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Male enhancement pills are in the category of what are considered 'controversial' products. One of the biggest controversies of course Vialis Male Enhancement is with regard to whether they work or not, in the first place. In this regard the mainstream medical community seems to hold the opinion that there is absolutely no way of enhancing the size of the male sexual organ after the teenage years (when a good combination of male sex hormones like testosterone and growth hormones could have some effect down there). According to this school of thought, the prevailing ultimate view is that the male enhancement pills simply don't work - and that the people selling them are scammers who are only out to fleece people off their hard earned money.Directly against the view of the mainstream medical community, of course, is the view of the manufactures of these male-enhancement pills, and their regular users: who hold the opinion that these products indeed do work (wonders sometimes) in enhancing the size of malesexual organ, a phenomenon which the mainstream medical community counter-argues to be due to the so-called 'placebo effect' - arguing that the men who experience growth on their sexual organs as a result of using the male enhancement pills are actually not seeing 'real growth' but just a delusion in their own minds. It would be quite easy to buy this counter-argument offered by the mainstream medical community