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9 Rules for Surviving #NaNoWriMo or any first draft of a novel

It’s day 8 of #NaNoWriMo 2017 or day whatever of the first draft of your first novel and things are starting to feel real. You’ve passed the easy, …


How a Month of NaNoWriMo Can Lead to a Lifetime of Better Writing

<b>by Grant Faulkner</b>When I first became a writer, I marveled at the magical worlds my favorite authors created—their lyrical prose, their riveting …


Bravo! 11 Terrific Books for Tweens Who Love Musical Theater

My 9-year-old daughter loves musical theater. She was completely enraptured by our high school’s production of “High School Musical” and sang the …

The Art of Asking; or rather, the art of being authentic

For someone who used to intensely hate to read fiction, I seem to reading a whole lot of it recently. I blame my book club and their desire to drag …

Neil Gaiman

Activity Books to Entertain The Kids This Summer

It feels rather like the first day of school was only a few weeks ago, and yet, here we are, getting ready for sixth grade graduation and counting …


With Amazon Books, Jeff Bezos Is Solving Digital Retail’s Biggest Design Flaw

Why is Amazon suddenly so interested in opening physical retail stores?<p>As upscale outdoor shopping centers go, Seattle’s University Village is unusually forward thinking. There’s a Starbucks, of course, but also a sushi place where the dishes roll by on a moving belt and each plate has an RFID …

10 Authors Who Write Under Different Pen Names

<b>by Sarah Dobbs</b><p>When you see a familiar author’s name on a book cover, you probably feel confident that you know what you’re getting. Most writers have …

Harry Potter

50 Children's Books You Should Definitely Reread as an Adult

Some stories become better and sweeter over time.<p>Some stories become better and sweeter over time.

Picture Books for Rock and Roll Parents and Their Kids

As Neil Young said, “Rock and roll is here to stay,” so it’s never too early to start exposing your kids to the magic of this musical tradition. Love …

Rock Music

Top 10 2017 Science Fiction Novels I Want Now

2017 is here and, with it, new science fiction!<p>There are some great titles coming out this year. It is an exciting time for science fiction readers, …

Science Fiction

Stephen King Explains the Key to His Creativity: Not Losing the Dream-State Thinking All Children Are Born With

While nothing could make me personally want to return to childhood, children do, for better or for worse, perceive the world more vividly than …


29 YA Books About Mental Health That Actually Nail It

From brutally honest to shockingly hilarious, these books get it.<p><i>Note: Responses have been edited for length or clarity.</i><p>For even more suggestions, check out the comments on the original post.

Mental Disorders

Terry Pratchett's 10 best Discworld characters

In a distant and secondhand set of dimensions, in an astral plane that was never meant to fly…” <b>Terry Pratchett</b> began his Discworld sequence with The Colour of Magic in 1983; it's extraordinary that a series which began as a mickey-taking parody of medieval-fantasy cliché blossomed, over 40 books, …


Defining the Genre: Space Opera

Space opera within science fiction as a genre is really a lot like the red headed step child. It popularized science fiction in the 1920’s and …

Science Fiction

A Writer’s Guide to Hacking the Reader’s Brain (in 5 Steps)

Question: When you’re lost in a story — any story — what, exactly, is it that has you so mesmerized that the real world seems to have vanished?<p>You may be thinking, <i>Hey, it depends on what kind of story I’m lost in, the genre, whether it’s commercial or literary fiction – sheesh, there’s a long list</i> …


The 13 Most Interesting Comics of July

<i>Each month, we’ll round up the most interesting comics, graphic novels, manga, webcomics, digital comics and comic-related Kickstarters that we think</i> …

Graphic Novels

Margaret Atwood’s graphic novel about a bird-cat-man superhero is a real trip

Half cat, half bird, half pulp adventure and half environmental treatise<p>Margaret Atwood has written a graphic novel about a superhero who accidentally splices his genes with a housecat and an owl, is embraced by a secret, ancient community of half-cat people, and confronts the maniacal half-rat man …

Graphic Novels

7 Standalone Novels for Fantasy Lovers

<i>While we at the Riot take some time off to rest and catch up on our reading, we’re re-running some of our favorite posts from the last several</i> …


This Is Your Brain on Jane Austen: The Neuroscience of Reading Great Literature

I freely admit it—like a great many people these days, I have a social media addiction. My drug of choice, Twitter, can seem like a particularly …


Freebie Friday! 25 Free Ebooks for May 20, 2016 - Books, Flicks & Chardonnay

It’s free ebooks day here at Books & Chardonnay! Hopefully you find some terrific reads to download for the weekend.<p>Before we begin, however, let’s …


Top 10 fictional houses with personality

From Manderley and Castle Dracula to The House at Pooh Corner and Villa Villekulla, fictional homes can be powerful characters in their own right. Author Tom Easton picks his favourites<p>The houses (or homes) we live in are such an important part of who we are, whether or not we actually like them. …


68 Women Writers Gay Talese Should Read

The godfather of narrative nonfiction said this weekend he didn't know any women worth reading. Here are some suggestions.<p>You might also want to check out the Women's Review of Books, or learn more about the underrepresentation of women in the literary arts from VIDA, which surveys writers annually …


10 Books Our Editors Won’t Shut Up About

Because we’re all book nerds at heart<p>Though we’re all pretty much self-proclaimed book nerds around these parts, sitting down to read a novel after spending ten or twelve hours editing and writing articles isn’t always our go-to. After all, there’s only so much our eyeballs can take before they …

Hugh Howey Has No Patience for Book Lovers Who Don’t Read Books

When the topic of e-books comes up, one writer tends to get called on to speak for the new industry of books that go straight to their audiences, …


Inspirational writing advice from Louisa May Alcott and 26 other great women authors


16 Reasons People Will Always Love Reading YA Novels At Any Age

"At the end of the day, YA has always and continues to give me hope." Thanks to the #IReadYA hashtag.


This addictive browser game will make you finally write a novel

Have you ever wondered if you’ve got the commitment and willpower to write a book? Well, whether you’ve tried and failed or you’re just toying with the idea of exercising your writing skills, this free browser game might be just what you need for inspiration.<p>Eveline is a game where you play the …


Neil Gaiman on the meaning of fairy tales

Neil Gaiman tells Gaby Wood that every fairy tale is a loaded gun<p>"You don't need princes to save you," says Neil Gaiman, speaking about his new fairy tale, The Sleeper and the Spindle. "I don't have a lot of patience for stories in which women are rescued by men." And so, in his slim, gilded, …


30 Novels You Need To Read This Year

The importance of reading can never be overemphasized. For a long time, books have been identified to be a major source of knowledge. This can …