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By Krisnamurti Lumenta | Architecture / film / leica / cultural studies

Ecocapsules are pint-sized solar and wind-powered micro homes

Ecocapsule is a small, egg-shaped abode that could be the perfect home for someone who wants to let it all go like Elsa and live off the grid. Its roof is decked with 600W solar cells and a built-in 750W wind turbine that store the energy they harness into a high-power battery. The structure's …

Renewable Energy

Assemble to Construct a Brutalist Playground at RIBA

Starting June 10, the RIBA will present The Brutalist Playground - an exhibition that is part sculpture, part architectural installation, which …


Bill Murray Reads Poetry at a Construction Site

Another great New York City moment. Last spring, construction workers building the new home for Poets House were treated to a short poetry reading by …


Film of the Week: Arabian Nights

Never mind being naïve enough to imagine ever seeing a film that will change the world, but even the most hardened critics, in their heart of hearts, …


The 10 Favorite Films of Avant-Garde Surrealist Filmmaker Luis Buñuel (Including His Own Collaboration with Salvador Dalí)

You may remember that when we featured the favorite films of Federico Fellini, the 8 1/2 director’s top-ten list included… well, 8 1/2. But then, no …


The Epic Story of Orson Welles’s Unfinished Masterpiece

The Other Side of the Wind was going to be Orson Welles’s comeback, perhaps even topping Citizen Kane—but to this day, it remains unfinished (though that may change soon). In an adaptation from a new book about the 45-year struggle to make the film, Josh Karp reveals why Welles’s last movie is the …

Orson Welles

Being Human

By Chris Boeckmann

The indelible images of the late documentary giant Albert Maysles

Behind the scenes of Gimme Shelter

In 1974, after harboring …

Watch a “Lost Interview” With Michel Foucault: Missing for 30 Years But Now Recovered

An introductory shot that might be an outtake from A Clockwork Orange opens this interview with Michel Foucault, “lost,” we’re told by Critical …

Michel Foucault

How Akira Kurosawa Used Movement to Tell His Stories: A Video Essay

The history books say that there were three Japanese filmmakers to emerge in the 1950s – Kenji Mizoguchi, Yasujiro Ozu and Akira Kurosawa. Never mind …

Akira Kurosawa

Italy Pavilion – Milan Expo 2015 / Nemesi

Architects: Nemesi
Location: Via Giorgio Stephenson, 107, 20157 Milano, Italy
Architect In Charge: Alessandro Belilli, Claudio Cortese, Kai Felix Dorl,


Gottlieb Paludan Architects Design a Forest-Inspired Biomass Unit for Copenhagen

Gottlieb Paludan Architects have been selected as the winners of an anonymous two-stage competition to design a new biomass unit at the Amagerværket …


At Midnight, Andy Warhol Films Hover Over Times Square

At 11:57 pm, in New York’s Times Square, the city’s most hellish H&M has closed down, the human-size Elmos have gone home, and the Lion King–going …


Microcars at the Jesada Technik Museum: Southeast Asia's largest collection of microcars

While traveling through Thailand, we discovered the Jesada Technik Museum in a small town outside of Bangkok. Home to over 500 vehicles including double-decker buses, airplanes, helicopters and scooters, the museum's most unique attraction is the vast collection of microcars. Also known as "bubble …


The Letter Between Stanley Kubrick & Arthur C. Clarke That Sparked the Greatest SciFi Film Ever Made (1964)

Image courtesy of 2001Italia

Origin stories are all the rage these days given the ubiquity of superhero films and television series. But for all their …


Interview: Agnès Varda

Since her 1955 debut feature La Pointe Courte, the work of Agnès Varda has managed to reflect the interior and exterior worlds of her and her subjects …

Film Comment's Korean Special: What's Streaming?

I just got the current issue of Film Comment (with Albert Maysles on the cover). The centerpiece of the issue is “Korea Prospects II,” edited by …

Short Takes: Good Kill

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By Jonathan Romney on May 13, 2015

John Maclean's dust-free Western is powered by non-sequiturs and a dryly comic sensibility Read …


Film of the Week: Slow West

John Maclean’s Slow West ends with a visual death toll—a series of shots in which the film tracks back, in reverse order, through all the characters …


Spotlight: Rafael Moneo

As the only Spanish architect to receive the Pritzker Prize, Rafael Moneo (born 9 May 1937) is known for his highly contextual buildings which …


Interview: Shinya Tsukamoto

Sometimes it’s impossible for a filmmaker to escape being identified with one of their groundbreaking early works, no matter how many different …


The Texture of Genius

By Nathan Lee


Clothes embody ideas in Bertrand Bonello’s Saint Laurent, a shifting look at the designer and his work

By the time he sent his 1971 …

Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246) camera additional coverage | Leica News & Rumors

With the new M Monochrom Typ 246 camera Leica also announced three new "specially calculated" filters in the yellow, green and orange colors for the …


The Perfect Leica

Want John Sandford's Leica?

I'm selling this Leica M7 and 35mm Summilux ASPH. for our friend John Camp, who writes thriller novels under the name John …


Akira Kurosawa & Gabriel García Márquez Talk About Filmmaking (and Nuclear Bombs) in Six Hour Interview

You know you’re doing something right in your life if the Nobel Prize-winning author of 100 Years of Solitude talks to you like a giddy fan boy.

Back …

"Flashcrash Unlimited" at the Widget Art Gallery: The latest solo exhibition in this virtual gallery room, accessible by phone

The Widget Art Gallery (WAG) was created in 2009 by Rome-based new media artist Chiara Passa as a space to show art without any logistical restrictions: any time, anywhere, and for free. All you need to enter the virtual room is a mobile device and an internet connection—so you're out of excuses …


Spotlight: Jane Jacobs

Throughout her career, social activist and urban writer Jane Jacobs (May 4, 1916 – April 25, 2006) fought against corporate globalization and urged …

Jane Jacobs

Car Talk Deems Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion Car a Complete Failure

Car Talk has written a scathing review on Buckminster Fuller‘s three-wheeled Dymaxion Car, 81 years after its unveiling. The famed architect and …

Buckminster Fuller

Norman Foster’s Advice for the Young: “Find Something You Believe In”

Unless architecture is truly your passion, Norman Foster thinks you should simply find something else to pursue. In the Louisiana Channel‘s latest, …

The Arts

Cristián Undurraga Photographs His Pavilion for Chile at Milan Expo

Chilean architect Cristián Undurraga has shared a series of photos with us of Chile’s recently inaugurated pavilion at the Milan Expo 2015. …