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This adorable robot octopus is powered by farts

Farting octopus robot has prepared me for our automated future<p>The latest addition to a growing menagerie of octopus-robots has a lot going for it: It’s small, completely squishy, it doesn’t need a battery — and it farts.<p>The adorable palm-sized robot is the work of a team of engineers from Harvard …


Here's the most efficient route for a road trip through the lower 48 states

Squeezing the most fun possible into your vacation days is a challenge for anyone. If you’re a computer science researcher, however, it’s a challenge …


This Company Makes Fake Human Eyeballs an Art Form

The mother-and-son team behind Erickson Labs Northwest create incredibly lifelike replicas for patients who have lost an eye.<p><i>Editor's note: This tour of small businesses across the country highlights the imagination, diversity, and resilience of American enterprise.</i><p>Christie Erickson and Todd …


Inside Mick Jagger and Keith Richards’s Five-Decade Bromance

After covering the Rolling Stones in the 1990s, Rich Cohen worked with Mick Jagger on what became the HBO series Vinyl. In an adaptation from his book on the Stones, he shares a close-up of the band, and the friendship behind it.<p>Photos: Mick Jagger and Keith Richard’s Bromance<p>PreviousNext<p>In 1994, …

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Macro monsters: Jumping spiders up close, in pictures


Summer House in Dalarna / Leo Qvarsebo

<i>From the architect.</i> The requests in this project are obvious yet challenging: Cooking outdoors and indoors. A quiet reading area and a bedroom …

29 delightful retro gadgets that will make you nostalgic for old-school technology

Ever since Sebastian P. was a young kid, he's been obsessed with gadgets and electronics, especially those that made sounds.<p>"I used to have countless gadgets and toys that made blips and bleeps, and recorded them with a little Fisher Price toy cassette recorder," he tells Business Insider. "Later, …


Jefferson Airplane: 12 Essential Songs

"Don't you want somebody to love?" goes the chorus of Jefferson Airplane's best-known hit. Love was more than just an age-old crutch for pop …

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Former NASA Engineer Explains the Fastest Way to De-Fog Your Windshield

Science proves you can blast away the fog twice as fast.<p>Winter's here, and for lots of us, that means dealing with a foggy windshield full of condensation when we go to start our cars. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't take <i>that</i> long for your defroster to clear your windshield, but if you're …


William Gibson: how I wrote Neuromancer

Gibson ‘had so very little idea of how to write a novel’ when he was commissioned to come up with a manuscript<p>N<i>euromancer</i> was a commissioned work. I have no idea how many years it might have taken, otherwise, before I produced a novel on spec. Had you asked me at the time of commission, I would …

Drone School 1: Choosing a beginner quadcopter

Multicopters are one of the hottest consumer gadgets on the market, and for good reason. They're cheap, easy to fly, a ton of fun, and by far the …


Top 10 Movie Dance Scenes Of All Time

The Most Ancient and Magnificent Trees From Around the World

The Bowthorpe Oak is a massively thick, millennium-old tree in Lincolnshire, England that once was rumored to hold three dozen people in its …


The VW Van Goes Off-Roading

Volkswagen vans have long brought folks together, whether to tour with the Grateful Dead or later to wrench on the relatively simple mechanics of …


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“Reid Wilson, Which of the 11 American nations do you live in? Woodard lays out his map in the new book “American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America.” Here’s how...


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Death By Coconut: A Story Of Food Obsession Gone Too Far

The coconut has developed a bit of a faddish following in the West.<p>Today, devotees add coconut oil to coffee, dab it on acne and, following Gwyneth Paltrow's example, swirl it around in their mouths to fight tooth decay.Starbucks has launched a coconut-milk latte. And the coconut-water business has …


Jeff Decker: heavy metal – Flesh & Relics

Jeff Decker was born in Torrance, California in 1966 and grew up prowling the aisles of swap meets with his father searching out vintage speed …

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Inside the Bizarre Genome of the World’s Toughest Animal

Tardigrades are sponges for foreign genes. Does that explain why they are famously indestructible?<p>The toughest animals in the world aren't bulky elephants, or cold-tolerant penguins, or even the famously durable cockroach. Instead, the champions of durability are endearing microscopic creatures …


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Retro Science Fiction Scans from 1954, Underwater cities and massive monorails

This cover from Worlds of IF, January 1954 depicts a futuristic under ocean city. I absolutely love this cover.<p>Even the illustrations on the insides …

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