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The 21 Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in America

Credit: Mana Food Bar<p>Here at Thrillist, life is a whirlwind of delicious burgers and bacon-wrapped everything. So being the lone pescatarian on the national food and drink team, I thought it was time to switch it up and cover places that serve bean & spicy mayo sliders and coconut bacon-crusted …

12 Grilled Salad Recipes Featuring Corn, Tomatoes, Zucchini, and More

Grill, meet veg. Veg, meet grill. We think you guys are gonna get along<p><b>Why should meat and fish get all the live-fire love?</b> See what a touch of smoke can do to electric summer produce like sweet peppers, squeaky-fresh leeks, and just-picked corn. Welcome to grilled salad season.


A stormy afternoon in Rome makes for a standout photo by Bao-Loc-Yvan Tran. See more submissions to the 2014 Traveler Photo Contest, and cast your vote for the Viewer's Choice: http://on.natgeo.com/Va7ane #TPC2014

6 Ways to Create Your Signature Potato Salad

Here are six ideas for crafting your way to a great potato salad.<p>Potato salad–making can be competitive business. Here are six ideas for crafting …

A pilot explains why it’s time to get over your fear of turbulence

Turbulence: spiller of coffee, jostler of luggage, filler of barf bags, rattler of nerves. But is it a crasher of planes? Judging by the reactions of many airline passengers, one would assume so; turbulence is far and away the number one concern of anxious passengers. Intuitively, this makes sense. …


20 Gluten-Free Summer Mains

Avoiding gluten has never been easier<p>Awareness of the gluten-free diet has risen significantly lately. Avoiding gluten can be difficult, but with our …

8 Super-Tasty Meatless Burgers for Memorial Day

Mushrooms, grains and lentils are just a few ingredients that can serve as the base for a great meatless burger patty. Here, eight excellent veggie …

11 Over-the-Top Las Vegas Burgers You Must Eat

In Las Vegas, America's capital of glitz, these 11 burgers are flashy, flavorful, and totally over-the-top<p>Whether it gets the credit or not, Las Vegas has led America in the fussy-fancy burger trend, dating back to Michelin-starred chef <b>Hubert Keller</b>'s Burger Bar in 2004, if not earlier. With the …

Wynn Resorts

20 Places Where Dinosaurs Still Roam The Earth

In science class, you probably learned that dinosaurs are extinct.<p>We've got a few places that might make you think twice.<p><b>1. This garden off the highway in Oregon</b><p>Twenty three dinos just, like, pop out of the foliage to devour you.<p><b>2. Universal Studios Singapore</b><p><b>3. This truck stop in California</b><p>The …

5 of the World's Craziest Toilet-themed Restaurants

Credit: Flickr User Rinux<p>Whether you've got a Freudian fixation, an affinity for potty humor, or just enjoy eating Chinese food out of a bidet, here are five restaurants where the theme is lav-chic, the dress code's pants-down, and the chairs are -- you guessed it -- old toilets. Ummm... bon …

The Trick To Heavy Drinking Without Getting Drunk

No matter how much we might suffer the morning after, not many of us can resist a late night with friends and booze. You've probably woken up from one or two of these soirees swearing off alcohol (in all its forms) for life, only to find yourself meeting a couple of friends at the bar just a few …

Picky Eaters Are Made, Not Born

Travel anywhere in the world from Vietnam to France and you will see children happily eating vegetables, liver, even crickets.<p>Only in America do we produce children who only eat buttered noodles and chicken fingers. Only in America do we have children who won't touch vegetables.<p>Why?<p>Who is creating …

25 Passover Mains With No Meat

"Yes, Bubbe, chicken counts as meat."


Bibimbap With Crispy Tofu and Quinoa: A Fresh Take on a Korean Classic

Shine up your dancin' shoes because this vegetarian Bibimbap has a beat, and we're swingin'.<p>A steamy bowl of super-food studded, toasty-roasty sesame oil scented, and hot-mamma chili-bean pasted Korean goodness, bibimbap is also my new favorite word to say out loud. <i>Bi-bim-bap!</i> Try it. No, seriously …

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Why you shouldn’t work 9-5

IT’S 7PM ON A MONDAY NIGHT. You have everything open from Facebook to TechCrunch on your browser tabs, except for the work you actually need to get …

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24 Delicious Ways To Eat Quinoa For Breakfast

Start your day with a Super Food and watch what happens.


Beautiful Bedroom That Sizzles by Eduardo Arruga

Have a look at the sizzling details showcased by this beautiful bedroom! Envisioned by Barcelona interior designer Eduardo Arruga, this alluring …

29 Heavenly Treats For Mint Chocolate Chip Lovers

Please have my headstone engraved, "Ate Mint Chocolate Chip Pancakes."


29 Gluten-Free Ways To Satisfy A Carb Craving

Who needs gluten when you can have Nutella bread?


24 Clever Kitchen Gifts For Your Favorite Twentysomething

You're not living in the real world until you own a bicycle-shaped pizza cutter.


A Visual Guide To Perfectly Beaten Egg Whites (GIFs)

Beating egg whites is one of those tasks that it is incredibly easy, so long as you set yourself up correctly. If you don't follow a few essential guidelines, however, you'll never achieve the intended outcome. While that may sound intimidating and deter you from ever attempting a soufflé for as …

17 Power Snacks For Studying

Snack smart and study hard. That exam will be a piece of cake.

Healthy Eating

26 Boozy Desserts To Get You Tipsy On St. Patrick's Day

Get lucky with one of these sweet treats on March 17.

Best Spring Trips 2014

Vibrant spring blooms in the northern hemisphere and dazzling autumn displays in the southern make this the perfect season to get outside and walk, hike, or take a scenic drive. Use our editors' list of 10 best spring trip destinations as the launching pad for an active—and colorful—spring getaway. …

Boston Marathon

19 Tiny Desserts You Can Eat In One Bite

Put in mouth. Die and go to heaven. Return. Repeat.


3 Secrets to Moist Gluten-Free Baking

Nobody likes a dry muffin, right?<p>It gets oh-so-tricky to make amazingly delicious and moist baked goods when you choose to kick it whole and healthy by ditching the butter, sugar, eggs and white flour -- all the things that typically make muffins awesome.<p>I have been gluten-free for 10 years now, …

29 Delicious Asian-Inspired Soups

As we enter month four of this never-ending winter, it's time to spice up your soup game.

Slow Cookers