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Pebble Smartstraps Are Coming—And Here's What They Might Do

One of the most intriguing—yet still underappreciated—elements of Pebble's latest flagship smartwatch, the Pebble Time, was the late-breaking announcement that the gadget will support "smartstraps."

Smartstraps are basically hardware extensions to the smartwatch that can augment its capabilities or …

Computer Hardware

10 essential Finder tricks every Mac user should know

In Mac OS X, you’ll spend much of your time in the Finder, the part of your operating system that manages files and such. While you might think you know all there is to know about it, the Finder is a complex and wonderful app — with its own special tricks to master.

Here are 10 essential Finder tips …

Mac Software

Jony Ive Reveals Exclusive Apple Watch Sport Bands at Milan Design Week

Earlier today the Apple Watch went on display at Milan's Salone Del Mobile Design, with Apple SVP of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller and design consult Marc Newson in attendance. Now, it appears that Jony Ive also made it to the event, revealing exclusive sport band colors for the Apple Watch at …

Apple Watch

Twitter updates privacy policy for non-US accounts, moving jurisdiction to Ireland

Twitter has announced in a blog post that it is revising its privacy policy and terms of service, effective May 18th, for all non-US accounts.

At that time, Twitter says services provided by its Twitter International Company based in Dublin, Ireland will handle account information under Irish …


Canada's banks form consortium to deal with Apple Pay: reports

Apple Pay is coming to Canada, and by the looks of it Canadian banks are keen to avoid the mistakes made by U.S. banks during the initial roll-out of the mobile payment service last year.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Canada’s Big Six banks are negotiating with Apple Inc. about a …

Apple Pay

Beauty: the best products for grey hair

A friend’s grandmother once told me she swore by Heinz tomato ketchup as a pre-shampoo treatment to brighten her silver hair. Though I’ve since heard the trick applied more usually to chlorinated blonde hair, enhancing the beauty of grey has always intrigued me.

Hairdressers and trichologists will …


Use of E-Cigarettes Rises Sharply Among Teenagers, Report Says

Kenny, a high school senior in Weston, Fla., likes to puff e-cigarettes during debate practice. Tom, a sophomore in Westchester County, takes them to track practice. Joe, a senior in Jackson, Miss., uses them in the morning before class as a coffee-flavored way to pass the time.

E-cigarettes have …


‘Reading lists, outfits, even salads are curated – it’s absurd’

Contemporary curating has become an absurdity. Outfits are curated. Salads are curated. Twitter feeds are curated. Bennington College in Vermont invites prospective students to curate their applications. Lorde was appointed “sole curator” of the most recent Hunger Games film’ssoundtrack. Everyone is …


Microsoft Surface 3 is an attractive lightweight

I'm a fan of Microsoft's Surface Pro 3, a no-compromise tablet-laptop hybrid. It's the right size, and has the battery life, power and portability for me to get all of my work (and some play) done. I can't say I feel similarly about the new Surface 3.

The Surface 3 shares many of its larger cousin's …

Microsoft Windows

Surprise! iFixit says you can’t do much to fix or upgrade the 2015 MacBook

As Apple's laptops have become thinner and lighter, they've also become more tightly integrated. The tradeoffs here are the same as they've ever …


Favorite Streets in Europe



Cobbled lanes, broad avenues, streets for gallery-hoppers, food-lovers, shoppers and flâneurs: Contributors in 12 European cities describe the byways (including one river) they love.



Reto Albertalli/Phovea

Clockwise from top left: Joao Pedro Marnoto for The New York Times; …


Jawbone adds contactless payment to its latest fitness tracker

Jawbone has added contactless payments to its latest fitness band, giving a secondary use to its activity tracker as the wearables market becomes more competitive.

The new UP4 is a version of Jawbone’s long-awaited UP3 and incorporates an NFC chip that can be used to pay for goods and services in …

Financial Technology

Paranoia and Polarization in Turkey

ISTANBUL — On March 31, two men disguised as lawyers entered a downtown Istanbul courthouse. They headed to the office of Prosecutor Mehmet Selim Kiraz, locked the door, drew their guns and held him hostage. Soon they revealed that they were members of the DHKP-C, or the Revolutionary People’s …


'Curationism', by David Balzer - review

As words commonly used to write about the visual arts become increasingly useful to advertisers, ‘to curate’ is becoming the synonym du jour for ‘to choose’. For David Balzer however, this shift in language reflects a shift in behaviour. ‘Now that we “curate” even lunch, what happens to the role of …


The artists serving up surrealism on a plate

Perverse provocateurs ToiletPaper are in town with a new pop up

Back in our Autumn/Winter 2014 issue, we invited the twisted twosome behind the hallucinatory ToiletPaper magazine (pop art renegades Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari) to take over Dazed’s back pages art space. From a leather …


Before Its Opening, the Whitney Museum Faces a Protest

The Whitney Museum of American Art has yet to open its doors in its new location in the meatpacking district, but on Tuesday night, it unwittingly played host to its first radical art exhibition.

