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All my friends in Europe should come to visit Colombia, is paradise on earth https://t.co/kAILFsrI30

Planes take to the runway in a glorious 8K 360-degree video

We haven't even had a chance to fill our homes with 4K TVs and already YouTube is moving on to 8K. To get an early jump on the coming wave of mega-high resolution videos, Dubai360 says that it has posted the world's first 8K 360-degree video. World's first or not, it's mesmerizing to watch a …

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The 10 Best Things From April 2015

Seagate Technology

Watch Engineers Extinguish Fire With Sound [Video]

It is, in fact, all about that bass<p>In the near future, putting out grease fires in the kitchen might be as easy as turning up the music, thanks to engineering students Viet Tran and Seth Robertson at George Mason University. The students just unveiled a 20-pound backpack prototype that blasts out …


Why Indian Cuisine Breaks All The Flavor Science Rules

Everything we Westerners thought we knew about flavor pairing was recently turned on its ear by a study of the delicious and contradictory jumble of sensation known as Indian cuisine.<p>But let’s step back a minute and look at how we decide what tastes good. Why do we choose certain flavor combos and …