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Tilt shifting Vincent Van Gogh paintings reveal so much more about this talented artist

Vincent van Gogh’s art is already spectacular for its beautiful blending of colours in grand landscapes. So what could make it look even greater? …


This Venice Biennale Is Dedicated to an Artist Who Evokes the Eroticism That Lies Underneath Self-Destruction

Okuwi Enwezo, the director of the Venice Biennale has chosen Italian artist Fabio Mauri as the central artist around which the universal exhibition's curatorial program is going to coalesce later this year. This choice is both timely and excellent due to the fact that Mauri, as an artist, …

Venice Biennale

When One Of The World's Most 'Insider' Galleries Hosts An 'Outsider' Art Show (NSFW)

It's hard to discuss the genre often referred to as "outsider art" without calling into question the term itself. Referencing art made not only on the periphery of the artistic institution, but on the outskirts of society and culture in the widest sense, the category generates a boundary in its …


These Delicious Cooking GIFs Are Infinite Food Porn

Images courtesy the artists

When it comes to GIFs or Internet animations, the usual descriptor one thinks of isn't “mouth-watering.” But thanks to the Moscow-based photography duo of Daria Khoroshavina and Olya Kolesnikova, some incredibly appetizing cooking photographs are now looping the Internet. …


10 Contemporary Illustrators You Should Know About

With illustrations bearing the mark of the artist, there is a certain authenticity attached to a hand-drawn work of art. Illustrations have the power …


Is Having an 'Eye' for Art a Thing of the Past?

A few years ago I was standing in a Malibu furniture store looking at coffee tables when I heard another shopper whisper excitedly to a friend:

"Hey, isn't that Bruce Willis? He looks just like he does in the movies... but maybe just a bit shorter."

I can confirm: it was Bruce Willis, and that was one …

The Arts

'Supersymmetry' art show puts you inside a particle accelerator

What would it feel like to be stuck inside a particle accelerator? That’s the scenario posed by Japanese sound artist Ryoji Ikeda in his hyper-sensory new solo exhibition supersymmetry.

The installation, a UK premiere in collaboration with The Vinyl Factory, sees the artist draw on inspiration from …


What happens when beautiful street art meets a Rome ghetto?

Rome, Italy, Apr 23, 2015 / 04:02 am (CNA).- Street artists from 10 countries around the globe gathered in Rome and put their talents to use in …


5 highlights from the $400M collection donated to the Art Institute

Time to celebrate, art lovers. The Art Institute of Chicago will receive the largest gift of art in its 136-year history.

Local collectors and …


'Curationism', by David Balzer - review

As words commonly used to write about the visual arts become increasingly useful to advertisers, ‘to curate’ is becoming the synonym du jour for ‘to choose’. For David Balzer however, this shift in language reflects a shift in behaviour. ‘Now that we “curate” even lunch, what happens to the role of …


The artists serving up surrealism on a plate

Perverse provocateurs ToiletPaper are in town with a new pop up

Back in our Autumn/Winter 2014 issue, we invited the twisted twosome behind the hallucinatory ToiletPaper magazine (pop art renegades Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari) to take over Dazed’s back pages art space. From a leather …


Before Its Opening, the Whitney Museum Faces a Protest

The Whitney Museum of American Art has yet to open its doors in its new location in the meatpacking district, but on Tuesday night, it unwittingly played host to its first radical art exhibition.

At 11 p.m., activists from groups including Occupy Museums and Occupy the Pipeline gathered on the …


See Rare Photos of The Police, LL Cool J, & More in a New Photography Exhibition

"LL Cool J 8th Avenue and 33rd Street 1997" ©Lynn Goldsmith/courtesy of Morrison Hotel Gallery

From Bruce Springsteen in a shop full of hubcaps to Debbie Harry in her skimpiest skivvies, photographer Lynn Goldsmith has seen it all—and captured the photo to prove it. In a new show at the Morrison …


The Cost of Sally Mann’s Exposure

In September 1992, I published my third book of photographs, “Immediate Family.” The book contained 60 photographs from a decade-­long series of more than 200 pictures of my children, Emmett, Jessie and Virginia, who were about 6, 4 and 1 when I started the project. The photographs show them going …

