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33 Genius Three-Ingredient Recipes

Yep, it really can be this easy.


21 Flourless Chocolate Desserts That Will Never Let You Down

Dear chocolate, we can be gluten-free and happy—let's run away together.


The Essential Paleo Diet Shopping List

When you’re grocery shopping on the Paleo diet, one thing’s for sure: You <i>won’t</i> be putting many boxes and cans in your cart.<p>Get ready to shop the …

Alternative Smokey Eye Tutorial, Inspired by Kat Von D!

When tattoo artist and television personality Kat Von D isn’t rocking her signature winged eyeliner, she can be seen wearing a softer, half-moon …


23 Genius Ways To Use An Ice Cube Tray

You can make MINI CHEESECAKES.<p>An ice cube tray is great for making miniature desserts, storing things like herbs or stock for easy use later on, and making unique ice cubes for cold drinks. Consider buying silicone ice cube trays; they make it easier to remove things when frozen. Once whatever …


Wanna get your very own Amazon listing?

Wanna get your very own Amazon listing?<p>If there’s one question I’m most often asked, it’s “How many times have I told you that your health insurance does not cover ‘accidental’ insertions of your genitalia into homemade sex robots?”<p>But the next most popular question I get is “How do you become a writer?”

We can finally go to Portsmouth-Norfolk!

We can finally go to Portsmouth-Norfolk!

Don’t stop having fun just because you have house payments and car payments and an Angela Bower job

Don’t stop having fun just because you have house payments and car payments and an Angela Bower job.<p><b>#5. Summer Vacation</b><p>Remember that the fun of summer vacation wasn’t the endless days watching TV or playing video games or “chatting” on “forums,” although those are all great things to do. The fun of summer was that you were free from the routine that someone else invented for you. Are you bored with your life right now? Think like a kid. Find something new to do. Finding a new hobby or skill is …

18 Everyday Products You've Been Using Wrong

Your life has been a lie.


The Pros And Cons Of Having Curly Hair: An Illustrated Take

The artist behind the web comic Tall N Curly hilariously captures all the frustrations. But also all of the awesomeness!


36 Life Hacks Every College Student Should Know

Time to get some life skills you won't acquire in a lecture hall.<p>Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Powell's.


20 Ways To Take Your Short Hair To The Next Level

Do the 'do!


The Worst Relationship Advice We Got From '90s Pop Songs

<i>This article was originally published on March 13.</i><p>As '90s kids (at least some of us!), we grew up with a slew of the best and cheesiest pop music …

Britney Spears

11 Classic Children's Books With Titles That Reflect Their Dark Message

Comedian Dan Wilbur has taken some our favorite childhood books and improved the titles to more accurately describe their real underlying message.


Don’t Say Goodbye When You Leave a Party. Just Ghost.

One recent evening, I celebrated my birthday in the outdoor courtyard of a bar. As the night wore on, and friends fell by the wayside, each departure …

I Avoid Goodbyes At All Costs, Even When It Hurts People

I avoid goodbyes like I avoid llamas at petting zoos. They both produce the same anxiety in me. Just looking at a llama with his smug mug, chewing on his tongue and waiting for my hand to come near his mouth so he can bite it off makes my heart beat very fast. I start to sweat profusely and my …

Revisiting Your Sixth Grade Bookshelf: "Blubber"

One time in college, my roommate Ruth Ann and I made up a whole satirical list of Fat Girl Rules. I cannot remember most of them, but I can very clearly recall the one that said a fat girl’s favorite animal should not be any type of animal that could be used as a nickname against her.<p>This ruled out …

30 Ads You Haven't Seen In Forever

How many of these decorated your binders or were taped on your walls?

Because People Still Don't Get It, Here's What's Wrong With Having A "Preference" for Asian Women

After reading the comment section of Kristina Wong's article, “9 Wack Things White Guys Say to Deny their Asian Fetish,” I realized most people <i>still</i> don't get it. Even a lot of Asian women can't quite put their finger on what gives them goosebumps when a guy hits on them suspiciously <b>just because</b> …

When You Work At A Nonprofit

Confessions of a Constant Comparer

Competitive sports and I have never gotten along. Come to think of it, <i>anything</i> competition-based has never been my thing (though in junior high I did make a half-hearted attempt on the girls’ JV basketball team, but only because my mean-girl faux best friend pressured me. (I was “scared of the …

How To Feel About Getting Older

If your biggest fear is getting older, the best thing that can happen to you is getting older. That's right! Like treating a fear of heights with exposure to heights, the universe will also desensitize you to a fear of aging by continuing to apply time + gravity. You will realize that getting older …

What Stupid Little Life Tasks Do You Hate The Most (For No Reason)?

Yesterday my friend was over. We were camped out in my living room, working on our laptops (actually, I was on my laptop and she was buried in school books, but same diff). I went into the kitchen to throw away the remains of the Japanese food we'd ordered for lunch. I could barely fit the plastic …

16 Chic 1970s Interiors You Would Want To Live In

These designs are as stylish today as they were then. Proof, that perhaps the '70s wasn't the decade that taste forgot.

Living Rooms

23 Dogs Who Are Too Adorably Stupid For Their Own Good

You big, beautiful idiots.


TV Underdogs to Fall in Love With

Have you ever readily poised yourself, pizza and glass of vino in hand, to watch the latest overseas smash sitcom everyone at your work/gym/party …

Middle School

Old Lady Movie Night: 'Singles'

Well WHAT IS UP, party people? Remember that song, “Party People”? The one by Missy Elliott that I would shout “THIS IS MY SONG” about upon hearing …

Adam Scott

Justsayjenn – The justsayjenn authority

Camping can be a great way for you to spend time with your family. However, there are a lot of things you need to keep in mind so that you not only …