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iOS 8.4 Quietly Disables Home Sharing for Music

With one hand Apple giveth, and with the other, it rips a long-standing feature away with no warning.Read more...

Apple Music

iPhone 6S Design Leaks, Expect Angry Responses

What will the next iPhone look like? Now we know…

The ever reliable 9to5Mac has grabbed a great exclusive by attaining the chassis for the upcoming iPhone 6S (factory leaks meant it also happened with the iPhone 6 last year) and its massive library of shots offer a mixture of disappointment and …


Bia Valle’s Flipboard Magazines Marry English Skills and Business News

Bia Valle is an English teacher (who also helps us curate the Brazilian edition of The Daily Edition). But her pupils aren’t kids learning grammar; they’re top executives from large, global companies learning English as a second language in São Paulo. This, she says, makes things a bit more …

Personalized News

Celebrity transformations

Kevin Smith

Yahoo’s Aviate Launcher for Android now streams contextual info to your home screen based on your activities

Yahoo has updated its Aviate launcher for Android phones with Smart Stream, a Google Now-like feature that brings information to help you get through your day, right to your home screen. It’s available to users in the US running Android 4.1 or newer.

Depending on the time of day or your activities, …


Apple Music v Spotify: how do they compare?

I’ve always loved music. I used to spend hours making cassette compilations so I could play my CD singles in the car. Yes, this was another time (and indeed another place). Tapes were replaced by MiniDiscs (stop laughing please), then I joined the iPod generation.

But I never really became a …

Music (UK)

Facebook changed its logo yesterday, did you notice?

Facebook quietly changed its logo yesterday for the first time since 2005 and you probably didn’t even notice.

The update is only a refresh of the company’s wordmark, which is the text-only version of its logo used for identifying its brand.

Josh Higgins, Facebook’s Creative Director told Brand New …


iPhone 6S to double LTE speeds, run more efficiently with new Qualcomm chip

One of the main upgrades to the next iPhone’s internals will be a redesigned wireless system featuring a new Qualcomm-made LTE chip, as revealed by images of a prototype iPhone 6S logic board shared by a source. As shown in the image below, the new device will include Qualcomm’s MDM9635M chip, also …


Facebook just changed its logo so slightly, you probably didn't even notice

You know what's really cool? A slightly rounder lowercase "a."

Facebook quietly began updating its logo across its various properties this week, but the tweaks are so minor that many users likely did not notice. The new logo still combines the classic Facebook blue background with white lowercase …


There’s a dark side to startups, and it haunts 30% of the world’s most brilliant people

The smile on Austen Heinz's face was unguarded and brief. It was the involuntary, small upturn of the corners the mouth that escapes when something genuinely makes you happy.

For Heinz, it was seeing the surfers at Del Mar. He raised his phone to snap a photo for a friend.

Mike Alfred saw the grin on …


India’s Fires Its Maverick CEO Who Gave Away His Shares

It’s funny how things can change quickly. Just two months ago, Rahul Yadav, the young co-founder of CEO of SoftBank-backed, was heralded as a role model for India’s startup space after giving away his entire shareholding (worth at least $23.5 million) to the company’s staff.

Today, …


The iTunes Era Is Over

When I tapped Apple Music Tuesday for the first time, my iPhone screen went blank white for several seconds before anything happened. In those …

Apple Music

How Taylor Swift Saved Apple Music

She was seeing red, now the bad blood's gone

When I awoke Sunday, I was greeted by multiple stories about Taylor Swift’s open letter to Apple and its CEO, Tim Cook. In the note, she took the company to task for its decision not to pay artists during an initial three-month free trial of Apple Music, …

Taylor Swift

Uber downloads in France hit all-time high after strike

Uber has a lot of problems in France, but getting downloads isn’t one of them.

When French taxi drivers rioted last Thursday against Uber, I suggested that they were hurting their own cause.

Not because local politicians wouldn’t capitulate (they have), but because the lack of taxis would cause …


Square Launches Payroll Product For Small Businesses, Pricing Starts At $25/Month

Mobile payment startup Square has been gradually building out the products it offers to small businesses to position itself as a one-stop shop for their various front-of-house and back-office needs. Today sees the latest development on that theme: the company has launched Square Payroll, software …


The US Navy is testing a submarine-hunting drone ship

The US Navy is currently testing a robotic ship that would be able to autonomously hunt enemy diesel submarines.

