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These Fantastic 1960s Postcards Are a Cosmonaut's Visions of the Future

Alexei Leonov was the first man to perform a spacewalk. He was also a painter. Here is a series of postcards he painted of humanity's future in space.


Film of the Week: Iris

There’s a moment in Iris when the documentary’s subject, venerable fashionista Iris Apfel, is presented with a department-store carrier bag emblazoned …

See The First “Selfie” In History Taken by Robert Cornelius, a Philadelphia Chemist, in 1839

On November 19, the Oxford Dictionaries announced that “selfie” had been deemed their Word of The Year. The term, whose first recorded use as an …

Historical Photography

A Harrowing Test Drive of Buckminster Fuller’s 1933 Dymaxion Car: Art That’s Scary to Ride the …

Buckminster Fuller

INTERVIEW: “An Interview with Garry Winogrand” (1981)

D: When you looked at those contact sheets, you noticed that something was going on. I’ve often wondered how a photographer who takes tens of …

Leica M Edition 60 – A Design Concept . . .

. . . There is a saying in the world of product design & marketing that is as old as those professions themselves – “There’s no such thing as bad …

Leica Cameras

Art of the Italian Two Wheel Photos


Abandoned Alternate Titles for Two Great Films: Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove and Hitchcock’s Vertigo

We have here a page out of Stanley Kubrick’s notebook, which Lists of Note—the sister site of Letters of Note, always a favorite of ours here at Open …

Leica T Hosoo limited edition set announced in Japan | Leica News & Rumors

Leica Camera Japan announced a new "Leica T Hosoo set". Only 15 limited edition sets will be produced - 8 in black and 7 in champagne gold. Hosoo is …


Compact White Cube House by YLAB Arquitectos - Design Milk

Located in the Vallvidrera neighborhood overlooking the city of Barcelona, the Vallvidrera House sits on a very small and sloped plot of land between …

House Design

Quentin Tarantino Supercuts Explore the Director’s Stylized Use of Sound, Close Ups & Cars in His Films

It’s not surprising perhaps that we are in a film nerd supercut golden age. After all, all film students have access to video editing software, …

Deep Focus: Ex Machina

Ex Machina is a high-IQ sci-fi film that connects viscerally and on every other level to audiences of all kinds. It’s exhilarating to see this movie …

Dandy Lion: (Re)Articulating Black Masculine Identity: An exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Photography explores the sartorial movement that goes beyond self-expression

by Chérmelle D. Edwards

For the past five years, Shantrelle P. Lewis has curated images created by contemporary photographers and filmmakers to document the articulation of the sartorial identity of the black male. This month—as a guest curator at Columbia College Chicago's Museum of Contemporary …


200 Ansel Adams Photographs Expose the Rigors of Life in Japanese Internment Camps During WW II

Images courtesy of the Library of Congress.

Actor George Takei was once best known as Star Trek’s Mr. Sulu. He still is, of course, but over the last …

Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams Reveals His Creative Process in 1958 Documentary

Today marks what would be the 111th birthday of Ansel Adams, the American photographer who captured the sublime power of the wilderness, taking …


The Soderbergh Variations: 2001, Recut

Menard (perhaps without wanting to) has enriched, by means of a new technique, the halting and rudimentary art of reading: this new technique is …


Jimi Hendrix Unplugged: Two Rare Recordings of Hendrix Playing Acoustic Guitar

As a young guitar player, perhaps no one inspired me as much as Jimi Hendrix, though I never dreamed I’d attain even a fraction of his skill. But …

Audio Quality

Bodies and Super-Bodies: The Hallucinatory Physicality of Cult Cinema

Elizabeth Berkley in the airbrushed world of Paul Verhoeven's Showgirls

From one point of view, the word “cult” connotes the simply oppositional. From …

The Leica camera evolution in one animated GIF | Leica News & Rumors

The guys behind eBay Deals created this animated GIF that shows the design evolution of Leica rangefinder cameras over the years.


Interview: Laura Citarella & Verónica Llinás

The story in Dog Lady is straightforward: on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, a woman lives with 10 dogs in relative isolation. We watch her survive …


Kaiju Shakedown: Kuei Chih-hung

Virgins of the Seven Seas

“Put frankly, Kuei was not a big-time director in the Shaw stable,” said screenwriter Szeto On in an interview about Kuei …

Godfrey Cheshire's "Death of Film/Decay of Cinema" Essay

The following piece was originally published on in July of 2014 with a forward by Matt Zoller Seitz. It is being reposted in

Milan Design Week: COS + Snarkitecture: The two organizations teamed up for a simple but dreamy installation at Salone del Mobile

NYC-based design firm Snarkitecture and Swedish clothing retailer COS collaborated on a striking project for Salone del Mobile at this year's Milan Design Week. The installation—made up of thousands of white, individually cut ribbons—allows for exploration of a cavernous space, but the material …


First Person Singular

By Chris Darke in Archive Highlight


Agnès Varda’s parallel career as a short-film essayist

The Gleaners & I

Deep within the bohemian labyrinth of …


Digital Anthology: Rainer Werner Fassbinder

This digital anthology collects 35 years of analysis of Fassbinder's films and profiles of his closest collaborators.

From a November/December 1975 …

Photochromia: Sunlight-Sensitive Apparel: Print All Over Me and wearable tech studio The Crated collaborate for futuristic T-shirts and backpacks that react to UV rays

At the moment, companies seem eager to keep wearable technology constrained to a simple accessory around the wrist, but NYC-based wearable tech research studio The Crated, along with digital printing platform Print All Over Me (POAM), have grand plans for smart textiles. The two collaborated on an …

Wearable Tech

Haut Vol

Zaha Hadid’s 3D Printed Flame Heels Among 5 Designs to Re-Invent the Shoe

Zaha Hadid, Fernando Romero, and Ben Van Berkel are making headlines alongside two renowned artists for their 3D printed reinventions of the high …

Zaha Hadid

Art of the Real: Edgardo Cozarinsky

One of Edgardo Cozarinsky’s short stories pivots on a sentence that exemplifies the delicate tone—tender, sympathetic, gently ironic, a little …