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DIY Balloon & Fronds Tropical Party Centerpiece

Materials:<p>Latex balloons of various sizes<br>• Palm fronds and Monstera leaves or other foliage<br>• Baker's twine or strong and thick clear fishing line if you …


DIY Unicorn Planter

18<p>Readable in 1 minutes<p>Materials:<p>Clay pot<br>• White spray paint<br>• Black sharpie pen<br>• Gold glitter paper<br>• Pink marker<br>• Hot glue gun<br>• Paper flowers<br>• Succulent plant<br>• White …


How To Make Charcoal Facial Soap

These charcoal facial bars are great for oily, or blemish prone skin.<p>Ingredients<p>12 Bar Rectangle Silicone Mold<br>• 1.8 oz. Castor Oil (5%)<br>• 9 oz. Coconut …

Palm Oil

DIY Paper Mache Balloon Bowl

8<p>Readable in 2 minutes<p>Materials<p>1 balloon<br>• decoupage glue<br>• 1-inch foam brush<br>• newspaper, torn into roughly 1-inch squares<br>• plain newsprint (available at craft …


DIY Geode Bath Bombs

Ingredients<p>3 tbsp. epsom salt/ coarse sea salt/dead sea salt<br>• 1 tbsp. coconut oil<br>• food or soap coloring<br>• 1/2 cup baking soda<br>• 1/4 cup citric acid<br>• 1/4 cup …


DIY Donut Bath Bombs

Recent Posts<p>Ingredients 1 cup baking soda ½ cup citric acid ½ cup c...<p>0 15 11.07.2018<p>Ingredients for SlimeBlue Elmers Glitter GlueGreen Elme...<p>0 67 …


DIY Rainbow Slime

Ingredients for Slime<p>Blue Elmers Glitter Glue<br>• Green Elmers Glitter Glue<br>• Pink Elmers Glitter Glue<br>• Purple Elmers Glitter Glue (if you want galaxy slime, …


Create Napkin Rings Using Fresh Florals

How to Create Napkin Rings Using Fresh Florals<p>Whether preparing a table for a bridal shower, wedding reception or a family gathering, napkin rings …

Bridal Showers

DIY Speak Bubbles For Your Plants

What you need for speech bubbles for your plants<p>scrap piece of tin MDF<br>• white craft paint<br>• colored craft paint (for the text)<br>• small paint brush (for the …


DIY Hand Painted Birdhouses

Supplies: wood birdhouse / craft paint / paintbrushes<p>Instructions:<p>1. Choose your paint colors and begin painting the front face of the house. (The …


DIY Box Shelves

DIY Christmas Cookie Cans

DIY Hot Chocolate Christmas Ornaments

DIY Popsicle Stick Snow Flakes

DIY Advent Calendars

DIY River Rock Garden Markers

DIY Terrarium

DIY Boring Glasses

09:32<p>Glam Up those boring glasses! Its Fun and simple. Pick Up some Paint Pens, a Helping Hand and get to Decorating!<p>Tags : DIY Glasses DIY …

DIY Floating Leaves And Flower

DIY Pineapple Wine Bottle Gift Tutorial

DIY Christmas Gift

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DIY Pencil Pouch

DIY Painted Heart Bag

DIY Gift Pack

DIY Pom Pom Pillow

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DIY Wine Bottle Craft