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Absurd Creature of the Week

New song Barbadai Bhayo by Ramila Neupane


The new Nepali comedy music video by Prabin Gharti Magar titled “Barbadai Bhayo” is released. The music is made under the banner of …

New Music

Baby Elephant's Terrified Family Trusts Kind People To Save Her From Drowning

Her family stood by in terror as she struggled in the water.

A panicked herd of enormous elephants stood by helplessly as one of their littlest was …


Nature By Numbers: Fibonacci Sequence Animated In Stunning Video Will Take Your Breath Away.

Artists and architects have been using geometrical and mathematical properties since ancient times. We’ve seen it used by architects from Ancient …


The Disgusting Disease That’s on the Bottom of Your Shoes

Even if your scrub you house from top to bottom every day, there might be a jungle of germs waiting just outside. In a recent study, researchers from the University of Houston found that 40 percent of doorsteps samples were contaminated with C. difficile bacteria, and so were 39 percent of shoe …


Costa Rica is Closing its Zoos and Freeing All Captive Animals

Image via Shutterstock

Costa Rica just announced that it will become the first country in the world to close down its zoos and free all captive …

Animal Behavior

Incredible macro-photography of people’s eyes

He received a PhD in Theoretical Physics from Yerevan State University in 2001 for research in the field of Quantum Chaos and investigations in the …

Theoretical Physics

Every state flag is wrong, and here is why




[The Washington Post] They all need to be fixed.

The 6,000-Year-Old Crown Found in a Dead Sea Cave

The oldest known crown in the world, which was famously discovered in 1961 as part of the Nahal Mishmar Hoard, along with numerous other treasured …


A strange mix of old and new: homebrew hydronic heating with wood

This is a different way of heating a house with wood.

Haida Gwaii

How the world loved the swastika - until Hitler stole it

In the Western world the swastika is synonymous with fascism, but it goes back thousands of years and has been used as a symbol of good fortune in

Adolf Hitler

Listen to Marc Maron's WTF interview with President Obama

Marc Maron and President Obama had a relaxed and fascinating one-hour conversation in Maron's Pasadena, California garage, where Maron produces his popular WTF Podcast. Obama used the "N" word (in talking about racism), gave his thoughts on voters' expectations for rapid Hope and Change, discussed …

Marc Maron

Cicada 3301 - The Internet's Most Baffling Mystery | Oddity Central - Collecting Oddities

Cicada 3301 is often referred to as the internet’s most elaborate and mysterious puzzle, one that often leaves cryptoanalysts and hackers scratching …

Cool Stuff

A crazy new theory solves 40-year-old mystery about what happens inside of a black hole

There's a common notion that at the edge of every black hole lies a back door to the universe — an exit from reality into a new realm where fundamental laws of nature, like time, no longer behave the way that we understand them.

What happens once you cross this threshold is a long-standing mystery …

Theoretical Physics

A Rare Octopus so Adorable It May Be Named for Its Cuteness

Out of all the mysterious creatures who call the deep sea their home, this little octopus may be the cutest! The rare specimen, who belongs to the Opistoteuthis genus, may even be named for its adorable appearance, according to researchers who are studying it. "As someone that's describing the …

Life Sciences

Man snaps photo of raccoon riding alligator

[News4Jax.com] A Palatka man enjoying a day with his family in the Ocala National Forest snapped the picture of a lifetime.


The Long, Strange Trip Continues with New VW Camper Bus

That hippie-era icon of slow and hazy motoring freedom, the VW camper, may be only a fading memory here, but the camper-ized Volkswagen van lives on in Europe. There, the latest iteration of the concept has just been introduced.

Today called the California—fittingly named after the state that so …


We now have a spacecraft that is propelled by sunlight alone

A new kind of spacecraft that sails on sunlight has been successfully deployed above Earth. On June 11, the LightSail satellite overcame a series of glitches to unfurl its solar sails, a propulsion system that’s entirely different to traditional rockets, thrusters or even solar panels.

The prototype …


New study claims to find genetic link between creativity and mental illness

The ancient Greeks were first to make the point. Shakespeare raised the prospect too. But Lord Byron was, perhaps, the most direct of them all: “We of the craft are all crazy,” he told the Countess of Blessington, casting a wary eye over his fellow poets.

The notion of the tortured artist is a …


Ladies who punch: Snapshots of Dangerous Women

Peter J Cohen’s collection of photographs celebrates free-spirited women of the past, says Lucy Davies

Female liberation had a chequered history throughout the 20th century but a new book of photographs suggests that our forebears may have led much richer and more exciting lives than we once …


Object Lesson: The León Ferrari bomber crucifixion that Pope Francis called 'blasphemy'

It is the sort of sculpture that elicits a gasp. At least that's what I did when I rounded a corner in the galleries at the Walker Art Center when I was in Minneapolis recently and came upon Argentine artist León Ferrari's "La Civilización Occidental y Cristiana" (Western Christian Civilization). …


Django Reinhardt Demonstrates His Guitar Genius in Rare Footage From the 1930s, 40s & 50s

In one of my favorite Woody Allen films, Sweet and Lowdown, Sean Penn plays Emmett Ray, a fictional jazz guitarist who embodies the titular qualities …


The Very Strange Life Of Nepal's Child Goddess

Last month's earthquake brought much of Kathmandu's historic Durbar Square, a World Heritage Site, tumbling to the ground. Nepal's showcase temples and palaces were reduced to ruins. But save for a few cracks, the home of the city's Living Goddess remained intact.

Largely unknown to the outside …


The Mystical World of Mushrooms

These Photos Tackle An Uncomfortable Question: What If There Are Just Too Many People On Earth?

Population control is taboo. But it wasn't always that way—and a new book, showing images ranging from a mall on Black Friday to a shepherd in Mongolia, could open up the conversation.

In the world of solutions to environmental problems, one topic rarely gets any discussion: Birth control. By 2050, …


How the most popular alcoholic drinks around the world are made

If you are like me and often wonder how that thing you are drinking is made or what's exactly in it, this interesting infographic will help you …

Cool Stuff

Sci-fi obsessed tycoon builds replica of Star Trek ship as company HQ

A sci-fi obsessed multi-millionaire hopes to boldly go where no man has gone before, after building his office headquarters to look like the Starship …