Originally conceived as a DARPA project, the Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel (ACTUV) is designed to hunt the next generation of nearly silent enemy diesel …

U.S. Navy

Pinterest makes buyable pins available on iOS for US users

At the beginning of this month, Pinterest announced the debut of its Buyable Pins program, an easy and safe way to purchase products via the service.

Today, according to a blog post by Michael Yamartino, Pinterest’s Head of Commerce, the program is now in place. It’s rolling out to US pinners on the …


Facebook Messenger payments is now nationwide

Facebook Messenger has finally rolled out its payments feature across the entire U.S. so that any stateside user can pay friends right inside the app, if they like.

David Marcus, Facebook's vice president of messaging products, quietly announced the news via Facebook post on Tuesday, describing the …


Apple's GarageBand uses trackpad pressure to control your tunes

Apple's Force Touch trackpads haven't done a whole lot in official apps besides fast scrolling and shortcuts, but they'll do considerably more if you grab the latest version of GarageBand. As of the 10.1 update, you can use the pressure-sensitive pad on newer MacBooks and MacBook Pros to vary the …


Mark Zuckerberg: The Future Of Facebook Is Sharing Thoughts

"I believe we'll be able to send full rich thoughts to each other directly using technology."

During a Q&A on Facebook today, Mark Zuckerberg revealed his dream for the future of social media: mind-to-mind thought sharing.

One day, I believe we'll be able to send full rich thoughts to each other …


YouTube now streams 60fps video on Android and iOS

YouTube introduced the ability to play videos in 60fps back in October of last year, but that was limited to the Web. Now it’s introducing the same functionality on the mobile YouTube apps as well.

The new high frame rate support appears to have been turned on via a change on the server end, so you …


Amazon finally begins selling physical products in Mexico

Amazon has opened a Spanish-language online store for physical products in Mexico, two years after it began selling its Kindle ebooks in the country.

The new store, which can be found at, has millions of products available in more categories than Amazon has featured at launch in any of …


Shido bot for Slack lets you outsource tasks to freelancers from within your channel

Shido is the latest product from freelancing marketplace Speedlancer and it works by connecting you with people who can carry out assigned tasks within 4 hours, directly within your Slack channel.

Tasks can be anything from data-entry to design or content creation.

Speaking about the launch on …


Now You Can Unlock And Start Your Hyundai Remotely With The Apple Watch

Apple and Hyundai fans can now use both of their prized devices—an Apple Watch and a Hyundai vehicle—together through the automaker’s cloud-based Blue Link app.

The free smart watch app lets users lock, unlock and start their car remotely simply by giving voice commands, such as “Start my car” or …

Xiaomi's next target for domination: Brazil

Hong Kong (CNN) — Xiaomi is heading to Brazil to sell its smartphones outside Asia for the first time.

The Beijing-based company introduced its Redmi 2 phone on Tuesday in Sao Paulo, which will go on sale for 499 Brazilian real ($160) on July 7. Xiaomi phones sold in Brazil will be manufactured …

Brazilian Politics

YouTube Brings 60fps Video Streams To Its Android And iOS Apps

Over the last few months, Google’s YouTube launched both 60fps video on the desktop and — later — for live video streams. Starting today, you can also watch the service’s smooth 60fps videos in its iOS and Android apps.

Given that these video streams were already available on YouTube’s other main …


'Blind agreement' and closed-door deals: Report slams TPP negotiations

With sign-off on the Trans-Pacific Partnership edging closer and critics warning the deal could "choke" digital rights, an Australian Parliamentary …

Trans-Pacific Partnership

Apple Music Makes Its Debut With a Mix of Tracks

“Into the unknown we go,” the D. J. Zane Lowe said just after noon on Tuesday, as he began his first show on Beats 1, the Internet radio station that is a big feature of Apple’s new music service.

Many in the music industry may have been thinking the same thing. The new service, Apple Music, is the …

Entertainment Industry

NSA to resume mass surveillance on US citizens for another 6 months

Following a ruling from the US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court on Monday, the National Security Agency (NSA) is set to resume its bulk data collection program, which allows it to store and analyze data about American citizens’ phone calls.

The Freedom Act — signed on June 1 after section 215 …

National Security Agency (NSA)

The 10 most important things in the world right now

Hello! Here's what you need to know for Wednesday.

1. Greece missed its €1.6 billion (£1.14 billion, $1.79 billion) loan payment due to the International Monetary Fund on Tuesday, which means the country is no longer receiving bailout funding for the first time since 2010.

2. More than 100 people may …