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Buried undersea volcanoes could yield rich resources

Buried deep off New Zealand's coasts lie hundreds of volcanoes, which geologists believe could offer rich, untapped resources.These underwater giants …

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$1m NZ study to boost new cancer-killing treatment

New Kiwi-led research could help realise the powerful promise of a new type of cancer treatment.The million-dollar project centres on what are called …


Doug Edmeades: We live in a democracy that suits most people most of the time

Greenpeace, Exhibit B in Karl Popper's pantheon of anti-science activities.<p><b>OPINION:</b> It is a gloriously fine and warm spring day here in Hamilton. The …

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Past could be key to forecasting future quakes

When it comes to forecasting major quakes in New Zealand's future, the answers might lie hidden in our past.<p>Or more precisely, in our caves.<p>A team of …

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Bowel disease linked to lack of sun

Rates of debilitating inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease among South Island children are up to three times higher than their North …

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Kiwi scientists to make Star Trek gadget a reality

A handheld gadget used to scan for diseases in the sci-fi series Star Trek could soon become reality, with a new Kiwi study targeting our high rates …

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Computer decision-making 'a real risk' - experts

Government departments face potential legal pitfalls by using computer-based risk prediction models to profile and target clients, Otago University …

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Chinese-owned Ashburton dairy farm space programme under academic spotlight

A Chinese space research programme may pave the way for rocket launches like New Zealand's Rocket Lab.<p>The choice of an Ashburton farm for a Chinese …

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Tragedy spurs young researcher's air pollution fight

When his parents died, a young Egide Kalisa was told "normal diseases" were to blame.<p>He's since learned the truth: respiratory disease, fuelled by …


New Zealand’s health service performs well, but inequities remain high

<i>This article is part of our global series about health systems, examining different health care systems all over the world.</i><p>New Zealand’s health care …

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Polling, landlines and the age of everybody is an expert

<b>Polls can be wrong. But the Brexit polls had the race at 50/50 right before the election and that was a pretty good estimate of what happened.</b>The …


The once and future farmer

In our own cultural memory New Zealand used to have the best farming system in the world. No more, according to some.<p>Two recent articles about the …


We need more post-publication peer review

<b>We often tout peer review as the reason for accepting the veracity of published scientific studies? But how good is it really? Does it ever match the</b> …


Limiting warming to 1.5 °C, we can do it – scientists

<b>The global warming limit set at the 2015 Paris Climate Summit is still possible, say scientists, but we need to redouble our efforts if the Earth’s</b> …


Te Awaroa – Voice of the River

<i>Last week, Centre of Research Excellence Te Pūnaha Matatini</i> <i>hosted #WaiNZ, a national conversation providing New Zealanders with an opportunity to</i> …

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Splicing and dicing

<b>Gene editing has the potential to reshape us and our world forever.</b> <b>Bruce Munro talks to Otago-trained bioethicist Josephine Johnston about the role</b> …


Govt puts $12m towards lakes check-up

Scientists will examine the health of 380 New Zealand lakes in a new project granted $12 million in government funding.<p>The study to be carried out by …

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Christchurch surgeons practising surgery on 3D printouts

Surgeons at Christchurch Hospital are calling upon the help of a 3D printer to assist their preparation for surgery.<p>They say by printing models of a …


Seven projects advance Māori climate research

The largest Māori-led research effort into climate change is investigating impacts, responses and opportunities for iwi, hapū and whānau.

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Green kiwifruit at risk from climate change

The fruit will not be commercially viable in western Bay of Plenty by the end of the century because of climate change.

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Can sound make beer better? And other things Auckland Uni's investigating

Funding to the tune of $18.6 million will help researchers at the University of Auckland look into beer fermentation, detecting and dating …

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Award-winning device by Dylan measures concussion

With more and more rugby players suffering from concussion, Ormiston Senior College student Dylan Townsend wanted to do something about it.<p>For this …


Landcare Research links Wanaka snot and Seattle slime; wins $1 million study grant

Lake snot, lake snow, lake slime: anyway you say it, it's the same stuff and Landcare Research scientists have just won $1 million to do more …

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Q&A: What we don't know about sea-level rise

<i>The damage that climate change could bring to New Zealand's coastal communities has become a pre-election talking point, with a 284-page draft</i> …

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Formidable Phormidium lurking beneath | Te Pūnaha Matatini

One of my favourite rivers in the Canterbury region is the Ōpihi River. Its mauri, however, has been eroded and like many of our rivers, it is now a …

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Set The Controls For The Heart of Saturn

Ecotain plant offers solution for dairy nitrate leaching

Scientists may have found a way to reduce the chemical that's been blamed for the worst pollution of our waterways.<p>Dairy cows are a large source of …


Successful proposals | Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

MBIE received 408 applications for research funding. The successful proposals were selected by the Science Board, an independent statutory Board, …

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‘Slow slip' earthquakes explained

New research shows November's 7.8 magnitude Kaikōura earthquake sparked a series of unprecedented 'slow slip events' off the east coast of the North …

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