the running • Download the data<p>The Data Journalism Awards shortlist has been announced today in Perugia at the International Journalism Festival.<p>As we wrote recently, the awards, sponsored by Google and organised by the Global Editors …

Big Data

Visualizing How the Brazilian Government Underspends on the Public Good - MediaShift

<i>This post was co-written by Neil Ashton, writer for the Open Knowledge Foundation’s School of Data blog.</i><p>How can Brazilians participate in the …

Data Visualization

Gigaom | Why scoops and objectivity matter less and less — because context is everything

Advertisement<p>We’ve argued before that the life-span of a breaking-news alert or scoop is declining rapidly, thanks in part to the rise of social-news …


Computational Journalism