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With $3.6 Million In Funding, Meal Box Is Building A Turkish Food Delivery Empire

After launching in Istanbul just over a year ago, Meal Box, a healthy meal delivery startup, is looking to corner the take-out market in the world’s fifth-largest city.

Backed by $3.6 million in funding from Aslanoba Capital, one of Turkey’s most active venture firms, the company wants to replace …


'Me or terrorists?' Furious Erdogan tells US to choose between Turkey and Syrian Kurds

A delegation featuring Brett McGurk, the United States' envoy to the coalition it leads against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), met the YPG …


Zomato breaks even at home, in key markets abroad

MUMBAI (Reuters) - Indian restaurant search and food delivery service Zomato, one of only a handful of Indian start-ups to succeed abroad, said on Monday it had broken even in key markets including India and is on track to make a profit as early as June next year.

The result comes as Zomato seeks …

Markets (India)

Zomato chief product officer Tanmay Saksena quits

Development highlights investor pressure on food delivery websites to improve their financial metrics, say analysts


LinkedIn plunges 44%

LinkedIn's stock had its worst day ever.

Shares cratered by as much as 44% in trading on Friday after the company reported a quarterly loss on Thursday, with guidance that was weaker than expected.

It was the worst decline ever for the stock and has erased about $10 billion of the company's value.

The …


Deutsche Bank's CoCo bonds have investors fidgeting in their seats

Shares of scandal-plagued, litigation-hammered, loss-ridden Deutsche Bank, one of the largest and least capitalized megabanks in the world, closed at €16.32 on Monday in Frankfurt, down 50% from April last year. Investors are fidgeting in their seats, cursor on the sell-button.

In October, it had …


The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

Good morning. Here's everything you need to know in the world of advertising today.

1. Yahoo hangs the "for sale" sign. Company chairman Maynard Webb writes that Yahoo is "exploring additional strategic alternatives."

2. Yahoo will lay off 15% of its workers. The company said during its earnings call …


Relive your Windows 95 memories with this purpose-built emulator

Twenty one years ago this August, the Windows 95 operating system launched to great fanfare around the world.

Now you can relive those heady days with a Windows 95 emulator that runs in your browser. Built by Andrea Faulds, a student at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, the emulator uses …

Microsoft Windows

Sketch now has a dedicated extension page for designers and developers

There are lots of Sketch plugins and integrations, but keeping track of them can be tedious. Now, you won’t have to — Sketch has an official extensions page.

Split into two categories — plugins and integrations — the Sketch extension page has a few featured offerings, as well as a link to a deeper …


Amazon's Kindle e-readers are getting a big software update soon

Amazon has revealed a new firmware update that'll hit its Kindle e-readers later this month, and it sounds like the software will make it even easier to — you guessed it — buy books from Amazon. There's a revamped home screen with shortcuts for books on your wish list, downloaded samples, and …


Human gene editing: 'There is tremendous promise for this powerful technology'

Human gene editing allows scientists to delete, repair or replace bits of cell DNA in a biological form of cut and paste. Harvard Medical School Professor George Daley says this could one day help treat acute conditions. In a landmark decision on Monday, Britain's Human Fertilisation and Embryology …


Elon Musk personally cancels blogger's Tesla order after 'rude' post

Unimaginable wealth has brought Elon Musk a lot of benefits, from being able to build a private spaceflight company to planning a magnet-powered vacuum tube supersonic transport system between Los Angeles and San Francisco — and be taken seriously.

But perhaps the best perk of being Elon Musk is the …

Elon Musk

Popcorn Time makes a comeback

Popcorn Time has made a comeback with the launch of its new Web version – Popcorn Time Online – that allows users to stream all of the movies and TV shows it offers (illegally) directly in their browser using a new plugin called Torrents Time.

Previously, if you wanted to stream anything from …

Popcorn Time

Lamudi, Rocket Internet’s Property Portal For Emerging Markets, Raises $31.4M

Lamudi, a real estate listings site backed by Rocket Internet, is in the money today after closing a fresh investment worth €29 million ($31.4 million) to strengthen its business in Asia and Latin America.

Launched in October 2013, Lamudi is a property in the style of RightMove, the dominant online …

Rocket Internet

Google says Comodo’s ‘secure’ browser isn’t safe to use at all

In an advisory published today, a Google engineer has pointed out that security firm’s Comodo suite of tools to stay safe online actually exposes users to possible attacks.

Tavis Ormandy, an information security engineer at Google, reports that the Comodo Internet Security suite installs a new …


Anonymous App After School Raises $16.4 Million One Year After App Store Ban

What a difference a year can make. One year ago, anonymous messaging app After School was in the middle of a four-month-long ban from Apple’s App Store for violating the company’s safety guidelines.

