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Affordable DIY Virtual Reality Backpack!

WTF Is... - Civilization 6 ?

Beholder – Beta Demo (Steam)

<i>Beholder</i> is a very cool blend of building management sim, stealth, spying and <i>Papers, Please</i>-esque moral dilemmas, with you playing a building …


Titanfall 2 Review Roundup

Check out what the critics make of Respawn's new shooter, which introduces a single-player campaign to the series.<p>Just days after the release of Battlefield 1, another big first-person shooter from EA, Titanfall 2, makes its debut later this week. The first reviews hit the web today, and we've …


Watch Dogs 2 successfully ditches Ubisoft's towers for a fresh, fun open world

It's no secret that Watch Dogs 2 is a departure from its predecessor. It's been obvious for a while, just from glancing at trailers, that this sequel …


Puzzle title Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon crawls onto PS4 & PS Vita tomorrow

Did you know this Halloween there will be no moon in the sky? It’s been 19 years since the last time All Hallows’ Eve fell on a New Moon. What could …


9 amusing ways Watch Dogs 2 makes fun of the real world

The more we lie, the easier it is for our brains to be increasingly more deceitful

Brain scans showed the amygdala responds when we lie, but that this response lessens the more we lie<p>There is no such thing as a harmless lie. One self-serving lie leads to another, and the lies get bigger and bigger. This could be blamed on a reduction in guilt, or some other emotionally linked …

The Brain

The Best Seat In the Cinema, According to the Engineers Who Set Them Up

If you’re going to pay for a trip to the cinema, you may as well get the best seat you can. So, where is that seat? According to the way most cinemas …

How to Post-Process Photos in the Right Order for the Best Possible Image

There are two kinds of workflows in photographic post-production: one that's quick and dirty, for pictures on a deadline, and one to produce the best …


Life's autumn

Titanfall 2 Review

What Would A Parallel Universe Even Be Like?

BEST BATTLEFIELD 1 SQUAD "YOLO Squad on Battlefield 1" #83

How to take a screenshot on the Google Pixel

How do I take a screenshot on the Google Pixel?<p>The Google Pixel runs Android 7.1, which is pretty special. There are a whole bunch of new features, …


Systems on a Chip (SOCs) as Fast As Possible

Let's play Red Dead Redemption - Back to the Party

Doom Designer on Video Game Violence and Culture

"It's not the game, it's the gun."<p>Video game violence and what effect it could have on culture has been a much-discussed and controversial topic for years. Now, the designer of Doom, one of the games that constantly gets brought up when discussing video game violence, has weighed in.<p>During his …


Sony unveils its £1,000 point-and-shoot RX100 V camera

The formidable shooter captures 24 RAW images per second<p>Most people are intimidated by large-body cameras, and even if they have one, the temptation to keep it locked on “auto” is strong. This is why Sony’s point-and-shoot RX series is so attractive.<p>The even better news is that the brand has just …




Rain on the roofs

Kathryn - Natural Light


Battlefield 1 outsells combined week one of Battlefield 4 and Hardline

Battlefield 1 is off to a strong sales start: in the UK it outsold the combined week one sales of Battlefield 4 and Hardline.<p>According to …


martin strauss photography kyra


Google Phone Showdown: Nexus 6P vs. Pixel XL

Google’s new Pixel phones are here to replace the Nexus line. Normally, we wouldn’t pit new phones against old ones but if you’re shopping now, or …


Me, myself, and Android

Hi, I'm Florence. You're welcome to call me Flo.<p>I've been at Android Central since September and though I haven't written much since I've started …


The Ultimate Flank - Battlefield 1

Red Dead Redemption 2 MUST Come To PC

Battlefield 1 Review

Rage Cop: TIME MACHINE | GTA V Gameplay