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Igniting Brand Growth Via Emotional Connections

Nobel Prize winning research in neuroscience and behavioral economics proves that all humans are irrational, emotional creatures. Both marketers and …

Nobel Prize

How Brands Build Strong Emotional Bonds

Recently we looked at the exercise of two kinds of power, Hard Power and Soft Power, in the advancement of building successful brands. Hard Power in …

National Academy of Sciences

How Brands Find New Markets For Growth

The person tasked with moving a company into new markets is on the receiving end of a firehose. The onslaught of ideas, internal meetings, external …


The Four Essential Roles of a CEO

March 13, 2018 We often hear that running a large company is one of the most complex jobs in the world. Business schools, strategic consultancies, …


An Unexpected Industry Pivot: Optimism | eMarketer Retail

It's not 2017 anymore.<p>After an unexpectedly strong holiday season closed the door on 12 months of "retail apocalypse" headlines, the retail industry …


Are You Ready for the Third Digital Revolution?

<i>The first two digital revolutions — computing and communications — transformed society. Now comes the third, which is fabrication, argues the new</i> …


Strategic workforce planning matters today because organizations are reporting significant difficulty hiring key talent when they need it.

Strategic workforce planning matters today because organizations are reporting significant difficulty hiring key talent when they need it. …


5 Examples of Brands Using Cross-Channel Tactics to Drive Real Results

The goal of your cross-marketing strategy should be to tell all your audience and customers a similar brand story across multiple channels. However, …


Cross Channel Marketing

3 Digital Trends Driving Improved Customer Experience in 2018

Customer Experience (CX) is not just a buzz word. Businesses are operating in a saturated market where brand loyalty is decreasing, price competition …

Customer Experience

How Visible and Invisible Forces Shape Culture

Rights & Freedoms

Evolving a corporate governance code that is fit for purpose

Corporate governance is rarely out of the business headlines. In spite of 25 years of an evolving corporate governance framework for UK-listed …


Strategic thinking in the age of digital transformation

It is 7am in 2025 and you’re in a driverless electric Uber car whizzing you to work in the City. You’re on Skype talking to one of your Chinese …

digital transformation - Hindsight In Advance

<b>Get your digital transformation hindsight in advance…</b><p>Digital transformation initiatives often represent significant investments in time and money. …

Digital Transformation

Brain Science: The Forgetting Curve–the Dirty Secret of Corporate Training

Imagine you’re put in charge of your company’s biggest leadership training program. You do everything right: you conduct extensive discovery with …

The Brain

Answers to 6 FAQs About Marketing Orchestration

What is marketing orchestration and why should you care (deeply) about it? Get the answers from our experts in this post.


Bob Wootton: How brands lost confidence in media buying

en_GB<p>article<p>Media agency margin pressures mean kickbacks take precedence over clients' interests, while online media buying still isn't transparent …

Bob Wootton: Why do brands think media reviews mean lower prices?

en_GB<p>article<p>If you expect to get constantly cheaper prices from media reviews without compromising the quality, you have misunderstood the …

Public Relations

Getting Everyone on the Same Page (Does More Harm Than Good)

Getting everyone on the same page—that is, creating unity of thought and opinion—is a concept that’s highly valued by many leaders. It’s widely …


3 essential skills you need to succeed on a team

Working with a team isn’t always easy. Whether you’re new to a team or not, there are certain skills you need to help you succeed within a team …

Box Office

Are You Ready Or Ripe For Disruption?

We’ve all heard about disruption. After all, it’s now been used to death. Recently, I’ve been thinking about the D word and how we make our brands …

Artificial Intelligence

When organizational culture needs to change fundamentally

Torben Rick <br>Torben Rick - The rise and importance of shaping organizational culture - Recognizing the need for organizational change. When has the …

Deutsche Bank

Top 30+ reasons why organizations cannot change

Torben Rick <br>Torben Rick - Business improvement - Change Management - Organizational Culture - StrategyIdentifying and overcoming roadblocks to …

Corporate Culture

How can pipeline and forecast management work together to yield more accurate results?

Did you know that forecasts provided by your sales managers and leaders are no more accurate than just flipping a coin? According to CSO Insights, …

Project Management

12 Awesome Ideas For CEOs Looking To Build Extraordinary Teams

Every CEO must work to ensure the best performance of their organization. While every company is made up of diverse … This story 12 Awesome Ideas For …


Transform Your Culture With Three Powerful Drivers

Rights & Freedoms

Redefining the role of the CMO

​In the three decades since it earned a place in the C-suite, marketing has changed fundamentally. Is it time to redefine the CMO role?

C-suite Leadership

10 Principles of Leading Change Management

Illustration by Lo Cole<p>Since the mid-2000s, organizational change management and transformation have become permanent features of the business …