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Leo Messi's house with photos

Lionel Messi's house is one of the most gorgeous on the planet<p>Images 19 Aug 2016, 17:54 IST<p>Most people prefer not to bring their work home but Lionel …


Weird Up! 15 Bent & Bizarre Buildings Around the World

From iconic architecture like the fish-inspired Guggenheim Bilbao to obscure shell-shaped houses in Mexico, these 15 buildings are truly strange.

State Of The Art Triangle Cliff Residence

This amazing cliff residence is a concept, made by the architect Matthias Arndt from Germany. And is a perfect for the people that want a life on the …

Modern Architecture

The Best Art & Architecture Installations of Coachella 2017

A post shared by Do LaB (@thedolab) on Apr 14, 2017 at 12:17pm PDT<p>Spring is finally here, which means over 100,000 people are making the trip to the …


This crazy boot-shaped tiny house could only exist in Texas

Only in Texas, people. This whimsical boot-shaped home may look like a quirky roadside stop, but it’s actually a fully functioning home available for …


How to decorate a kid's bedroom?

9 Incredible Examples of Mobile Architecture

From tiny wooden summertime abodes in Finland to tricycle RV-style campers, “mobitecture” is really going places<p>An eclectic collection of mobile architecture is neatly cataloged in the new book <i>Mobitecture: Architecture on the Move</i> (Phaidon, $24.95), comprising everything from a minimalist floating …


The 20 craziest places on Airbnb


6 cool cave homes that stay comfortable in summer and warm in winter

Cave homes have come a long way since prehistoric times. Far from primitive, many modern cave dwellings are surprisingly luxurious, comfortable, and …


Modern glass house sports floating wavy roof

It’s like architectural lasagna<p>The modern architect’s love of clean geometric lines all too often results in a boring glass box of a building. Not so with the quirkily capped Lauriston House in Kyneton, Australia. Sure, its main rectangular volume is standard-issue glass house elegance. But the …


35 Bizarre Buildings You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Engineers and architects are becoming more and more bold with their designs nowadays, and new levels of creativity show up in their creations. The …


10 Most Bizarre Railway Stations Tracks and Bridges

<b>18</b> Flares <b>18</b> Flares ×<p>We have seen so many creative and bizarre creations around us. There are some bizarre railways stations and bridges. Some are …

There’s a swimming pool suspended 500ft in the air

<b>This really, really isn’t the place for you if you have a fear of heights.</b><p>Even watching video of it is giving us a bit of vertigo, so imagine those …

Swimming Pool

The world's weirdest skyscrapers – in pictures

From the Elephant Building to the ‘Death Star’, architects and developers are going to ever stranger lengths in their efforts to stand out from the crowd. Where will this ridiculousness end?

Urban Planning

Top 15 of the Craziest Buildings Ever Constructed

Architects will occasionally dream up some of the craziest things and leave it up to the engineer to make things work. Collaboration between these …

The 33 Most Weird And Wonderful Buildings In The World. These Are Strangely Beautiful.

Comments<p>What happens when you mix modern art and architecture? You’re about to see for yourself. These are some of the most bizzare yet fascinating …


A real-life doll's house is up for sale and it's as cosy as you'd expect

It's also thought to be the narrowest home in Cornwall<p><b>A unique cottage, which measures just nine-feet across at its widest, is one of the most famous</b> …


This Boeing 727, stuck in the woods, is actually somebody's house

If you go down to the woods today, keep an eye out for apparently-stranded aircraft, as someone might be living in it.<p>Bruce Campbell, an engineer from Portland, Oregon, bought this Boeing 727 aircraft fuselage in 1999, spending in the region of $220,000 ($177,000) to date on acquiring the plane and …


Tilting "performance architecture" house spins 360 degrees

How do we find balance in our homes? Artists Alex Schweder and Ward Shelley delved into that question quite literally with ReActor, a performance …


A Two-Story Treetop Sauna

In southwestern Germany, the Schwarzwaldhotel Tanne resort has a rather unusual sauna on-site. At first it doesn't appear to be anything more than a …


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