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4 Ways Job Seekers Should Be Using LinkedIn to Get Their Dream Job

Set your self apart by using these tips on your LinkedIn profile<p>Technology has shifted the way we interact with most things and recruiting is no different. Most job searches--if not all--is done online. Competition is tense, and sometimes getting your foot in the door can seem impossible. This is …


Why Magic Hour is Overrated

Ask 100 photographers when to shoot and 99 of them will tell you the same thing: at sunrise or sunset. “But WHY?” you might ask and they’ll roll …

Landscape Photography

Stunning Travel Street Photography by Zerletti Marcello

Creative travel landscapes by <b>Zerletti Marcello</b>, talented self-taught photographer, retoucher and traveler currently based in Berlin, Germany. …


Moleskine’s productivity app is as addictive as its notebooks

The legendary notebook maker’s third app is the epitome of simplicity.<p>The infinite descending spiral of chaos that I call “my life” is always in dire need of organization. While I should probably give up and embrace the madness, from time to time I’ve tried different task managers, apps, and tools …


Top 20 museums around the world for 2017

Natural History Museums

This Portable Charger Can Keep Your Devices Powered For Days

For times when you're traveling, or just on the move all day, it's good to have a portable battery on hand like the ZeroLemon JuiceBox. It helps keep …

Gear & Gadgets

HomeScan helps find signal weak spots for your Bluetooth HomeKit smart home accessories

Aaron Pearce, maker of the HomeCam and HomePass apps, has today expanded his HomeKit utility suite with HomeScan, a simple app to show the current signal strength of all the Bluetooth HomeKit accessories in your home. You can quickly identify weak spots and find a better placement for your …

Home Automation

Stop struggling with PDFs: PDFelement Lets You Edit PDFs like Microsoft Word

Sponsored:<p>Microsoft Word is embraced by many as the standard document editing software, used across campuses and businesses alike. With a simple user …


What Does Your Taste in Music Reveal About Your Personality?

Could your playlists reveal information about your personality? Research conducted by psychologists Jason Rentfrow and Sam Gosling suggests that …


Downtown Dubai

12 Apps That Will Help You Take Better Care Of Yourself

From habit-tracking to anxiety management, there's pretty much an app for everything.<p><i>By the way, these apps might help you, but they're not a replacement for professional help, so always make sure to consult with your doctor about your personal health and wellness.</i>


12 Clever Little Things People Do To Feel Motivated

You. Can. Do. It.<p><i>Responses have been lightly edited for length and clarity.</i>


The 15 Best Places to Visit in Florida

1 of 15<p>Anna Maria Island<p>Advertisement<p>2 of 15<p>Historic Downtown Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island<p>3 of 15<p>Seaside<p>Advertisement<p>4 of 15<p>Pier 60, Clearwater …

Fort Lauderdale

Stanley Clarke Reveals New Album for 2018

45 years after his debut album as a leader, Stanley Clarke has announced his next release. The Message will feature the bass master alongside his …

New Albums

The time when giant stereos and speakers ruled the world: Alan Cross

I still remember my first stereo system with great fondness.<p>With $500 I earned from my first job at the soft ice cream parlour/pool hall in my small …


Home Grown: The collector who has been addicted to vinyl for 35 years

Vinyl Records

Archaeologist Who Uncovered China's 8,000-Man Terra Cotta Army Dies At 82

A Chinese archaeologist who identified a long-lost clay army consisting of 8,000 soldiers died Wednesday, according to China's state media.<p>Zhao Kangmin first laid eyes on fragments of terra cotta warriors in 1974. Farmers some 20 miles from China's central city of Xi'an were digging a well and …



National Geographic Used a ‘Stock’ Image and It’s Amazing

As a kid who grew up with a shelf filled with yellow spines, I can attest to the rhythm and general predictability of a <i>National Geographic</i> cover. …

Sea Level

Ask the Captain: It takes skill to make a smooth landing

<b>Question: During the final moments of landing flare, how does the pilot know the remaining distance before the main gear touches the runway? Is it primarily by training and experience, or is there an instrument other than the altimeter that indicates the remaining distance?</b><p>— <b>Scott L., Jacksonville,</b> …


I wish this ridiculously expensive gaming headset wasn’t so freaking good

Let me start this review with a statement: No one needs, has needed, or will ever need to spend $329 on a wireless gaming headset. No one needs to …

Consumer Tech

CyberGhost is a VPN that stands out, and not just because it's on sale

One bright spot in this year's black hole of bad news concerning internet privacy and data security: VPNs are thriving. It seems like you can throw a …


Diamond beach, Iceland

Earth's Magnetic Field Is Drifting Westward, and Nobody Knows Why

Over the 400 years or so that humans have been measuring Earth's magnetic field, it has drifted inexorably to the west. Now, a new hypothesis …

Earth Science

This Study Confirms How Important Forgiveness Is. Here's How To Do It

Forgiveness isn't always easy: If someone has hurt you, you may carry feelings of anger and bitterness for a long time. And forgiving <i>yourself</i> for …

Positive Thinking

Stress Can Change Your Body From Head To Toe, But Here's Why It Can Be A Good Thing

To state the obvious, stress isn't good for you mind, your body, or really any part of your well-being. But if "high-alert" and "anxious" are …


Why the pharmaceutical industry is giving up the search for an Alzheimer’s cure

Thanks to modern healthcare and improved living standards, life expectancy is predicted to surpass 80 years in most parts of the world by 2050. That’s the positive.<p>The negative is that will push the number of people in the world over the age of 60 to more than 2 billion, which in turn will make …


AI the future of insurance and underwriting….

UTS Advanced Analytics Institute (AAI) is collaborating with ANZ-OnePath, one of Australia’s leading providers of wealth, insurance and advice …

Machine Learning