Now After School is alive and well, and cashing a really big check.

The company, which has an app for …

App Store

YouTube reportedly wants to start live streaming 360-degree video

YouTube has been meeting with camera manufacturers, BuzzFeed News reports, with the intention of developing a way to live stream 360-degree videos. YouTube itself declined to comment on the report, and no timeline has reportedly been set for launch, but the company could be helping to set up …


After burning through $3 billion, Marissa Mayer may finally put the brakes on buying startups

Marissa Mayer has spent nearly $3 billion on buying startups during her first 3 years at Yahoo.

But she may finally put the brakes on her spending spree, the Yahoo CEO indicated during Tuesday's earnings call.

"I feel the need [for M&A] is slightly less acute now," Mayer said during the earnings call.

Marissa Mayer

Why do profit-seeking companies keep making profitless Android phones?

Here’s a quick survey of the traditional Android device manufacturer landscape: Samsung is doing alright, LG and Sony could be doing better, HTC doesn’t know what it’s doing, and Motorola is done. Smartphones have grown to be the most essential piece of modern technology, and yet the industry …


Refinery29 Debuts Its First App, A Morning News Round-Up Called “Refinery29 This AM”

Refinery29, a media company catering to a younger, female demographic, has today launched its first-ever mobile application, called Refinery29 This AM. The idea with the new application is to deliver a round-up of curated news stories to readers, meant to be viewed first thing in the morning. Says …


Gmail has over 1 billion active users

And 10 percent of Inbox replies were automatic.

Does it feel like virtually everyone you know has a Gmail address? You're not alone. While discussing its latest fiscal results, Alphabet has confirmed that there are now over 1 billion active Gmail users per month, or 100 million more than there were …


Here’s how DARPA trained researchers to kill bots

Bots are a particularly pernicious presence on Twitter. While they can be used for good, (R.I.P., original @horse_ebooks), bots often power spam, scams and, most interestingly, very volatile clusters of political and cultural discussion on Twitter. Last year, DARPA confronted the problem and, …


28 'Grams: Instagram serial thriller launches, 15 seconds at a time

Indie cinema is moving onto your phone with the new 28-part serial thriller "Shield 5," coming soon (in bite-sized chunks) to an Instagram feed near …


Another iPad Air 3 Design Drawing Points to Smart Connector, Similar Dimensions as iPad Air 2

A new drawing of the unannounced iPad Air 3 highlights the dimensions of the device, with the potential for the third generation iPad Air to have similar dimensions as the iPad Air 2 (via Engadget). According to the image, the iPad Air 3 will be 6.15 mm thick and 169.6 mm wide, meaning the new …


Canon's 1D X Mark II DSLR records 4K video for a whopping $5,999

Not to be outdone by Nikon's high-end D5 DSLR, Canon has announced its own full frame DSLR with 4K video recording: the EOS-1D X Mark II.

As the successor to the EOS-1D X, the Mark II is not a camera for the budding photographer or even the intermediate shooter. Its $5,999 (body-only) and $6,299 …


Rocket Internet’s Spotcap Raises Further €31.5M To Lend To Small Businesses

Spotcap, the Rocket Internet-founded fintech startup that operates an online lending platform for small businesses, has beefed up its coffers with €31.5 million in new funding.

The round, which is the company’s third in 18 months, having previously raised €18 million, is being led by Russian private …


Think You Stink at Math? Amazon Wants to Change That.

“I stink at math.”

If you have kids, you’ve probably heard that phrase — or maybe you’ve even uttered some variant of it yourself. But in a world where good jobs increasingly require good math skills, that mind-set should no longer be acceptable, according to Rohit Agarwal, general manager of …


SoundCloud gets serious about music discovery with new non-stop stations

SoundCloud has always been one of my favorite ways to discover new artists and music — alongside Hype Machine — and today it’s gotten a little better for casual discovery.

An app update for iOS has added a new ‘station’ feature that lets you create non-stop playlists made up of songs the service …


ThirdLove Raises $8M To Take On The Lingerie World With A Phone-Based Fitting App

Of the many categories of products that are hard to buy online, one of the most challenging is underwear — and specifically bras. Even at the best of times — when you are physically in a store with a veritable sea of bras at your disposal to try on — the process can be painfully unrewarding, with …


TwelveSouth debuts BookBook cases for slimmer iPad Air 2 + mini 4, teases iPad Pro edition

TwelveSouth, maker of stylish accessories for Apple products, is out today with new versions of its signature BookBook case fit for the slimmer iPad mini 4 and iPad Air 2. In addition, TwelveSouth’s also showing off the upcoming iPad Pro version of the BookBook case. If you’re unfamiliar, …