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It’s Bound to End in Tears

In the films of Richard Lester, romance may fail but doomsday holds out some hope

Kaiju Shakedown: Assassination

Patriotic …


Deep Focus: The Second Mother

The Second Mother may remind American moviegoers of the inspired exchange in Wild when Cheryl Strayed tells her self-sacrificing mom, “It must be …

Beverly Hills

Film of the Week: Queen of Earth

Queen of Earth is a mysterious film—and one that comes as something of a shock. If you saw Alex Ross Perry’s last feature, the brittle and somewhat …


Interview: Danny Glover

It’s a pattern familiar to any observer of the movie business: a filmmaker does a big-budget Hollywood movie for the money, then does a …


25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin - Design Milk

Photo courtesy of 25hours

Located right in the heart of Berlin’s City West district within the Bikini-Haus building, the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin …


5 Digital Cameras Redefining Photography - Design Milk

The writing on the wall is digital cameras are falling by the wayside in the era of smartphones fitted with increasingly capable cameras. Though the …


The Groundbreaking Silhouette Animations of Lotte Reiniger: Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, and More

You can’t talk about the origin of the modern animated film without talking about the work of Lotte Reiniger (1899-1981), the German creator of some …


Why we love these relics

When Keith South presses the trigger on his folding roll film camera from 1927, he’s reconnecting with family history. The modest German import, of uncertain make, would sell for a paltry sum, but to the 51-year-old database manager it’s a priceless portal to the past.

“It’s my grandfather’s camera. …


Alma Haser’s “Cosmic Surgery” Pop-Up Book: The photo-based artist's altered portrait series comes to 3D book form, origami included

German born, UK-based artist Alma Haser’s popular, mind-bending project “Cosmic Surgery” consists of portraits that have been enhanced—and made considerably stranger—by the addition of origami shapes. Haser initially made the origami masks to use for self-portraits, attaching them to her face with …


Pedras Salgadas Spa & Nature Resort, Portugal

by Ross Belfer

As much as one can plan ahead, living in the moment is certainly a fulfilling way to travel. After several days spent in Portugal's bustling second city of Porto, we felt in need of a tranquil getaway wherein a calming atmosphere and verdant landscapes take precedent over late-night …


Airline Visual Identity 1945-1975: Matthias C Hühne's tome is a comprehensive collection of mid-century airline advertising

In his new book, "Airline Visual Identity 1945-1975," Matthias C. Hühne captures the grandeur of travel in an era when passengers dressed up for their journeys. The large-format book features airplanes, world destinations, animals, flags and events through gorgeous photography, illustration and …


Kinfolk Brooklyn's 'I Know You Know' Exhibition: A group art show contrasting ambiguity and identity

There are countless ways to propose a dialogue on the vast notion of identity. With "I Know You Know," a new group art exhibition at Brooklyn's Kinfolk, ambiguity stands as the entry point for discussion. Characters are referenced, and even investigated, but interpretation is left solely to the …

New York City

Film of the Week: The Great Man

I wonder if Hollywood casting agents ever confuse Jeremy Renner and Jérémie Renier? It’s an easy mistake to make: they both have short hair, square …


Interview: John Magary

An unspoken rule of surviving in New York is the necessity of making the most of opportunities, no matter the infelicitous (or moochy) circumstances. …


Locarno Interview: Sergio Oksman and Carlos Muguiro

Brazil-born, Spain-based Sergio Oksman isn’t new on the filmmaking scene—IMDb places his first directorial credit in 1996—but he was new to me when I …

São Paulo

Take a 360° Virtual Tour of Taliesin, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Personal Home & Studio

You can learn a lot about an architect from looking at the buildings they designed, and you can learn even more by looking at the buildings they …

Frank Lloyd Wright

Leica M-P Edition Safari impressions

Posted: August 29th, 2015 ˑ Filled under: Leica, reviews ˑ No Comments

Well I’ve had the Safari available to me for a couple of weeks and although I …


3D Printed Eames Lounge Chair by Kevin Spencer - Design Milk

Oh 3D printing, your wonders never cease to amaze! The things that those printers can do (like make Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures album cover come …



American manufacturer Confederate Motorcycles have recently formalized the release of their new monstrous streetfighter, the G2 P51 Combat Fighter. …

Confederate States of America


You can now turn your iPhone into a crappy 1985 Camcorder with this new cool app! Get that nostalgic feeling of picking up a bulky VHS Camcorder from …



VDBMOTO have rolled out of their Brooklyn based garage another straightforward beautiful build, a Harley Davidson 99? Sportster 1200 that has been …

Harley Davidson

A-ha’s “Take On Me” Performed by North Korean Kids with Accordions

This week, 1,000 North Koreans witnessed the first live performance by a Western pop act on its soil. And it was perhaps a bit anti-climatic.The East …


Interview: Tom Shoval

Taking place in an Israeli suburban town, Tom Shoval’s debut feature juxtaposes a family melodrama with a psychological thriller haunted by the …

Wonders to Behold

By Kent Jones in the July/August 2015 Issue

Agape… astonishment… awe… when the lights came up after the first press screening of Hou Hsiao-hsien’s The

Locarno Interview: Otar Iosseliani Chant D'Hiver

While the France-based Georgian director Otar Iosseliani has somewhat passed out of fashion in the Euro fest circuit, he’s never even had his moment …


Make It Real: The Cinema of Transition

The Iron Ministry

An attendant pushes a cart down the narrow aisle of the train. He sells some packaged snacks and soft drinks as he goes, but mostly …


Link About It: A Power Plant that Puffs Smoke Rings

In addition to having both a ski slope and a rock-climbing wall on its exterior, Copenhagen’s future Amager Resource Center—designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)—plans to include a smoke stack that will emit massive steam rings into the sky. The steam rings will signify each time the super-clean …


Watch the First Russian Science Fiction Film, Aelita: Queen of Mars (1924)

Despite the Soviet Union’s suppression of a great many writers and filmmakers, the communist state nonetheless produced some of the finest film and …

Science Fiction


The latest masterpiece to roll out of John Ryland´s Classified Moto, is this stunning cafe racer based on a Honda CB750. Classified Moto has …