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13 of Turkey’s historic heritage sites destroyed by erroneous ‘restoration’

The controversial restoration of the “SpongeBob” castle, a 2,000-year-old castle in Istanbul’s Şile district, has rekindled debate on Turkey’s …


Weekend of Wonder: The incredible animatronic sculptures of Thomas Kuntz

Artist Thomas Kuntz constructs fantastic animatronic mechanisms that recreate scenes from the best nightmares you've ever had.

Thomas Kuntz combines his talents as a figure sculptor, painter, designer, engineer, machinist, and automata maker to construct fantastic animatronic mechanisms that …


Why Looking at Art Makes You Smarter

Is it possible that when your teachers and parents forced you to go to museums, they were actually doing something good for you?

Author and art …


24 of Banksy's most clever works

Toby Melville/Reuters

Elusive artist Banksy is back — this time with a creepy "bemusement park" that's one of his biggest installations in awhile.

The "park," near Bristol, England, puts a dark twist on a Disney Park, and features work from more than 50 artists.

The identity of Banksy, a graffiti …


Banksy meets Run The Jewels: ‘The bravest artists have always been graf artists’

BANKSY: Thanks for agreeing to play my theme park. Have you ever played in a theme park before?

EL-P I have not yet had the pleasure of playing in a theme park, or enjoying one for that matter.

KILLER MIKE I have not played a theme park. My dream is to play [US theme park] Six Flags Over Georgia …


Art Or Design?: Welcome To The Improvisational Carpentry Of Nicolás Aracena Müller

The Chilean designer uses found materials and intuition to forge conceptual furniture.

Amid the pristine galleries in New York's Chelsea neighborhood, Nicolás Aracena Müller was busy in the half gallery, half design boutique Chamber. Sawing, hammering, and drilling away at slabs of rough-hewn wood, …


Banksy: ‘I think a museum is a bad place to look at art’

What is this thing?

In essence it’s a festival of art, amusements and entry-level anarchism. A place where you can get your counterculture easily available over the counter. A theme park for the disenfranchised, with franchises available. I guess you’d say its a theme park whose big theme is – theme …


Art Hidden Behind a Condo’s Walls

Two years ago, Pajtim Osmanaj moved to New York from Kosovo after working toward a degree in fine art. To pay his bills, he took a job in construction laying tile. By happenstance, earlier this year, he ended up working at 560 West 24th Street, a boutique condominium in West Chelsea near the High …


Artist Banksy opens derelict 'Dismaland' theme park

LONDON (AP) — The elusive British graffiti artist Banksy has unveiled his latest project — a parody of a seaside theme park called "Dismaland" complete with a derelict castle, a dead Cinderella and a Grim Reaper in a bumper car.

The artist, best known for his subversive, stenciled street art, said …


Joey Mars, King of Psychedelic Art

Joey Mars made a name for himself in the counterculture, and designing posters for Aerosmith and Grateful Dead. Now he’s bringing his weird to gallery walls.

Cartoons have long been the medium of choice for lowbrow artists looking to get their ideas across; an accessible way in to the viewer’s …


From Ansel Adams to Calvin: The Surprising Inspiration for Landscape Art

Full version: Tikkun Daily

Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Ansel Adams

We Americans love grand, gorgeous landscapes of natural scenery. Landscape photographers and painters produce a never-ending stream of pictures of Edenic beauty. We buy images by Ansel Adams -- such as this famous view of the Grand …


The World's Most Beautiful Train Ride: A Tale In 13 Photographs

Photographer Rolf Sachs immortalizes a train ride through the Swiss / Italian alps along the famous Rhaetian Railway.

Staring out a train window as the countryside blurs by is one of the quintessential pleasures of continental travel. These are the moments of zen that London-based artist Rolf Sachs …


This Artist Photographed 109 Women To Redefine 'Femininity'

Taking photos at a military base completely changed how one artist thought about femininity.

(Story continues below. Some images may be considered NSFW.)

