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By Krisnamurti Lumenta | Architecture / film / leica / cultural studies

Film of the Week: The Great Man

I wonder if Hollywood casting agents ever confuse Jeremy Renner and Jérémie Renier? It’s an easy mistake to make: they both have short hair, square …


Interview: John Magary

An unspoken rule of surviving in New York is the necessity of making the most of opportunities, no matter the infelicitous (or moochy) circumstances. …


Locarno Interview: Sergio Oksman and Carlos Muguiro

Brazil-born, Spain-based Sergio Oksman isn’t new on the filmmaking scene—IMDb places his first directorial credit in 1996—but he was new to me when I …

São Paulo

Deep Focus: The Second Mother

The Second Mother may remind American moviegoers of the inspired exchange in Wild when Cheryl Strayed tells her self-sacrificing mom, “It must be …

Beverly Hills

Film of the Week: Queen of Earth

Queen of Earth is a mysterious film—and one that comes as something of a shock. If you saw Alex Ross Perry’s last feature, the brittle and somewhat …


Take a 360° Virtual Tour of Taliesin, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Personal Home & Studio

You can learn a lot about an architect from looking at the buildings they designed, and you can learn even more by looking at the buildings they …

Frank Lloyd Wright

Leica M-P Edition Safari impressions

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Well I’ve had the Safari available to me for a couple of weeks and although I …


3D Printed Eames Lounge Chair by Kevin Spencer - Design Milk

Oh 3D printing, your wonders never cease to amaze! The things that those printers can do (like make Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures album cover come …



American manufacturer Confederate Motorcycles have recently formalized the release of their new monstrous streetfighter, the G2 P51 Combat Fighter. …

Confederate States of America


You can now turn your iPhone into a crappy 1985 Camcorder with this new cool app! Get that nostalgic feeling of picking up a bulky VHS Camcorder from …



VDBMOTO have rolled out of their Brooklyn based garage another straightforward beautiful build, a Harley Davidson 99? Sportster 1200 that has been …

Harley Davidson

A-ha’s “Take On Me” Performed by North Korean Kids with Accordions

This week, 1,000 North Koreans witnessed the first live performance by a Western pop act on its soil. And it was perhaps a bit anti-climatic.The East …


Interview: Tom Shoval

Taking place in an Israeli suburban town, Tom Shoval’s debut feature juxtaposes a family melodrama with a psychological thriller haunted by the …

Wonders to Behold

By Kent Jones in the July/August 2015 Issue

Agape… astonishment… awe… when the lights came up after the first press screening of Hou Hsiao-hsien’s The

Locarno Interview: Otar Iosseliani Chant D'Hiver

While the France-based Georgian director Otar Iosseliani has somewhat passed out of fashion in the Euro fest circuit, he’s never even had his moment …


Make It Real: The Cinema of Transition

The Iron Ministry

An attendant pushes a cart down the narrow aisle of the train. He sells some packaged snacks and soft drinks as he goes, but mostly …


Link About It: A Power Plant that Puffs Smoke Rings

In addition to having both a ski slope and a rock-climbing wall on its exterior, Copenhagen’s future Amager Resource Center—designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)—plans to include a smoke stack that will emit massive steam rings into the sky. The steam rings will signify each time the super-clean …


Watch the First Russian Science Fiction Film, Aelita: Queen of Mars (1924)

Despite the Soviet Union’s suppression of a great many writers and filmmakers, the communist state nonetheless produced some of the finest film and …

Science Fiction


The latest masterpiece to roll out of John Ryland´s Classified Moto, is this stunning cafe racer based on a Honda CB750. Classified Moto has …


Deep Focus: Mistress America

The narrator of Truman Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s, a key influence on Noah Baumbach’s blissful mad comedy Mistress America, muses that Holly …

Kaiju Shakedown: Assassination


In 2014, it suddenly became hip to be square in Korea. It’s the year that the cloyingly sentimental, uber-patriotic, and …

Mr. Rogers Introduces Kids to Experimental Electronic Music by Bruce Haack & Esther Nelson (1968)

Experimental electronic musician and inventor Bruce Haack’s compositions expanded many a young consciousness, and taught kids to dance, move, …


Dementia 13: The Film That Took Francis Ford Coppola From Schlockster to Auteur

The Conversation, Apocalpyse Now, The Godfather — Francis Ford Coppola’s movies come so big that even the most casual cinephiles vividly remember their …


After decades of making the most recognizable amps in rock-n-roll, Marshall has turned their efforts to making an Android-powered phone designed to deliver music with a level of audio quality never-before achieved. The phone is called London and features 2 front-facing speakers for great sound even without headphones. It also features the M button, giving you instant access to your music. Volume is controlled by a manual scroll wheel, and dual stereo audio jacks allow you to share your soundtrack with a friend. Marshall's Mode in-ear headphones are included.

Marshall London

After decades of making the most recognizable amps in rock-n-roll, Marshall has turned their efforts to making an Android-powered …


The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray

From Saturday Night Live in the 70s to big 80s blockbusters to movies like Moonrise Kingdom today, Bill Murray is an actor like no other. The Big Bad

Bill Murray

San Francisco-based Bolt has created a new eco-friendly motorcycle with the light, nimble look of a moped. The M-1 is 100% electric & drives in 2 modes: In Sport mode, it reaches up to 40mph across a 30 mile range. In Economy mode, it’ll go 20 mph across 50 miles. It's also fully connected to your smartphone.

Bolt M-1

San Francisco-based Bolt has created a new eco-friendly motorcycle with the light, nimble look of a moped. The M-1 is 100% electric & drives …


The WiFi, Bluetooth Connected Trefecta DRT e-Bike

Inhabiting a space somewhere between a bicycle, motorcycle, and Wayne Enterprises concept, the Trefecta DRT e-bike is an aluminum frame, 4,000 watt …


New Study: Immersing Yourself in Art, Music & Nature Might Reduce Inflammation & Increase Life Expectancy

Of all the philosophical concepts Immanuel Kant is known for, the one I’ve had to struggle the least to grasp is his description of the sublime, a …

Life Expectancy

Deep Focus: Cop Car

Hollywood apocrypha has it that W.C. Fields wrote the idea for Never Give a Sucker an Even Break on the back of a grocery bill. Director Jon Watts …

Kevin Bacon