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Bird Watching

The 50 Most Essential Kitchen Secrets

Helpful tips and tricks.<p>These helpful tips and tricks, adapted from Rebecca DiLiberto's Penny Saving Household Helper, will save you time and money. This article originally appeared on countryliving.com.

Food Preservation

14 Ways to Make Lifting Weights More Effective

People don’t actually ask, “how much you bench?” Well, maybe they do. And maybe they should stop, but that’s besides the point. The perception of …


50 Ways To Lose 10 Pounds

<b>Hydrate</b><br>Research shows that dieters who guzzle plenty of H2O lose more weight than those who don't. Keep things interesting with these 25 slimming sassy water recipes.<p><b>Split Your Food</b><br>Divide your normal portion by two and save the rest for later. You're likely to feel full on less food than you</b> …


Swapping smartphone modules with Google's latest Project Ara prototype

Google's modular phone concept is one step closer to reality. With today's announcement of the latest updates to Project Ara and an upcoming pilot program in Puerto Rico, Google has made serious strides in bringing the unique swappable-module phone idea to market. Today, we had a chance to take a …

Bradley Cooper Weight Gain for American Sniper

(Need a refresher on just how badass the SEALs really are? Read this gripping account of the <b>Origins of the Navy SEALS</b>.)<p>“I had to get to the point where I believed I was him,” Cooper says. “At 185 pounds, it would’ve been a joke. His size was such a part of who he was.”<p>So the two-time Academy Award …


Emirates switched its daily service between San Francisco and Dubai from the Boeing 777 to the largest passenger aircraft in flight, the Airbus A380. Here's a photo tour: http://cnet.co/1FPVtnL

8 Great Chrome Extensions to Transform your 'New Tab' Page

The ‘new tab’ page is something you probably look at for a lot more time than you think every day, so why not put it to work or get it to do something other than just show new tabs?<p>Here are eight great Chrome New Tab page extensions to beautify, redesign or put your new tab page to work.<p>My personal …

How To Build More Muscle In 30 Days!

Thirty days.<p>That's all you need to make a noticeable change in your physique. No, I'm not trying to sell you a gyrating office chair or a handheld …

Here’s an awesome new Google Maps trick everyone should know

Google Maps is one of the most popular mapping applications out there, whether it’s on desktop computers or mobile devices, and Google is constantly …