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Science Says This Is the Simplest Way to Remember More of What You Read

Hit pause. Reflect on the content. Excel. Repeat.<p>Whether it's Facebook content, Bill Gates' favorite book or the latest critical business report, most of us enjoy reading or have to do quite a bit of it through the day. But in the rush to do everything in less time, you might be missing a crazily …


10 Best Ways to Handle Stress Under Pressure | Inc.com

Do you ever feel like you're hanging on by a thread? Yes, as an entrepreneur you can take a lot at one time, and yet, at some point, well, isn't enough enough?<p>When you feel the pressure mount you need to pick one, that's right, just one of the strategies from the following list so you can practice …


You Don't Need a Leadership Guru: 7 Lessons We Can Learn From Kids

Kids role model these leadership behaviors everyday<p>1. <b>Don't be afraid to take risks</b>. Children are the best example of trying new things. Whether it's crawling, learning to walk, or even getting thrown into a swimming pool. They react based on instinct and don't overthink challenges.<p>2. <b>Reach out to</b> …


26 Apps to Make Your Phone the Best Personal Assistant Ever

A mobile device loaded with the right apps can truly help a person get ahead in business and life.<p>A mobile device loaded with the right apps can help a person get more done, stay informed, relax and save money. Here's a fresh list of apps more than two dozen high achievers are using every …

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Science Says You've Been Breathing All Wrong. Here's How to Do It Right

If you sit most of the day, you likely need to reteach your body how to breathe deeply again.<p>Inhale. Exhale. You know how to do that. Or at least, you sort of do. (I'll trust you haven't passed out yet.) The bummer is, scientifically, most of us aren't taking the full, rejuvenating breaths we're …


Why Mindfulness Meditation Is The Most Important (and Undervalued) Self-Development Practice

Meditation is always the first thing to go.<p>The busier you are, the easier it becomes to sacrifice your values.<p>If you aren't careful, you'll blink and wake up living the life you never wanted--a life filled with regret, mediocrity, and complacency.<p>You'll lay awake late at night contemplating all of …


How to Cope When Your Own Boss Doesn't Know What You Do

There's a simple approach you can use to avoid confusion but still provide enough detail to a clueless boss.<p>It's not rocket science, but it might come close.<p>In an occupation like social media analytics, app development, or even email marketing, there's sometimes a disconnect between <i>why you do</i> …

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How to Cultivate Emotional Stability (Even When Life Gets Crazy)

Withstand difficult situations, handle adversity, and remain productive and capable throughout.<p><i>How can I be emotionally stable? originally appeared on Quora - the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.</i><p><b>Answer by Nicole Gravagna,</b> …

Anger Management

Neuroscience Says This Kind of Lighting Can Reduce Brainpower by 30 Percent

"Dim lights are producing dimwits," says the study's author.<p>Think about the environment in which you're reading this.<p>Specifically, how's the lighting?<p>I ask because a new laboratory study out of Michigan State University suggests that working in dim lighting can "change the brain's structure and …


With Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Boom, There is a Need for More Education

Startup Extra Credit seeks to fill the void by providing an incentive-based platform to educate consumers.<p>Cryptocurrencies and businesses built on and surrounding the blockchain are admittedly confusing. The industry surrounding cryptocurrency and blockchain is growing at an incredible pace; …


To Improve Your Storytelling Skills, Use Abraham Lincoln as Inspiration

The Gettysburg Address follows a structure that will work for you, too.<p>Time magazine lists it as one of the 10 greatest speeches of all time. It is a poignant expression of the travails of a troubled nation. And it contains an opening line that most Americans can still recite years after they …


The best travel sites to help you plan the perfect trip

Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps …

These apps will help you 'learn and earn'

A good way to sharpen your gyan and get money in your wallet. Nowadays several mobile apps are coming up with the quiz that actually helps you to …

Here's How To Get Rid Of That New Snapchat Update Everyone Hates

Calm down, teens. You can reverse it.

5 Side Hustles You Can Start Today With No Pocket Money | Inc.com

Starting a business is often a pricey ordeal, but no- to low-cost ideas exist for aspiring entrepreneurs with unique and marketable talent.<p>Take inventory of the skills you already possess, recommends Holly Reisem Hanna, founder of career blog The Work at Home Woman. List your past jobs, education, …

Small Business

10 Problems Only Smart People Have | Inc.com

Offer pretty much anyone in the world a pill that would instantly improve IQ, and most people would happily gobble it down. That's why the internet is full of articles and courses on how to get smarter, learn faster, and emulate geniuses.<p>But while being smarter sounds appealing, actually living …


7 Simple Things You Can Do to Improve Your Life Starting Next Week | Inc.com

If personal development and self-improvement is your thing, you should really appreciate this list to kick off your week on a high note. First off though, I need to communicate its true intent so there are no misgivings or misinterpretations.<p>As you scroll further, you'll notice a pattern (which …


How Veteran-Owned Businesses Can Get Customers, Fast! | Inc.com

When most people think of fast-growing startups, they tend to think of the startups of Silicon Valley and the dynamic entrepreneurial hubs that have sprouted up in cities like Seattle, Austin and New York City. But the fact is that <b>veteran-owned startups are becoming one of the fastest-growing</b> …


10 Bad Habits That Are Actually Good for You | Inc.com

We tend to group habits into two clear groups: good and bad.<p>It sounds like common sense, but the line isn't always so clear. Some habits that we think of as bad can actually be good for you in the right situation.<p>Here are some habits you may want to reconsider:<p><b>1. Procrastination.</b> In a culture where …


5 Books You Need to Read This Fall If You Want to Be Mentally Tougher | Inc.com

It's often said that you can only go as far as your mindset is properly equipped to transport you when chasing after business and health goals.<p>During my own personal journey of needing to shed some excess mental fat through letting go of limiting beliefs that didn't serve me nor the life I desired …

Identity Theft
Breast Cancer

3 Rare Signs That Say You Were Meant to Be a Good Leader | Inc.com

As I've written in the past, great leadership is about serving others. More specifically, serving your employees and putting them on equal par with customers (and sometimes even ahead of them).<p>It's this principle that made Vineet Nayar, former CEO of HCL Technologies, so successful. In 2010, he …


This Researcher Reveals How Lucky People Differ From Unlucky People | Inc.com

Conventional wisdom states that luck is a matter of chance, similar to rolling a pair of dice. Maybe someone you know seems to snatch up the best job opportunities, your friend stumbled upon a great idea, or an acquaintance manages maintain a happy relationship.<p>But what is it that makes some people …