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11 Added | 1 Magazine | @knbrammer1 | What Happens? "Life" Happens. As a normal, happy cheerful individual, life has taken its toll on me. So after several years of a downward-spiral of cascading events leading into a monotone depression where having to open my eyes in the morning to start a new day is absolutely unbearable. I have chosen to stop being passive and begin taking charge of this life. As driven-goal oriented, strong willed, self employed, struggling, single mom/AKA self help guru. I would like to help others learn through my research findings (how to increase there own prophesies of life no matter what aspect it may be in (mind, wealth, or wealth). I believe its a small step into making this world a more positive place. My idea behind this is to simply provide a broad but absolute simple factual"self-help" resource which in turn hopefully gains helpful insight for others. Even if it is only one person, that is still....... at least one person profitting useful knowledge for a better future in at least one aspect of their life. P

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Should I Invest in Precious Metals?

Dear Two Cents,<br>I've heard people talk about investing in precious metals. Is investing in gold and silver a good idea? If so, how do I get …

How Google Glass Works

The Google Glass phenomenon has gotten a ton of coverage from the tech press, but how does it work? Creator Martin Missfeldt explains the inner …

Google Glass

Grip&Shoot, A One-Handed Camera Grip For The iPhone

I find anything that promises one-handed operation of your iDevices suspicious, but then I have a dirty mind. The Grip&Shoot – seen by Buster last week and Macworld – is one such gadget, and it adds a trigger grip to the iPhone to make shooting videos and photos way easier.<p>The Grip&Shoot connects …


Swedish-Designed Pocket Earbuds Look Amazing

Degauss Labs’ new Pocket earbuds cost $35, which puts them on the cusp of “quality possibility” (a term I just made up) – they might sound good, or they may just use the same crappy old internals of every other cheap earbud under $50.<p>But what this Swedish-designed gadget does have is style, and …


The iPhone 6 Has Been Rendered Based Upon Leaked Schematics, And It’s Beautiful [Gallery]

Based upon leaked schematics discovered by Macotakara of the forthcoming 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch variants of the iPhone 6, Nowherelse teamed up with concept designer extraordinaire Martin Hajek to create what may be the most plausible look at what Jony Ive’s next iPhone design would look like yet.<p>All …

Mobile Technology