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Watch 7 New Video Essays on Wes Anderson’s Films: Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums & More

We Wes Anderson-watchers have only just begun eagerly anticipating the The Grand Budapest Hotel, the director’s next live-action film staring Ralph …


Review: An Unmarried Woman

By Roger Ebert

Balls, said the Queen—
If I had ’em I’d be King.

The line comes at the end of a long and unhappy passage: Jill Clayburgh, staring at …

Interview: Patrick Wang

A few years ago, Patrick Wang made one of the most promising indie debuts in a while with the audacious domestic drama In the Family. His follow-up, …


Interview: Matías Piñeiro

Matías Piñeiro’s ongoing series of idiosyncratic Shakespeare adaptations continues with The Princess of France, one of the shortest yet most slippery …


Interview: Piotr Szulkin

One of the most enigmatic and unclassifiable living Polish filmmakers, Piotr Szulkin appears to have bid farewell to cinema, for good. The zenith of …


Review: Love & Mercy

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By Nick Pinkerton on May 29, 2015

A hall of fame with a difference: never mind the stars, what about the tertiary players, background …

Film of the Week: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Ciné-snobs, enjoy Me and Earl and the Dying Girl while you can, because it will soon become one of those films that you roll your eyes at the mention …


Film of the Week: Eden

“Living at night isn’t helping my complexion,” lamented Pere Ubu back in 1976. But whatever other ill effects the life nocturnal might have on the …


Deep Focus: Manglehorn


When an actor in his early prime rights himself from a tailspin, tastemakers are quick to embrace him as a comeback kid and then “brand” …

Al Pacino

Film of the Week: The Princess of France

The English word “rehearsal” doesn’t have the same ambivalent connotations as the French répétition. In English, you hone a dramatic text to work …

Everything I Know: 42 Hours of Buckminster Fuller’s Visionary Lectures Free Online (1975)

Think of the name Buckminster Fuller, and you may think of a few oddities of mid-twentieth-century design for living: the Dymaxion House, the …

Buckminster Fuller

Watch the First Russian Science Fiction Film, Aelita: Queen of Mars (1924)

Despite the Soviet Union’s suppression of a great many writers and filmmakers, the communist state nonetheless produced some of the finest film and …

Science Fiction

Inside Dr. Strangelove: Documentary Reveals How a Cold War Story Became a Kubrick Classic

Stanley Kubrick directed Dr. Strangelove: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, but viewers only familiar with his more overtly lavish …

Cold War

American Perspectives: From Classic to Contemporary

The opening of the exhibition American Perspectives: From Classic to Contemporary presents the hand-drawn worlds of prominent American architects and …


Vegan House / Block Architects

Architects: Block Architects
Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Architect In Charge: Duc Hoa Dang
Area: 60.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Quang Tran

Vegan Recipes

Nieto Sobejano Wins Competition to Design New Guangzhou Science Museum

Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos has been selected over MAD Architects, Steven Holl, Grimshaw and many others to design the Guangzhou Science …


A Leica M3 for the 21st century

I was recently “gifted” a Leica M3 camera. Yeah, I still can’t believe it. I’ve run a few rolls through the camera and it’s been totally amazing.So I …


Noam Chomsky Talks About How Kids Acquire Language & Ideas in an Animated Video by Michel Gondry

These days Noam Chomsky is probably most famous for his consistent, outspoken criticism of U.S. foreign policy. Yet before the War on Terror and the …

The Entirety of Jean-Luc Godard’s Breathless Artfully Compressed Into a 3 Minute Film

//érard Courant is a French filmmaker, who, at least until 2011, held the distinction of directing the longest …


Watch Samurai 7, an Anime Adaptation of Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai

// Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai (1954) might be over three hours long but you never feel bored. The action scenes …

Metropolis II: Discover the Amazing, Fritz Lang-Inspired Kinetic Sculpture by Chris Burden

Recently deceased artist Chris Burden had a long history of working with automobiles in his art. In his early days he crucified himself to the top of …


Kaiju Shakedown: Kim Jee-­Woon

The Quiet FamilyThis week heralds the Blu-ray release of Arrow Video’s fully loaded edition of Takashi Miike’s murderous musical from 2002, Happiness


Interview: Laurent Bécue-Renard

Politicians may debate about ending this or that war, but for the veterans grappling with PTSD in Laurent Bécue-Renard’s Of Men and War, no such …

International Relations

Andre D. Wagner’s street photography | Leica News & Rumors

This video features Andre D. Wagner’s street photography from Brooklyn, NY:

For more info check Andre's website and also this video we published last …

Fashion Photography

Paper Collective Prints and Posters

Denmark has long had a reputation for good design; the country has created beautiful, functional furniture and homeware for decades. New Danish webshop Paper Collective, founded in 2013, proves that it also has a number of contemporary graphic designers and artists worthy of attention. The company …


End of the World 1977 [Mystery | Sci-Fi | Thriller] Full Movie

Crime Drama

Werner Herzog Picks His 5 Top Films

If one can characterize Stanley Kubrick by his complete control over the medium and his dogged insistence on staying within 30 miles of his house …


New Leica Q (Type 116) - Reviews, Sample Images and Videos

After the announcement of the new Leica Q (Type 116), varied reports, reviews and sample images were published on the internet. We have compiled a …

Leica Cameras