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Belly Rubs

MRW I find out that the rock is alive

Waking up a sleeping otter

Taking turns sharing ice cream

Self-driving cars are the future, but there’s a tech traffic jam in their path

Even the insurance industry is trumpeting the impact of Google’s innovation in driverless vehicles – but there are a few practical potholes<p>Here’s an interesting parlour game for a wet Sunday afternoon: list the most significant technological innovations of the last two decades. The two items at the …

Autonomous Vehicle

Google's self-driving cars might be too good at braking for cyclists

Google's self-driving cars are cautious by design, but in at least one instance, it may be a bit too much. A cyclist posting on a road bike forum says that an encounter between themself and a self-driving car ended up with neither moving more than a few inches for a good two minutes. The cyclist …

Driverless Cars

SF lawmaker announces ‘Idaho Stop’-style bike yield law proposal

Supervisor John Avalos on Wednesday announced plans to introduce an ordinance to make citations for bicyclists who “safely yield at stop signs” the …

Researchers harness the power of Wi-Fi to charge devices

A team of researchers from the University of Washington (UW) are working on perfecting a method of charging electronic devices using ambient Wi-Fi …

'GMT Bug' in iOS 8 Calendar Syncing Causing Time Zone Confusion for Users

A growing number of users on Apple's support forums are reporting an issue with iOS 8 and the time zones of synced calendar events, reports <i>Forbes</i>. Known by users as the "GMT bug," the issue is causing confusion as calendar events sometimes see a secondary time zone (frequently GMT) added on.<p>The …

Things the Dutch do while riding a bike

Cycling is an everyday mode of transport in most of the world, but nowhere do people choose to ride their bikes to work, school, football practice …

It’s Time For Industrial Design To Grow Up

Traditional industrial design can’t deliver what it takes to create tech devices. Besides new skills, we need new language.<p>I am an industrial designer by training, but it’s been a while since I called myself one. Industrial design has changed, and what I do has changed, too.<p>The kinds of projects I …

Product Design

Is this city the happiest place to live and work?

Imagine paying 52% taxes, and still loving where you live. Sound impossible?<p>Talk to expatriates who have settled in Amsterdam.<p>“I’m in the 52% bracket and I don’t have a problem with it because the services are so generous,” said American art designer Rachel Ericson. “I live in a beautiful city, my …


20 little-known facts about Mormon temples' Angel Moroni statues

Low-Poly Masks

Beautiful Masks<p>MADE BY YOU<p>We supply the templates and instructions that enable you to turn unwanted card into beautiful 3D masks that you can build …

The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak


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iPhone 6 Looks

This is kind of a tough exercise, but look at the image above, which displays every currently shipping iPhone, and try if you can to momentarily …

Come Dine With Me Wales. How not to say the word magnificent!


The Power of Introverts - Ep 1


Filtered water bottles. Hydration for body, mind and soul | KOR

website<p>We deliver personal hydration with innovative reusable and filtered water bottles that are BPA-free, design-driven, and use sustainable …

Dyson US - Official Site | Dyson

Receive a complimentary case with select Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryers.<p>Shop now<p>Divider line<p>Cord-free. Hassle-free. The most powerful suction.¹<p>Shop now<p>…