Logan Norton

Photographer Logan Norton is currently raising funds on Kickstarter for Fort Ord: Beauty, a book that celebrates different facets of …


Peter Schjeldahl on Stanley Whitney’s first solo museum show at the Studio Museum in Harlem:It’s as if, for each painting, Whitney had…

Peter Schjeldahl on Stanley Whitney’s first solo museum show at the Studio Museum in Harlem:

It’s as if, for each painting, Whitney had climbed a ladder and then kicked it away. A viewer on the ground can only wonder how he got up there. A picture’s dynamics may seem about to resolve in one way: heraldically flat, for example. But blink, and the shapes swarm in and out—a Cubistic fire drill.


True Detective: Season 2 Finale Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode follow...

I'll say this first about True Detective's Season 2 finale, "Omega Station" - it was pretty long. …

True Detective

Dustin Hoffman MasterClass Acting Review

Photo: Courtesy of MasterClass.

When you get an offer to try an acting class taught by Dustin Hoffman, you don’t say no.

The man who has brought to life Ben Braddock, Carl Bernstein, Tootsie, Rain Man, and Bernie Focker teaches as part of MasterClass, a site that unites maestros in various fields …

Dustin Hoffman

Morning Light #utah #tiny_collective

Medieval tourism: pilgrimages and tourist destinations

One enduring perception of medieval Europe is of a static, confined world in which most people rarely travelled beyond their immediate locality, and …

Middle Ages

New Mirrored Infinity Room Immerses Viewers in Mesmerizing World of Endless Reflections

With a prolific career dating back to the mid-20th century, New York-based artist Lucas Samaras has gained renown for his work in painting, sculpture, photography, and performance art. Born in Greece in 1936, Samaras has been the subject of seven major career retrospectives and more than …


27 Flower Arrangements You Won’t Believe Are Real

You swear these aren’t paintings?

1. Once upon a time, scrolling through your Instagram feed…

2. …you run into one of these beautiful photographs.

3. You pause your scroll for a sec, and stare.

4. And you think to yourself…

5. “I definitely don’t live on the same planet as those flowers.”

6. “That must …


Staggering Aerial Photos Show Nude Bodies From A Bird's-Eye View

John Crawford

Between 1981 and 1986, photographer John Crawford shot a series of 18 images from a helicopter positioned hundreds of feet above the ground.

No, he wasn't after awe-inspiring atmospheric landscapes. Not exactly. He was working on a project he calls "Aerial Nudes." It is precisely what …


Terry Richardson, Meet Scott Pilgrim - A Dude From Your School Of Photography

All Images (c) Scott Pilgrim

Last year I started using disposable cameras for my street photography. I immediately fell in love. At once it was liberating and creative. Practically no one was using disposable cameras for street photography when I first began. So there was the unique factor. The


A Picasso worth $27 million is seized by customs officials in France

(CNN) — A painting by Pablo Picasso said to be worth 25 million euros ($27 million) was seized by French authorities last week, the French customs office announced Tuesday.

The work of art entitled "Head of a Young Woman" has been ruled a Spanish cultural asset and wasn't supposed to leave the …


Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 Has a New Art Style

Only two months away from launch, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 has a brand new art style.

"There's been a marked upgrade in the graphics," Activision …

Tony Hawk

Turning the Human Corpse into a Work of Art

The film below contains graphic images relating to anatomy and body donation. The contribution of the whole body donors and their families is gratefully acknowledged.

Circles of Focus at Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow 2015 from Brody Condon on Vimeo.

Human body donation may advance scientific …


Brooklyn street artist sues over Katy Perry’s graffitied Met gala gown

The Italian designer Moschino and its creative director, Jeremy Scott, were sued to today in a California federal court by the Brooklyn graffiti …

How To Break The Internet With Your Art

Anish Kapoor Ditry Corner (2011) Photo: The Guardian

By Amah-Rose Abrams

This piece originally appeared on artnet News

In the digital age we live in, it can be hard to get your break in the arts. But harness the power of the internet, and you can move forward by leaps and bounds.

Whether it be with …