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These Photos Tackle An Uncomfortable Question: What If There Are Just Too Many People On Earth?

Population control is taboo. But it wasn't always that way—and a new book, showing images ranging from a mall on Black Friday to a shepherd in Mongolia, could open up the conversation.

In the world of solutions to environmental problems, one topic rarely gets any discussion: Birth control. By 2050, …


How the most popular alcoholic drinks around the world are made

If you are like me and often wonder how that thing you are drinking is made or what's exactly in it, this interesting infographic will help you …

Cool Stuff

Sci-fi obsessed tycoon builds replica of Star Trek ship as company HQ

A sci-fi obsessed multi-millionaire hopes to boldly go where no man has gone before, after building his office headquarters to look like the Starship …

Star Trek

Top three most popular dogs by US State

MentalFloss put together some quick infographics sharing which dogs we love most, by US State. My Great Pyr, Nemo, ranks in at 73rd "most popular" with the AKC, unlike others the AKC knows the Pyr is smart.


A Glimpse At Hong Kong's Ingenious DIY Storage Solutions

Tight spaces force private life outside.

In Hong Kong, where a single square foot of real estate can cost $1,300, residents cram into the tiniest of apartments. But only so many sardines can fit in a can, so people’s personal belongings spill into Hong Kong’s alleys—not to be collected as trash, but …

Hong Kong

How America became the most powerful country on Earth, in 11 maps

We take it for granted that the United States is the most powerful country on Earth today, and perhaps in human history. The story of how that came …


Earth - Chicken grows face of dinosaur

Sixty-five million years ago, an asteroid is believed to have crashed into Earth. The impact wiped out huge numbers of species, including almost all …

Earth Science

'Dino-chickens' reveal how the beak was born

Chicken embryos have been altered so that the birds grow dinosaur-like snouts.

Biologists have created chicken embryos with dinosaur-like faces by …

Earth Science

“Does this mean we can clone a mammoth?”: The tantalizing, risky and very real science of de-extinction

Biologist and author Beth Shapiro on the dos and don'ts of bringing extinct species back to life

Beth Shapiro is an evolutionary biologist specializing in ancient DNA, a complex field (which she pioneered) that uses genetic information from long-dead species to learn how past populations responded …

Life Sciences

Is a NASA about to crack interstellar travel?

NASA has a well-deserved reputation for making the unthinkable a reality. So what are we to make of it when a handful of NASA scientists quietly leak …


Nepal Quake: a Google Earth tour of the destruction

Harvard Study Reveals that All Homophobic People are Gay

A shocking, double-blind study released by Harvard, in collaboration with MIT, has revealed that all people who are homophobic are actually …


This Working Replica of Bucky Fuller's Dymaxion Car Is Scary As Hell

Buckminster Fuller was either a brilliant inventor or a nutcase charlatan, depending on who you ask. And perhaps no single invention of Bucky’s …


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The Artist You’ve Never Heard of Who’s Re-awakening San Francisco

Meet the man using art as a catalyst for neighborhood resurrection and technology as an inspiration for art — all in the city that keeps crying it’s …

Watch 100 years of the camera's evolution in less than 10 seconds

Youngsters born in the digital age might think the camera is a modern invention, but most of us know its history dates back more than a hundred …


Stephen Colbert and George Lucas talk Star Wars, wooden dialogue and Howard the Duck

Friday afternoon, Stephen Colbert sat down with George Lucas for a hour-long interview about the director's life and career. The event was a part of 2015's Tribeca Film Festival, one of a series of talks were film luminaries brought together with one of their biggest celebrity fans. Colbert wasted …

Fascinating Photos Inside China's Toy Factories by Michael Wolf

Covering gallery walls with over 20,000 castaway toys, German photographer Michael Wolf thrusts visitors into the heart of consumerism with his …

While you were sleeping, your brain was working overtime

Sleep has profound importance in our lives, such that we spend a considerable proportion of our time engaging in it. Sleep enables the body—including the brain—to recover metabolically, but contemporary research has been moving to focus on the active rather than recuperative role that sleep has on …

The Brain


Burma's Bizarre Capital: A Super-Sized Slice of Post-Apocalypse Suburbia

Driving through Naypyidaw, the purpose-built capital of Burma, it could be easy to forget that you’re in the middle of one of south-east Asia’s …

For sale: entire medieval Italian village for £485,000

It sounds almost too good to be true: an entire medieval village in Italy for sale for the price of a modest flat in London.

But for anyone tired of Britain's crippling property prices and inclement weather, £485,000 will buy the historic village of Valle Piola, which is surrounded by wild and …


The Moon May Be The Result Of Earth's Collision With Its Long-Lost Twin

Digging up dirt on our satellite's back story

Our beloved Moon, often the staple of a peaceful and tranquil nighttime scene, has a pretty violent origin story.

In 1970, researchers proposed the “giant impact” hypothesis, which reasons that the Moon is the result of a huge collision between the Earth …

Scientific Research

Google Puts Online 10,000 Works of Street Art from Across the Globe

Circling Birdies by Cheko, Granada Spain

Since last we wrote, Google Street Art has doubled its online archive by adding some 5,000 images, bringing …


Dark Horse

The story of a record-shattering, all-electric ’68 Mustang

By Michael Zelenko

The world’s most expensive supercars can hit 60 miles per hour in less than three seconds. The fastest production car in the world, the Hennessey Venom GT, does it in 2.7; Lamborghini’s 602-horsepower V-10-powered Huracán …

Carroll Shelby

Peel Electric Mini-Cars - Journal du Design

Tout ce qui est petit est mignon !

J’ai craqué ce matin en découvrant le retour en force de Peel Engineering avec ses mini voitures électriques. …

Earth's 'Alien' Creatures May Reveal Clues About Extraterrestrial Life

Tardigrades, also known as water bears or moss piglets, can survive being boiled, frozen and sent into space. Studying extreme examples of life on …

10 Medieval rabbits that hate Easter and want to kill you

Around this time of year you might think of rabbits as cuddly-wuddly lickle fluffykins that hide Easter eggs, but in the Middle Ages they didn’t give …