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简洁明了的UI交互手册 | 人人都是产品经理

您可能感兴趣的文章<p>创业失败的18个主要原因<p>每天3块钱,500门产品、运营课程随便学,做个有竞争力互联网人<p>区块链社交能否颠覆脸书、微博,关键看这三点<p>红包大战花样翻新,短视频成新宠?<p>AI面临三个拐角:人工智能转型会成为IoT导火索?<p>机器学习时代的体验设计(下):对创造人类行为学习系统的设计师和数据学家的 …

用 HSL 工具,做动漫风照片:修图技巧 · 动漫篇


[视频]巴西:记者深入毒品窝点 与毒贩面对面


科技媒体 The Verge 在早前挖到一则有趣的消息:苹果公司一则招聘广告(原链接已失效),其入职要求是“懂得使用 Adobe Premiere”(Adobe 推出的专业视频剪辑应用),但意外的是苹果只字不提自家的视频剪辑应用 Final Cut Pro X,结果被 The Verge 大字标题吐糟说:<p>当然,这件事某程度上只是个单纯的调侃:因为这种要求在业内并不算意外。事实上,由于并不是所有视频编辑都是 Mac 用户,但 Final Cut Pro X 偏偏并没有 PC 版,所以一般招聘广告都要考虑 PC 用户的实际情况,入职要求偶尔只标示“Adobe Premiere”、或标明需要两者其中 …

VSCO 如何制作一款滤镜?听 VSCO CEO 说背后的故事 [福利]

一支让人忍不住想拿起的触控笔:Pencil by FiftyThree 体验评测

Alone in the Zone

Four years since the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant went into full meltdown and the resulting 12-mile evacuation zone was enforced, one farmer still remains—braving high levels of radiation and loneliness to tend to abandoned animals.<p>Four years since the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant …


引用 大众电影(1993年)

<i>引用</i><p>成泥 的 大众电影(1993年)<p><b>《大众电影》封面、封底</b><p><b>(1993年)</b><p><b></b> <b></b><p><b>大众电影1993年第1期封面</b><p><b></b><b>(马羚)</b><p><b>大众电影1993年第1期封底</b><p><b></b><b>(美国 莎朗·斯通)</b><p><b>大众电影1993年第2期封面</b><p><b></b><b>(石兰)</b><p><b>大众电影1993年第2期封底</b><p><b></b><b>(香港 叶玉卿)</b><p><b>大众电影1993年第3期封面</b><p><b></b><b>(郑爽)</b><p><b>大众电影1993年第3期封底</b><p>…


Joshua Topolsky,这位从 The Verge 来到彭博社担任首席数码内容官还不到一年的堪称全球科技媒体最顶尖的编辑,被炒了。<p>内部的分歧和混乱是导致 Joshua Topolsky 离开的主要原因,华尔街日报认为 Joshua Topolsky 的离开是彭博社老板、前纽约市市长 Michael Bloomberg 自去年 9 月回归之后公司内部环境混乱的一个体现。<p>而国外媒体 Politico 的记者 Dylan Byers 获得的内部消息称,Michael Bloomberg 过去几个月中一直在与 Joshua Topolsky 在彭博社网站的方向上存在分歧,他对 Joshua T …

Instagram photos are now bigger and better

Just over a week ago, I wrote plaintively about Instagram's archaic 640 x 640 resolution and the need to move with the times and give users the ability to upload larger images. This past Friday, it appears, Instagram has started addressing that very issue, as photos sent to the popular image …

Mobile Photography

The best fitness app for Android

The Winner<p>Jawbone UP<p>The app that gets all that right and even goes a few steps further is UP by Jawbone. You might already be familiar with UP as a wrist-worn activity tracker but the brains of the operation are actually found in its companion smartphone app. Using your phone’s built-in sensors, UP …



Using Fujifilm X100 cameras in street photography - tape galore

The Olio smartwatch wants to save you from notification hell

Before I can even come back from grabbing him a glass of water, Steve Jacobs has basically turned our Verge West meeting room into a jewelry store. The ornate carrying case he brought with him is nearly overflowing with expensive-looking watches. The morning light beams down through a nearby …


Chrome v39 On Lollipop Supports Custom Multitasking Header/Status Bar Colors With A Simple HTML Tag

The recent app list in Android 5.0 is much more vibrant than it was in KitKat with support for colored header bars, but not all apps are taking …

How to Enable Ambient Display on Nexus 5 and Nexus 4

The latest flagship phone from Google, the Nexus 6 comes with ambient display which is similar to the cool Moto display that we’ve seen on Moto X 1st …

VSCO Cam 滤镜包详解及购买指南(三)

Vertical Navigation Implementation of Side Menu in Mobile Apps

<b>Side menu</b> is nothing new: various website designs and desktop applications include sidebar menus in order to make users’ experience more convenient, …

UI Design


CURVED/labs: Mac to the Future - ein Macintosh-Facelift

<b>Der Macintosh ist ein Computer mit Geschichte: Vor mehr als 30 Jahren zeigt Apple mit seinem Desktop-Computer nicht nur, was technisch möglich war –</b> …




Fuji X Buyer’s Guide :: Part 1 :: Cameras

I have been a Fuji fan boy since the original X100 and, as you can see from the photo above, I have continued to drink the Fuji juice. That’s almost …


Fujifilm X100T review

I love my Fujifilm X100S. It’s the best camera I’ve ever owned. I actually sold my Canon DSLR rig and Sony mirrorless system to fund its purchase earlier this year, making it the only camera currently in my arsenal. I’m not alone, either: there are countless fans of Fujifilm’s X100 series across …