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Reasons to Consider f/1.8 Over f/1.4 Lens Options

Many photographers own or are mapping out a path to own the largest aperture lenses available in their system's catalog, skipping past the more …


Low-light photography: How low can you go?

<b>Low light can still yield great images – landscape and travel photographer David Clapp shares his top tips and techniques</b><p>David’s top tips for getting …

Landscape Photography

Posting To Instagram From Your Computer! Your Current Options

<i>Instagram is THE social network photographers should be utilizing</i><p>Instagram, if you are not using it often to share your photography with the world …

Social Media

The Focus and Recompose Method: An Introduction for Photographers

Cameras these days have a gillion autofocus points, so why would you choose to focus and recompose a scene instead? If you’re new to photography, …


Sharpen Images and Get Rid of Halos in Photoshop

Have you ever edited and sharpened a photograph you wanted to print or post online only to have halos around the edges? Have you ever wanted to know …


How to Use the Color Dodge and Burn Blend Modes in Photoshop

Here’s a 12-minute tutorial from photographer Blake Rudis of f64 Academy that looks at how you can use Photoshop’s dodge and burn blend modes for …


How to Shoot Gorgeous Portraits and Headshots in Natural Light for Next to Nothing (VIDEO)

Getting started running a portrait photography or headshot business can be intimidating for some photographers because it may seem like you need to …


Lessons in the street philosophy of Garry Winogrand

“I photograph something to find out what it will look like photographed,” American street photographer Garry Winogrand (1928-1984) famously said, …

Street Photography

Kodak Kodachrome Returns In Both 35mm and 120 Emulsions

<i>Kodak Kodachrome was one of the most legendary film emulsions ever made!</i><p>Rejoice, photographers: those of us who never got to shoot Kodak Kodachrome …


Three Ways to Make Your Subject Really Pop From the Background

Let’s say that you’ve got a product, portrait subject, bride and groom, or something else in your photo that you really want to make stand out from …


How to Tell a Story Through Your Photos: 6 Photographers Share Their Tips and Experiences

“Every Picture Tells a Story.” You’ve no doubt heard Rod Stewart’s song, but, as you head out the door with your camera, do you ever stop to mull …

New York City

Photography legend Joel Meyerowitz: phones killed the sexiness of the street

He chased parades, ambushed hairdressers and refused to leave Ground Zero. Over PG Tips and ricotta at his Tuscan barn, Joel Meyerowitz relives his most stunning shots<p>Freckles, milkshakes and 9/11: on the prowl with Joel Meyerowitz – in pictures<p>One day 55 years ago, Joel Meyerowitz was roaming the …

Street Photography

Using Tonal Contrast for Better BW Photography

This photo is almost entirely blue tones, but because of their contrasts, it translates into a beautiful BW image.<p>When we are out in the world seeing …

Landscape Photography

How to Break the Ice With a Model You Would Like to Collaborate With

The biggest hurdle faced by many budding portrait photographers is the need to find amazing subjects to collaborate with. Reaching out to and …

Own The Light To Master Your Street Photography

Everywhere you look you will see different types of light: different shades, different colors, and different angles. Seeing things and noticing …

Landscape Photography

Why You Should Take Up Photography

Here at Light Stalking we have a wide range of photographers with an equally wide range of experience. One demographic that is always welcome here is …


How to Clean Your Camera Sensor: A Tutorial for Brave Souls

The idea of cleaning the sensor on your camera is a frightening prospect for many photographers, but it needn’t be. This 2-minute video will show you …

10 Things You Should Never Do as a Photographer

In this article, I discuss some of the different things that I’ve personally decided are bad ideas as an artist. Let’s dive in.<p>1. Steal Other …

Quand Instagram décide de mettre votre compte dans l’ombre : qu’est-ce que le "shadow ban" ?

<b>Parce que la plateforme cache quelques subtilités, découvrez ce qu’est le "shadow ban".</b><p>© Phil Desforges/Unsplash<p>Vous postez très régulièrement, mais …

How to Extensively Stretch the Background of Your Images

We all have photos that we wish had a wider composition, either because we didn’t own the right lens or because we saw new potential for it in …


Boscastle, Cornwall

Awake in the Dream


Rice Paper Butterfly [Explored]

Getting Vertical at the Fire Wave