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Hackers emptied Ethereum wallets by breaking the basic infrastructure of the internet

At midnight ET last night, MyEtherWallet users started noticing something odd. Connecting to the service, users were faced with an unsigned SSL certificate, a broken link in the site’s verification. It was unusual, but it’s the kind of thing web users routinely click through without thinking.<p>But …

Information Security

Driver Expertly Navigates a Gorgeous But Perilous Nepalese Road That Runs Through a Waterfall

A skilled driver with a truck full of passengers expertly navigated the famous Besisahar-Chamé Road in the Manang District of Nepal. This road, which …

Autonomous Cars

15 Latest and Best Loading Animations to Make User Enjoy Waiting

Nowadays, since internet speed has been highly improved, people can smoothly open a website/app within seconds and get their desired information …

UI Design

Managing macOS, without macOS (almost)


Munki Mistakes Made Right



Post Munki Install Simple Deployment Script<p>The goal of this script is to deploy a basic munki repo in a simple script based on a set of common …


Intuitive & Powerful Apple MDM

The Premier Apple Device Manager<p>SimpleMDM provides advanced functionality previously reserved for convoluted enterprise suites. Take advantage of our …


Smugmug Acquires Flickr

Nikon SB-5000

Radio Slave, GN 34m/118' (ISO 100/35mm)<p><b>Nikon SB-5000</b> (18.5 oz./526g with 4-AA eneloop, rated GN 34m/113' (measured GN 90'/27m) at ISO 100 at 35mm, …

MacBook Pro


<b>LE CUMIN :</b><p>Originaire du Proche Orient, le cumin est une plante de la famille des ombellifères aujourd’hui rebaptisées Apiacées.<br>Le cumin est connu …


How to Dream Better, a Guide to Lucid Dreaming

By the time you are 75 years old, you will have spent an average of 22 years of your life asleep. The current life-span of an average American is 78 …


Tickle on Flipboard

By koppenhoefer | An unfiled clutter of places/pages I wanna read now but can't (so maybe later); more a fav'wannaBe than fav list.<p><b>PARTNER …

<b>PARTNER CONNECTION</b><p>SUMMARY<p>- Partner connection is the heart of tango. It is probably the biggest source of enjoyment in this dance. Good partner …


This amateur mathematician just made an enormous “lucky” breakthrough in solving the 60-year-old Hadwiger-Nelson problem

The breakthrough is the first time the problem’s answer has been narrowed down since last century<p>Some of the greatest mathematical minds have been …


Bug in Apple Mail causes accounts to lose outgoing mail server information

<i>This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more info.</i><p>A bug in Apple Mail causes affected mail accounts to lose the outgoing …


Contrôler ses rêves pour être plus performant


The best Apple Pencil apps that aren’t for drawing

You have a new iPad, and you have a new Apple Pencil. Time to learn how to draw, right? Not necessarily. Just like a regular pen or pencil, there are ton of other things you can do with an Apple Pencil. You can write, of course, but you can also play games, compose musical scores, do coloring in …

Frequent-flyer Programs

7 things I do outside work that double my productivity

So you’ve put aside 60 minutes to do something meaningful. Now the next question is: What are you going to do?<p>4. Pick a hobby<p>Having a passion is …


Turning Off Smartphone Notifications Isn't The Best Method to Fight Stress, Study Shows

Here's what you should do instead.<p>After you feel a buzz in your pocket or see a flash on your phone, your attention is already fractured.<p>You could …

Mike Pence

A Dutch 'boy genius' said he could get the ocean to clean itself. Turns out, he's right.

<b>In 2012 — when he was just 18 — Dutch inventor and entrepreneur Boyan Slat gave his first TEDx Talk about cleaning up the ocean .</b><p>In his talk, he laid …


Hackers exploit casino's smart thermometer to steal database info

Having a whole bunch of smart objects like lights, appliances, and thermometers can make life a little more convenient for businesses, but buying …

Internet of Things

¡Aprende cómo pueden adornar el ocho cortado las mujeres!

¿Cuál es la figura más popular en el tango argentino?<p>No sé si es el <b>ocho cortado</b>, pero con razón preguntamos que ¿las mujeres pueden adornar en este …

The Three Faces of Tango

The How and Why of Enterprise Mac Management

By Greg Keller<p>In Blog, Mac Management<p>What is the magic word for managing Macs in the enterprise?<p>For a long time, it was, “don’t.”<p>For decades, the …

Project Management

Having issues with ADFS prompting for auth more than once on macos. Anyone else or does anyone have a configuration that works with macs?

Toronto Stock Exchange

Mac Management

Macs® have become a popular enterprise system alternative in recent years. Whether that be from BYOD policies, ease of use, or any other reason – the …

Project Management

Enterprise Mac Endpoint Management in the Cloud

By Jon Griffin<p>In Blog, Mac Management<p>It is still a little amazing to think about how prevalent Macs® have become in IT organizations. In just a few …