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What Is Consciousness?

INNOVATIONS IN<p>Scientists are beginning to unravel a mystery that has long vexed philosophers.<p>Christof Koch<p>Christof Koch is chief scientist and …


How Baby Boomers Broke America

The Meritocracy’s ascent was about more than personal profit. As my generation of achievers graduated from elite universities and moved into the …


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Never-Before-Seen Photos of Dalí Prove His Wife Was Way More Than a Muse

Gala Dalí didn't talk publicly about their relationship, but these rare photos speak volumes.<p>Earlier this year an exhibition opened at the Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí's Púbol Castle revealing a version of the iconic surrealist as seen through the eyes of female photographers. The photos in the …


The Freedom to Oppress

“The art world is a place that says it wants people to be free.”<p>—Jerry Saltz<p>“You know and I know that the country is celebrating one hundred years of …


Donald Trump and the disturbing power of dehumanizing language

Dehumanization is already prevalent in America. We don’t need anyone — especially Trump — stoking it further.<p>“You wouldn’t believe how bad these people are,” President Donald Trump said Wednesday about people who have been deported from the United States, during a discussion about California …

Donald Trump

Europe is demolishing its dams to restore ecosystems

NEWS<p>Most scientists welcome the dam-removal trend but some call for research into potential ill effects.<p>Quirin Schiermeier<p>Search for this author …


Racial and Ethnic Differences in Homicides of Adult Women and the Role of Intimate Partner Violence — United States, 2003–2014

Homicide is one of the leading causes of death for women aged =44 years.* In 2015, homicide caused the death of 3,519 girls and women in the United …


Nanoparticles could help rescue malnourished crops

Nanoparticles normally used to fight cancer could also be used to treat malnourished crops.

Rare Earth

A broken idea of sex is flourishing. Blame capitalism

In this world, women are marketed as toys and trophies. Are we surprised when some men take things literally?<p>Since the Toronto bloodbath, a lot of pundits have belatedly awoken to the existence of the “incel” (short for involuntary celibate) online subculture and much has been said about it. Too …


The 'lost generation' of millennials born in the 1980s may never be as rich as their parents

From saving longer to buy a home to facing increasing living costs, millennials are balancing myriad money woes compared to previous generations.<p>All of these hurdles combined mean they're at risk of accumulating less wealth during their lives. As a quick recap, millennials are defined as the …


Bonobo females found to protect and support a female giving birth

A team of researchers from the University of Pisa and CNRS/Université Claude Bernard Lyon has observed captive female bonobos helping one of their …


Amazon Teams Up With Law Enforcement to Deploy Dangerous New Facial Recognition Technology

Amazon has developed a powerful and dangerous new surveillance system and is actively helping governments deploy it.Amazon, which got its start …


Stunning first image sent back by NASA’s planet-hunter satellite

NASA’s new planet-hunting satellite just sent back its first image. The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), launched in April.<p>On 17 May, it …


Want To Be A Great Storyteller? First, Break These Habits

The story you decide to tell matters just as much as how you decide to tell it.<p>You’ve heard dozens of times that you’re more likely to engage your audience when you tell a story in your presentation. A story that’s powerful and relevant can galvanize people and inspire action. But even otherwise …

Public Speaking

Poverty Touches Not Just Pocketbooks, but Mental Health | The Takeaway

Living with scarcity can create disparities in health outcomes, which, like wealth, can be passed down to future generations.

Mental Health

Understanding Food and Climate Change: An Interactive Guide

&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;<p><i>Understanding Food and Climate Change: An</i> …


Who Owns The World?

The world’s 299 biggest corporations are owned by 30 financial organizations.

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Penguins Go Through the Flow

Colonies of breeding king penguins behave much like particles in liquids do, according to new study by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution …


Big G and small g: Understanding gender and its relationship to family violence

<i>by Sophie Yates</i>I recently published a journal article about the wide variety of definitions I came across when I asked Australian policy actors what …

Understanding Food and Climate Change: A Systems Perspective

<i>Understanding Food and Climate Change: A Systems Perspective</i> explores the links between food systems and our changing climate with an emphasis on …


7 Poems That Show What It's Like To Be A Girl In Ethiopia

45 female poets joined forces to confront gender-based violence, cultural expectations, and other pressures of being a girl or woman.<p>The poets, between ages of 13 to 55, met in workshops over three months last summer. They performed their work at the Hawassa Literary Festival in Hawassa, in central …


'Sea Nomads' Are First Known Humans Genetically Adapted to Diving

For hundreds of years, the Bajau have lived at sea, and natural selection may have made them genetically stronger divers.<p>If you hold your breath and plunge your face into a tub of water, your body automatically triggers what's called the diving response. Your heart rate slows, your blood vessels …

Immune System

White Male Workers Respond Poorly To Women And Racial Minorities In Power And Take It Out On Colleagues: Report

How do white male executives handle it when a woman or person of color become CEOs of their company? Not well, a new study from the University of …

How bacteria are changing your mood

<b>If anything makes us human it's our minds, thoughts and emotions.</b><p>And yet a controversial new concept is emerging that claims gut bacteria are an invisible hand altering our brains.<p>Science is piecing together how the trillions of microbes that live on and in all of us - our microbiome - affect our …


The Guerrilla Grafting Movement - Secretly Grafting Fruit-Bearing Branches Onto Ornamental City Trees

Considering the level of poverty in the city, free access to fruit is a fantastic idea. With no means to afford a decent meal, the homelesss would …

'Black Cowboys' Sheds Light On Overlooked Music Of African-Americans Who Went West

There's a "skewed perception of how we think about who was out there on the range, and how diverse it was," musician Dom Flemons says.

New Albums

White Allies, Let’s Be Honest About Decolonization

I want to experience the solidarity of allied actions that refuse fantastical narratives of commonality and hope.


Big box stores are costing our cities far more than we ever imagined.

A Walmart and surrounding parking lot near Asheville (Source: Google Maps)Drive a little ways out from the center of any town and you’re likely to …

Urban Design

The illusion of time

BOOKS AND ARTS<p>Andrew Jaffe probes Carlo Rovelli’s study arguing that physics deconstructs our sense of time.<p>Andrew Jaffe<p>Andrew Jaffe is a cosmologist …