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How a Gilded Age Heiress Became the ‘Mother of Forensic Science’

Tested Makes a Star Wars Battlefront II Messenger Droid Costume

Void Rug Creates the Illusion of a Gaping Black Hole

New Mural from artist RUN In London, UK

Positions of the Unknown – Tracking 52 secret satellites in Earth’s orbit #ArtTuesday

October 24, 2017 AT 12:00 am<p>Positions of the Unknown – Tracking 52 secret satellites in Earth’s orbit #ArtTuesday

50V – 10A Bidirectional DC Motor Driver Using A3941

This tiny board designed to drive bidirectional DC brushed motor of large current. DC supply is up to 50V DC. A3941 gate driver IC and 4X N Channel …


MakerBot Really Wants You To Like Them Again

For the last couple years, a MakerBot press release has generally signaled that more pink slips were going to be heading out to the already …

3D Printing

Tinning Solution From the Hardware Store

Making your own printed circuit board at home often leads to a board which <i>looks</i> homemade. Exposed copper is one of the tell-tale signs. That may be …


Telit and Wind River Team up for IIoT Effort

Telit has announced it is collaborating with Wind River, an Intel company, to accelerate Industrial IoT (IIoT) adoption. Through this relationship, …

Wind River

PC/104-Plus SBC runs Linux on a Vortex86DX3

WinSystems has launched a rugged “PPM-C412” PC/104-Plus SBC with a dual-core Vortex86DX3, dual LAN ports, and -40 to 85°C and dual display support. …

Raspberry Pi

Synaptics Introduces VideoSmart BG5CT 4K HDR Multimedia Video Processor for Set-Top Boxes

Home > Android, Marvell Armada > Synaptics Introduces VideoSmart BG5CT 4K HDR Multimedia Video Processor for Set-Top Boxes<p>Leave a comment Go to …


Review - Black Marker - Dhakajack

In this browser-based game, the player assumes the role of a government worker tasked with censoring sensitive information in a series of documents. …

Board Games

Review - Swigian - Dhakajack

It is ironic that the “verbose” command even works in this game of few words.<p>In the Epic Age, heroes didn’t ramble on, they just did stuff.<p>In this …


Electronic Engineering Times | Connecting the Global Electronics Community

BinaryJudy on October 2017 Cartoon Caption Contest: "Oh, what a tangled web..."<p>TFCSD on October 2017 Cartoon Caption Contest: "Oh, what a tangled …


Building Fleet, part 14

Here comes the 14th and final part of a mini series in which I paint the water line, add minor bits and pieces and put it in the water.


How Mario Got His Mustache (and His Name!) #Gaming

The 200-ton Building-Sized Electronic Instrument from 1987 #MusicMonday

IoT Projects Is Now Easier With Bolt IoT Platform - Electronics-Lab

Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most important technologies these days. It became an essential component of many hardware projects core. And …

Machine Learning

Hazardous Dollhouse Teaches Fire Safety

Fire safety is drilled into us from a young age. And for good reason, too, because fire hazards are everywhere in the average home. Even a small fire …

Fire Safety

Using an Arduino to Re-Create a Computer’s Keyboard Decoder

[Max Breedon] found an old Apple IIe clone twenty years ago. He recently dug this Epson AP-200 out of the salvage heap and quickly discovered that …


CHUWI LapBook 14.1 Laptop Manufacturing Changes – Hardware at Launch vs Several Months Later


I’ll take that Falcon with a splash of bricks #SciFiSunday

Inside Two-Factor Authentication Apps

October 22, 2017 AT 6:00 am<p>Inside Two-Factor Authentication …

Historical Engineers: George Westinghouse and the AC Power Grid

Learn about the man who helped Nikola Tesla propel the adoption of the AC electrical grid in the United States.


Chemotransfer for DIY PCBs

Making PCBs with the toner transfer method has been around since you could buy your traces at Radio Shack. There are a million techniques for …


Review – A Walk In The Park

A walk In The Park has a very schizophrenic feel to it — parts of the game are implemented in impressive depth, but the playing area feels …

Game Development

Review – One Way Out

The blurb hints that this will be a conceptually interesting piece, and indeed, I have to give the author credit for unusual format. When I went to …


What is a Super Volcano? #SaturdayMorningCartoons