At 11 p.m., activists from groups including Occupy Museums and Occupy the Pipeline gathered on the …


See Rare Photos of The Police, LL Cool J, & More in a New Photography Exhibition

"LL Cool J 8th Avenue and 33rd Street 1997" ©Lynn Goldsmith/courtesy of Morrison Hotel Gallery

From Bruce Springsteen in a shop full of hubcaps to Debbie Harry in her skimpiest skivvies, photographer Lynn Goldsmith has seen it all—and captured the photo to prove it. In a new show at the Morrison …


The Cost of Sally Mann’s Exposure

In September 1992, I published my third book of photographs, “Immediate Family.” The book contained 60 photographs from a decade-­long series of more than 200 pictures of my children, Emmett, Jessie and Virginia, who were about 6, 4 and 1 when I started the project. The photographs show them going …


Spectacular Light Installations Stun Visitors at Sydney's MCA

Following a sold out show at London's Hayward Gallery and record attendances at the Auckland Art Gallery, Light Show comes to Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA). From April 16 to July 5, visitors to the MCA will get to experience 19 installation from the 1960s to the present day by …


Nurturing the visual arts at Las Vegas Academy

At the opening of a group exhibit at Las Vegas Academy, Chazz Savage works on a sketch and greets visitors perusing his ink drawings. The mostly …


Dance With Your Shadow in an Electrifying Light Art Installation

GIF by Becky Chung

A human body crackles with electricity in João Martinho Moura's interactive installation, WIDE/SIDE, at GNRation Gallery in Braga, Portugal. After using sensors to capture participants' silhouettes, their images are redrawn on a screen with "fast light beams" that evolve …

Shutter Speed

This Japanese Hotline Miami art is sick as hell

Danganronpa maker Spike Chunsoft is publishing Hotline Miami: Collected Edition, a localized bundle of the original gorefest and its thumping sequel …

Japanese Art

Thinking of Investing in Art? This Collector Offers Rules

Bob Rennie is a buy-and-hold kind of guy.

At 18, he scraped together $375 to buy his first artwork, a print by Norman Rockwell. Now 58, the Vancouver …


Noell Oszvald – Photographic Visual Art

The melancholic visual art by Noell Oszvald.Early in 2013, I introduced you to the creative work by Noell Oszvald, a visual artist who lives and …

The Arts

Fetishes as art?! Joint photo exhibit “Ambiguous☆Bishoujo Art Exhibit” opens

TODAYS GALLERY STUDIO (Asakusa) will hold their second free gallery event, “Ambiguous☆Bishoujo Art Exhibit,” for artists from April 29 until May 10. …


In Russia, posting celebrity memes can land you in court

Russian meme lovers have to be extra careful who to show their masterpieces to, because the image macros can apparently get them sued. Roskomnadzor, the country's agency responsible for controlling the internet, media and telecommunications, has recently announced that it's illegal to post memes …


Pocket introduces a new responsive web design and raises another $7 million

Save-for-later service Pocket introduced a redesign of its web client today, making the site responsive for the first time and allowing it to scale more easily from smartphone screens to desktop monitors. The web version now includes a persistent sidebar offering one-tap access to your saved …

Web Design

India’s Restaurant Search App Zomato Raises $50M At $1B+ Valuation, Buys MaplePOS

Time to loosen Zomato‘s belt: the Indian startup whose restaurant search app is now used in 22 countries is growing some more. The company has raised $50 million more in funding, and it has made its first acquisition of a product outside of the restaurant search space: it has bought payments …


Facebook and CIA-backed Recorded Future say they are not scanning Facebook Chat messages

The way Facebook handles privacy has been called into question for years. Now, a developer has claimed that a third-party company is somehow scanning private Facebook messages.

His claim got a lot of attention this morning on Hacker News, a popular message board for software developers.

Except both …


Does Your Whole Home Need Antivirus Now?

Lots of people spend money on a home security system. So why are we leaving more and more of our digital property defenseless?

If you’re diligent, you’ve kept the bad guys at bay by running antivirus software on a home PC. These days, though, we’ve also got phones, e-readers and smart TVs. And what …