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Be a nun for a day at a Kyoto temple

KYOTO — On a hill overlooking Yamashina Ward, Kyoto, there is a temple that has long come to the aid of weary women. I visited in the middle of …

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'Taimeshi' red sea bream and rice: The key to celebrating most anything in spring

The love of seafood has deep roots in Japan, and it can be interesting to trace these back in history. Where fish are concerned, long before tuna was …

Yumeji TAKEHISA「竹久夢二」 (1884-1934) https://t.co/NH1nZVPfjo

Modern dramatist’s ‘dark and gorgeous’ kabuki tests famed brothers

Life and death are major themes for artists, and for dramatists no less. In Japan, its traditional all-male kabuki stages have long witnessed fathers …


A Closer Look at San’yaku after Week 1

Hi there – this is my first guest post on the site, so thanks for having me! Following Bruce’s analysis last week, contrasting the early upper …

Japan's "Weird Hotel," staffed by robots, in a Japanese theme-park

The Henn Na Hotel ("weird hotel") is staffed by robots: the Japanese-speaking check-in clerk is a vicious robot dinosaur, while the English-speaking …


Japanese Are Going Crazy About These Bunny Succulents

Ever wanted to own a rabbit but don’t have the time or space to look after one? Then why don’t you grow one in a pot instead? Don’t worry, we haven’t …

Cute Animals

" Egrets and Reeds in Moonlight " (1926), Wodblock print, Ohara #Shōson. https://t.co/gFOuJRggNe

Hasui KAWASE「川瀬巴水」 (1883-1957) https://t.co/bELocYdo6l

The man in the Godzilla suit

Meet Haruo Nakajima, the 87-year-old fellow who wore a Godzilla suit for the classic Japanese monster films from the 1950s through <i>Godzilla vs. Gigan</i> …

Where to Go in Japan: 3 Places to Visit in 2017

You'll see the cities, sure. But here's what else you can't miss.<p>Tokyo. Kyoto. These two metropolises—Japan's current and ancient capitals, respectively—are not only the country's most famous cities, but some of the brightest hubs of innovation, culture, history, and food, <i>period</i>: There's a reason</i> …


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Just Japan Podcast 149: Sumo in Osaka

In Episode 149 of the Just Japan Podcast, host Kevin O’Shea chats with well-known YouTube Sumo wrestling commentator Jason Harris (Jason’s All Sumo …


A super efficient 2-week itinerary for Japan

Before you start to read this itinerary, there’s a very important question you have to ask yourself: Are you a “do it all, see it all” traveler? Or …

Jakuchū ITŌ「伊藤若冲」 (1716-1800) https://t.co/0bosyap0nn

Tōhaku HASEGAWA「長谷川等伯」 (1539-1610) https://t.co/mxCy8XiVz9

Japan's decluttering guru Kondo now has an app for tidying up

The newest tool for internationally acclaimed organizing guru Marie Kondo in her global battle against messy rooms is an app.<p>“My goal is to have as …

A trip to a fantastical world full of Wisteria flowers | JAPAN Monthly Web Magazine

This Wisteria Flower Tunnel in Japan Is the Most Magical Place Ever

How does Mother Nature do it?<p>One of the best parts of spring takes place when you spot that first flower peeking out of the ground. After a long, dreary winter, it's the first sign that warm weather is on its way. This tunnel in Japan illustrates that concept perfectly — multiplied by one hundred …


Two examples of excellence from Japan

Exhibit A: Calculator operation<p>Exhibit B: Apologies

HIROSHIGE「歌川広重」 (1797-1858) https://t.co/xobJUibBY4

In defense of the older Japanese man (because someone’s got to do it)

Men over 35 — better known as "ojisan" or the more derogatory "ossan" — are lumped together in a cold, lonely place where they have little choice but …

Hiroshi Yoshida (1876-1950) Japanese famous oil painter, watercolor painter, printmaker. Japanese modern printmakers. https://t.co/TdGJdiDiXd

JOINING THE LOCALS |宮崎県綾町での田舎暮らし体験

Spreadable coffee is coming to Japan

Snow Brand Milk will celebrate its 55th birthday by releasing "spreadable coffee" intended to be eaten on toast; it's a followup to an earlier …