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The bull***t-free guide to Mac battery life

My MacBook Pro’s reached that time in its life when the battery is diminishing slightly so I’ve been looking into how to get the most possible …


China now second biggest revenue generator for iOS apps

App analytics outfit App Annie is reporting that China has leapfrogged Japan to become the second biggest revenue generator for iOS apps. The number …

iOS Apps

Weird but entertaining Ask Siri bug

Here’s a weird and inconsequential but entertaining Siri bug.


Quick tip: Make better use of tabs in Finder

Although introduced a few years ago now I’ve never got the hang of using tabs in Finder within Mac OS X. I’m just stuck in my ways – or I was, until …

iOS Apps

Apple's mapping vans dissected

Over at the Geoawesomeness blog Aleks Buczkowski has looked into several snapshots taken of Apple’s mapping vans.


How to share a Wallet pass or card

Here’s a tip that falls into the category of, “I never knew that!” Did you know that you can share some cards/passes within the Wallet app? For …


Sleep your Mac after a set period – useful if watching movies at night

It’s always been possible to sleep or even wake-up a Mac on schedule via the Energy Saver pane of System Preferences – just click the Schedule button …


Product Hunt launches "a tiny app for your Mac"

Product Hunt is one of the web’s most popular success stories and over the last year or so has provided a much-needed platform for those wanting to …

Product Hunt

New Macbook roughly as powerful as 2013 Macbook Pro 13in

We’ve had a peek at an early new Macbook Geekbench score for 64-bit single and multi-core processing. The results are in the screenshot below, …


Control your drone by waving your Apple Watch around

WatchToDrone is software that lets you control a Parrot mini drone using arm gestures. You will, of course, need an Apple Watch, which is able to …


"RansomWhere" detects, blocks ransomware – and it's free

We’re big fans of software developer Objective-See here at Mac Kung Fu, having recommended their BlockBlock and KnockKnock apps in the …