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Nicki Minaj - Super Bass

Charlie bit my finger - again !

Check Out These Amazing Homemade Pneumatic Wolverine Claws

There have been numerous attempts at real life claws like the ones Wolverine can pop from his hands in <i>X-Men</i>, but few are as bad ass as these pneumatic ones. YouTuber Colin Furze managed to create a contraption that replicates the famous snikt of Wolverine’s claws.<p>The entire thing is cool enough, …

Princess Leia Kitten

When a kitten says this to you, it's devastating. Flickr member Wendy dresses her cat in different costumes, including the Doctor, Daenerys …

The Dreaded Sweat: the Other Medieval Epidemic

While most people have heard of the Black Death, medieval Europe was also afflicted by a less deadly but more perplexing epidemic: the sweating …