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Animals kept in close proximity, like battery chickens, are at risk of infectious disease outbreaks that require antibiotic use.

RelatedArticlesModule - antibiotics<p><i>What do we know about the flow-on effects of antibiotic use in animals?</i><p>Consumption of antibiotics is not confined …


Swimmable waterways standard 'confusing' - scientist

The government's proposed standards to make waterways swimmable are too confusing to understand, says an experienced freshwater scientist.<p>People have …

University of Otago study finds human DNA clues in fish and chips staple

Could our Friday night fish and chips also be a missing piece to the puzzle of human DNA?The unusual looking elephant shark (Callorhinchus milii), …

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North Korea and nukes: What does it mean for New Zealand? - National

North Korea's sabre-rattling cut a bit closer to home in the weekend when the rogue state threatened Australia with a nuclear strike.<p>So does New …

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Russell Westbrook angrily defends Steven Adams and teammates after loss - Sport

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Mapping the link between biodiversity and wellbeing – NatureBuzz

<b>In this week’s Psychology Report I talked with Laurie Parma from the Department of Psychology at the University of Cambridge in England, about Nature</b> …


Infected with hookworms to help cure gluten allergies - National

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Scientific research the key to balancing productivity and environmental values

OPINION: Chances are you have read about it in your newspapers, in your online news feeds, heard about it on radio or television, or discussed it …


Will liberalising nicotine availability increase quitting?

<i>Prof Janet Hoek, Mei-Ling Blank, Prof Nick Wilson, Lindsay Robertson, Dr Louise Marsh</i><p><b>Do the New Zealand (NZ) Government’s proposed changes to</b> …


NZ scientists help find new undersea volcanoes - National

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Global day of protest against Donald Trump's science funding cutbacks - National

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Science is under attack

In our world of fake news and “alternative facts”, science is being attacked. Scientists have been shaken up by President Donald Trump and his team’s …

The flying car, nearly here?

A small German-based company, Lilium, has announced that they have successfully tested an electric “flying car”. A ducted fan mini-plane …


What do we want? Some actual, real, science-based facts might be nice

In a world of fakery, falsehoods, ignorance and downright deception, science decided to fight back, lead by New Zealanders

New Zealand earthquake gives unexpected benefit found by BBC Monitoring<p><b>It's difficult to find positives from a major natural disaster, but an earthquake in New Zealand last year appears to have saved one local authority millions of dollars in coastal defences.</b><p>The Kaikoura earthquake of November 2016 measured 7.8 on the Richter scale and …

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Buried lasers will sense Earth's spin and quakes doing the twist

The aluminum hatches are the only clue to what lies beneath. Buried amid the corn and wheat fields of Fürstenfeldbruck, a sleepy monastery village 20 …


New melanoma drug gets Medsafe registration for lung cancer

Keytruda is an immunotherapy drug used to treat advanced melanoma and, more recently, lung cancer.<p>A new drug which was recently funded for melanoma …


Why I won't be joining the science march tomorrow

<b>Across New Zealand tomorrow, scientists (and others) will join their peers around the world in a March for Science, calling for ‘science and</b> …

NZ scientists: why we march this Saturday - National

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Book review: Antibiotic Resistance – the end of modern medicine?

<b>A new book summarising the risks of antibiotic resistance by prominent Kiwi scientist Dr Siouxsie Wiles is an excellent overview of the issue, and</b> …


‘Brain fingerprinting’ has crime-solving potential for NZ

Forensic brainwave analysis – or ‘brain fingerprinting’ – could add a revolutionary new dimension to criminal investigations in New Zealand, a NZ Law …

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A distant look at Cyclone Cook

The Cyclone<p>Last Thursday (13th April) Cyclone Cook arrived. As a precaution, places in Auckland closed. Including Massey’s Albany campus at 11.00 am. …

Superbug death may herald ‘start of the post-antibiotic era’

<b>Infectious disease experts are “deeply alarmed” by the death of a US woman due to a bacterial infection resistant to all available …

In The News — Water fools?

<b>After a week of floods and heavy rainfall, fresh water is still in the headlines. Radio New Zealand is diving into the muddy waters in a series</b> …


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<b>Associate Health Minister Nicky Wagner has announced the sale of nicotine e-cigarettes and e-liquid will be legalised.</b> <br>Controls will include …

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Everything you wanted to know about... gravity - National

<b>It's all around us, but how much do we actually know about gravity? Prominent UK science writer and broadcaster Marcus Chown, who summarises the</b> …

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Nowhere to hide: Cops' new lie detector outs criminal thoughts

Kiwi research into a futuristic lie detector, which reads a person's brainwaves, could make it impossible for criminals to hide their thoughts from …

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Why Kiwis shouldn't fear shark attacks

New Zealanders shouldn't be scared of shark attacks says Malcom Francis, Principal Scientist for the National Institute of Water and Atmosphere …

Computer coding vital for all workers - ACG

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