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Homeless Dog Tossed Into a Dirt Field Like Useless Trash Is Finally Learning She Deserves Better - One Green Planet

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC recently saved the life of a beautiful soul named Davina, a sweet dog who appears to be a Border Collie. Davina was found …

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Horse Wormer Frequently Asked Questions

How does a horse get worms?<p>Horses typically get worms when turned out with previously infected horses or when they are turned out in a contaminated …


Wichita homeless shelter to be first in area to accept pets

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) - Inter-Faith Ministries in Wichita says its homeless shelter will begin accepting people with pets by later summer or early …


The Limits of Content Marketing

PixabayAs you’ve no doubt guessed, I’m a huge fan of content marketing. But unless you’re a content marketing “fanboy” who’s blind to reality, you …


A Guide to Maintaining an Effective Marketing Strategy

ijmaki / Pixabay<p>Connecting with your consumers in a meaningful way, is key to long-term success.<p>Knowing what they want, how they want it, and when, …


Saved by the bottle: tiny donkey foal rejected by mother

Staff at the Donkey Sanctuary had to step in to save a tiny foal who was rejected by his mother.<p>Grooms have been bottle-feeding the colt, Ben K, …

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Horse found wandering in Alpharetta

ALPHARETTA, Ga. -- A horse -- yes, a horse -- was found wandering through an Alpharetta neighborhood on Friday night.<p>The horse was found wandering …


‘Never, ever give up’: rider overcomes cancer, broken back and missing finger

A para rider who has <b>overcome two spinal fractures, a missing finger and cancer to compete successfully in able-bodied as well as para showjumping</b> has …

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World Equestrian Games prize money: what is winning worth in Tryon?

The <b>World Equestrian Games</b> (WEG) takes place this autumn (11-23 September 2018) and will feature equestrian global superstars from across the …

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Help horses in need — by walking your dog

Equine charity Brooke is inviting people to turn their <b>daily dog walk into the chance to help vulnerable working horses and donkeys.</b><p>TV vet Dr Scott …

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Pest Control Solutions

Got Flies? We’ve Got Solutions!<p>Fly Season Starts Now!<p>Pests not only annoy and irritate horses, they could spread diseases and cause allergic …


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Equine Nutritional Supplements

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Western Riding Fashion

Western Riding

Spring Equestrian Apparel Essentials


Mud Management

Melting snow and spring rains can make for some muddy horses! Then there are the messy challenges, health risks, and trying to deal with it all.<p>At …


Essential Items For Horse Riding Camp

Days filled with fun rides, best friends, and life-long memories are what camps are made of! Take the right steps to stay safe, properly dressed, and …


Meghan Markle's Dog Rode With The Queen To The Wedding & Now I'm Jealous Of A Canine

There's nothing quite like a few puppy cuddles to ease your nerves before tying the knot. Clearly the new bride agrees. Meghan Markle's dog rode with …


Two Year Old Boy Comforts His Nervously Panting Bulldog During a Nasty Round of Thunderstorms

When a particularly scary block of thunderstorms hit the New York City metropolitan area on May 15, 2018, a two year old boy in the eastern Long …


Amazing dog recognizes long-lost brother while out on a walk

You may wonder what secret life your pet lead before coming to you, but for the owner of a Labradoodle named Louie, the past just got a little …


'Service Dog' Firm Accused of Selling Untrained Pups for $25K

The company claimed to be offering diabetic alert dogs.<p>RICHMOND, VA — Virginia's attorney general has filed a lawsuit against Service Dogs by Warren …


TODAY's puppy Sunny reunites with his mom for Mother's Day

TODAY's puppy with a purpose, Sunny, reunited with his mother, Muffin, for the first time since he was 6 weeks old in a cute moment ahead of Mother's Day.<p>Happy Mother's Day, Muffin!<p>The mother of TODAY's puppy with a purpose, Sunny, had a playful reunion with her son this week ahead of Mother's Day …

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What's your dog's zodiac personality?

Pugs are gentle companions. Yorkies make great watchdogs because they bark incessantly. German shepherds are known for their steadfast loyalty.<p>Each …


Two-headed fawn found in Minnesota forest shows rare wildlife deformity

A mushroom hunter's discovery of a conjoined white-tailed fawn in a Minnesota forest two years ago is being hailed by researchers as a landmark case among oddities in nature.<p>The fawns, which were stillborn, are believed to have been the first recorded case of a conjoined two-headed deer to have …

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Heartwarming photo shows dog rescued from euthanasia on his 'freedom ride'

CINCINNATI — Gregory the beagle was on the list to be euthanized at an Ohio animal shelter earlier this month. But then he got a whole new beginning.<p>Joe and Schenley Kirk of HOUND Rescue and Sanctuary in Findlay, Ohio, rescued Gregory from Franklin County Animal Shelter in Columbus, Ohio.<p>In a photo …


How Big of a Threat is Amazon’s New Private Label?

By Hannah Miller<p>Published: 05.08.2018<p>At first glance, <b>Amazon’s launch of Wag</b>—its private-label pet food brand—might seem like another blow to …


Now you can buy clothes or make reservations without ever leaving Instagram

The time and energy gap between seeing something, desiring it, and actually buying it, is shrinking to almost nothing.<p>Instagram users have reported …

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Top 10 Resources For Your eCommerce Website

Maintaining a successful eCommerce business requires knowledge, experimentation, and hard work. To aid you in doing so, we’ve compiled a directory of …


The West Agile Labs Guide to E-Commerce: 9 Must-Haves for Increasing Conversions

When building an online store, there are certain basic rules of internet hygiene that should be followed to help you achieve a higher ranking in …