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The bull***t-free guide to Mac battery life

My MacBook Pro’s reached that time in its life when the battery is diminishing slightly so I’ve been looking into how to get the most possible …

China now second biggest revenue generator for iOS apps

App analytics outfit App Annie is reporting that China has leapfrogged Japan to become the second biggest revenue generator for iOS apps. The number …

Weird but entertaining Ask Siri bug

Here’s a weird and inconsequential but entertaining Siri bug.

Quick tip: Make better use of tabs in Finder

Although introduced a few years ago now I’ve never got the hang of using tabs in Finder within Mac OS X. I’m just stuck in my ways – or I was, until …

Operating Systems

Apple's mapping vans dissected

Over at the Geoawesomeness blog Aleks Buczkowski has looked into several snapshots taken of Apple’s mapping vans.

Autonomous Vehicle

How to share a Wallet pass or card

Here’s a tip that falls into the category of, “I never knew that!” Did you know that you can share some cards/passes within the Wallet app? For …


Sleep your Mac after a set period – useful if watching movies at night

It’s always been possible to sleep or even wake-up a Mac on schedule via the Energy Saver pane of System Preferences – just click the Schedule button …

Smart TV

Product Hunt launches "a tiny app for your Mac"

Product Hunt is one of the web’s most popular success stories and over the last year or so has provided a much-needed platform for those wanting to …

New Macbook roughly as powerful as 2013 Macbook Pro 13in

We’ve had a peek at an early new Macbook Geekbench score for 64-bit single and multi-core processing. The results are in the screenshot below, …

MacBook Pro

Control your drone by waving your Apple Watch around

WatchToDrone is software that lets you control a Parrot mini drone using arm gestures. You will, of course, need an Apple Watch, which is able to …

Apple Watch

"RansomWhere" detects, blocks ransomware – and it's free

We’re big fans of software developer Objective-See here at Mac Kung Fu, having recommended their BlockBlock and KnockKnock apps in the …


Steve Jobs, the storyteller

Here’s yet another fun Steve Jobs recollection from people posting on Quora (see also this, this and this). This time it’s from Tomas Higbey.

Steve Jobs

Lists of Mac Open Source apps

Open source software is created with the intention that it’s shared with others, and with the side effect that it’s nearly always free of charge. …

Beware the USB hubs that can kill your Mac

YouTuber and electrical engineer BigClive has come across a USB hub that destroyed no fewer than three Mac motherboards – or so it’s claimed by one …

Raspberry Pi

Why do I keep getting asked to reset my passcode?

Following the upgrade to 9.3 many iPhone users are reporting seeing a pop-up prompt requesting they change their passcode/passphrase within 60 …

Microsoft Exchange

Scam warning: Extremely convincing fake Apple ID sign-in site [1]

An extremely convincing iCloud phishing scam site has surfaced. The site uses the URL (DON’T visit it!) and looks and feels …

Identity Theft

Get Apple's free recycling designer wallpapers

If you take part in Apple’s Renew scheme and recycle your old Apple stuff in-store, as a bonus reward Apple gives you a small card that links to some …


Quick tip: Know instantly if your Mac's memory can be upgraded

Click the Apple menu item (top left of the desktop), and then About This Mac. If the window you see shows a Memory tab then your Mac’s memory CAN be …

Where's Waldo? I mean, where's Tim Cook? (Lots of fun) [1]

British Apple magazine Mac Format has marked the 40th anniversary of the creation of Apple with a very, very cool “Where’s Waldo?” drawing, set in …

Tim Cook

The real reason Apple loves recycling: $40 million of gold recovered

There’s gold in them thar iPhones, says Apple’s 2016 environmental report published yesterday (via BusinessInsider).


Every iPad compared – performance, heat, loudness, and more

Truly a big hats off to YouTuber EverythingApplePro, who has compared every single iPad ever made in a variety of tests – everything from heat …

IPad Pro

Google Chrome now supported only on OS X Mavericks (10.9) and later

Google has followed through on the promise made late last year and dropped support for versions of OS X older than Mavericks (10.9) in the latest …

Google Chrome

Is Siri going deaf? Getting Siri to understand you

Today I saw a guy repeating something that Siri had misunderstood. He had turned his iPhone on its end and was speaking into the bottom of it where, …


Safari to get real-time video and audio chat

A future Safari web browser update will bring cross-platform real-time video and audio chatting to iOS and Mac OS X. In theory, this means users will …

Android Phones

Steve Jobs, neighbor and Frankenstein impersonator

Quora is one of the most active communities of folks discussing Steve Jobs and his legacy, and yesterday their director of product management – …

MacBook Air

The "1970" iOS bug is back – this time with added Wi-Fi

Security researcher and journalist Brian Krebs reports on a variation of the “1970” iOS bug that can brick devices. This time it works over Wi-Fi, …


Today's Microsoft Office 2016 update brings add-in store to Mac

Today’s major 15.21.1 update for Microsoft Office 2016 brings the much-heralded Add-In Store to the Mac version of Word and Excel (although not yet …

Microsoft Office

How cheap can an iPhone get? How about $59.99?

<!–MAIN IMAGE--><br>Recently a family member set me a challenge: What’s the lowest price I could find for a genuine Apple iPhone? I rather surprised …