Sally Mann

Spectacular Light Installations Stun Visitors at Sydney's MCA

Following a sold out show at London's Hayward Gallery and record attendances at the Auckland Art Gallery, Light Show comes to Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA). From April 16 to July 5, visitors to the MCA will get to experience 19 installation from the 1960s to the present day by …


Nurturing the visual arts at Las Vegas Academy

At the opening of a group exhibit at Las Vegas Academy, Chazz Savage works on a sketch and greets visitors perusing his ink drawings. The mostly …


Dance With Your Shadow in an Electrifying Light Art Installation

GIF by Becky Chung

A human body crackles with electricity in João Martinho Moura's interactive installation, WIDE/SIDE, at GNRation Gallery in Braga, Portugal. After using sensors to capture participants' silhouettes, their images are redrawn on a screen with "fast light beams" that evolve …

Shutter Speed

This Japanese Hotline Miami art is sick as hell

Danganronpa maker Spike Chunsoft is publishing Hotline Miami: Collected Edition, a localized bundle of the original gorefest and its thumping sequel …

Japanese Art

Thinking of Investing in Art? This Collector Offers Rules

Bob Rennie is a buy-and-hold kind of guy.

At 18, he scraped together $375 to buy his first artwork, a print by Norman Rockwell. Now 58, the Vancouver …


Noell Oszvald – Photographic Visual Art

The melancholic visual art by Noell Oszvald.Early in 2013, I introduced you to the creative work by Noell Oszvald, a visual artist who lives and …

The Arts

Fetishes as art?! Joint photo exhibit “Ambiguous☆Bishoujo Art Exhibit” opens

TODAYS GALLERY STUDIO (Asakusa) will hold their second free gallery event, “Ambiguous☆Bishoujo Art Exhibit,” for artists from April 29 until May 10. …


Film-makers withdraw from Istanbul festival in censorship protest

Dozens of Turkish film-makers have withdrawn their work from this year’s Istanbul international film festival in protest over the removal of a documentary from the programme, as a growing censorship row prompted organisers to cancel all festival competitions halfway through the event.

The …

Entertainment (UK)

Coachella Festival's epic factor plays out in the music, good and bad

Abel Tesfaye, the Canadian R&B singer known as the Weeknd, is not a man given to exaggerated cheer. In his dark but sensual music, which has exploded in popularity since he released a series of albums on the Internet in 2011, he describes a world of romantic dysfunction where no one ever has …


What if we limited the number of white men in film and TV?

Creatively, a bad idea—but so is peppering diversity onto default casts. How about some fresh storytelling?

“White men are the majority.” We hear that fact so often, we don’t always stop to think about what it means. In actuality, non-Hispanic white men make up only about 31% of the population of …


Look! Gallery of outré soundtrack record sleeves

Fantastic gallery of soundtrack album art from avant-garde films, cult classics, psychotronic treats, and a smattering of Hollywood movies with memorable scores. See them all here: Eva Schmidt/Google+ (via chris_carter_)

Art Galleries

Creative Courage for Young Hearts: 15 Emboldening Picture Books Celebrating the Lives of Great Artists, Writers, and Scientists

Jane Goodall, Julia Child, Pablo Neruda, Marie Curie, E.E. Cummings, Albert Einstein, Ella Fitzgerald, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Frida Kahlo, and more.

Margaret Mead extolled the value of “spiritual and mental ancestors” in how we form our identity — those people to whom we aren’t related but whose …


The 100 best novels: No 82 – A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess (1962)

There are two possible approaches to A Clockwork Orange and it’s best to address this up front. There’s the novel, written in 1961 by Anthony Burgess; a short, brilliant, dystopian polemic intended, he said, as “a sort of tract, even a sermon, on the importance of the power of choice”. The second, …

Clockwork Orange

Introducing the Ancient Greeks review – the culture that shaped our world

When Michael Gove announced, during the Trojan horse affair, that schools should teach “British values” – among them democracy – it was a gratifying moment for those of us who spend much of our time pointing out that we would be nothing without the ancient Greeks. Not only was democracy invented by …

Ancient Civilization

Construction crane falls on museum — and everyone just assumes it is art

The accident caused no serious injuries, but it did cause a lot of curious tourists to rush to the scene

That kid who sat in the back of your art history class and asked “but … what is art?” is going to have a lot of thoughts on this.

Investigators are looking into what caused a construction crane …