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How Not To Be A Dad: The Latest Science Of Male Birth Control

Examining 8 promising methods of male contraception in development. Happy Father's Day!

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Male birth control, like flying cars, just seems like one of those things we should have by now. It's the 21st century—if they can find the Higgs Boson and bring back Arrested

Birth Control

‘The State of Men’

In 2013, men are becoming a different breed from the men of decades past. Our latest trend report examines shifts in male roles, behavior, attitudes …


Ernst & Young: Digital entertainment revenue to surpass 'traditional' media by 2015

The entertainment industry is in the midst of a "frantic shift" to jump onboard with digital media, according to a new report from Ernst & Young.

The …

Responsible Business

Jul 9, 2014

National Grid is the overall winner as Responsible Business awards acknowledge efforts to support young people

Jul 9, 2014

Environmental and …

Capitalism struggles to balance social value and profit

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Consumers: The ethical way is an easy lifestyle choice

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Joanna Lumley

Americans Know They’ve Already Lost Their Privacy

In an exclusive poll, many say they’re anxious about the brave new world of connectivity and surveillance.

Big Brother is watching. And listening, and reading. And using your purchasing and communications history to hone algorithms that predict what you will buy and click on next.

Most Americans fear …


Companies scramble for consumer data

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Consumers seek a way to draw the veil back over their lives

June 12, 2013 8:11 pm

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Spielberg, Lucas: Internet TV is the future of entertainment

Looking into their crystal ball, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg predicted the imminent arrival of a radically different entertainment landscape, …


For Consumer Brands, Asia Is The New Peoria

Welcome to Peoria. Location: somewhere between Singapore and Shanghai.

Ten years ago, Asia was seen as the rising force behind the commodities bull market. That story, while not completely over, has gotten tired. People are onto the next best seller.

Enter a new book in the Asia growth series: the …

Top Hotels Look to the Next Frontier

LIJIANG, China — Tourists from China’s crowded coasts have long considered this city of 1.2 million in the Himalayan foothills to be a scenic getaway.

Its hotel choices are still predominantly low- and mid-range properties, but a few of the world’s top luxury hotel brands are putting the final …


China's Expanding Life Spans—and Waistlines

Over the past two decades, China’s population has grown richer, older, more urban—and fatter. From 1990 to 2010, public health authorities in China …

China in Africa: The New Imperialists?

It happened in Zambia like it could happen elsewhere in Africa. Chinese investors made deals with the government to mine its natural resources, …

Chinese Economy

Redeemers of a macho society

Brazilian women are making remarkable progress, not least in business

RIO DE JANEIRO is proof that even nature’s most lavish blessings cannot …


Advanced Manufacturing: The New Industrial Revolution - WSJ

June 10, 2013 1:23 p.m. ET

On a dark and stormy night two weeks ago in Schenectady, N.Y., Ken Hislop was relaxing at home when his cellphone suddenly began buzzing in his pocket. It was an urgent text message—from the General Electric Co. factory where he works.

Journal Report

Insights from The …


Data Reveal a Rise in College Degrees Among Americans

WASHINGTON — The number of Americans graduating from college has surged in recent years, sending the share with a college degree to a new high, federal data shows.

The surge follows more than two decades of slow growth in college completion, which caused the United States to fall behind other …

College & University

US ethnic minorities make up 49.9 per cent of under-fives

Half of America’s under-fives are now non-white children from ethnic and racial minority groups, according to new US census data.

More children born to ethnic minorities than to white families in US

The statistics, a dramatic illustration of the America’s dramatically changing demographic face, are …


A Survey of LGBT Americans

Attitudes, Experiences and Values in Changing Times

An overwhelming share of America’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender adults (92%) say society …

Gay Rights

Here's Who Made the 2013 'Creativity 50'

I dreamed a stream

Apple follows others into the booming bit of the music industry

“CAN’T innovate anymore, my ass,” growled Phil Schiller, an Apple executive, as he …

Entertainment Industry

Streaming Music Strikes a Chord with Consumers

From live local newscasts via mobile to time-shifted season finales in the living room, the rising wave of streamed content continues to engage our …

Weaned on CDs, They’re Reaching for Vinyl

Vinyl is growing out of its niche.

There were always record collectors who disdained the compact disc, arguing that an LP’s grooves yielded warmth and depth that the CD’s digital code could not match.

But the market largely ignored them. Record labels shuttered their LP pressing plants, except for a …

Daft Punk

Women make up almost half of today's gamers

Women and mobile devices are challenging old gaming stereotypes

For a long time, video gaming was the domain of teenage boys huddled around TVs in dark basements. Not anymore. Women now make up almost half of all gamers and playing time is increasingly done on the go.

According to a report released …

In a Twist on the Remix, Fans Recut TV Series

When the new season of the television comedy “Arrested Development” was released on Netflix on May 26, Andy Gilleand, a 26-year-old student in Mishawaka, Ind., watched all 15 episodes in a single eight-hour session.

Binge viewing isn’t new, but what Mr. Gilleand did next is, signaling a new wrinkle …


Social TV Use Appears to Be Growing

Did you know you’re more likely to immediately tell all your Facebook friends about the terrible thing Kim Kardashian just said than you are to tweet …

Restaurant Chains Try to Woo a Younger Generation

From sun-dried tomato wraps to agave-sweetened smoothies, restaurant chains are working to court an exceptionally particular generation — the millennials.

For reasons as varied as the economic downturn and a heightened interest in local foods, a significant shift in eating patterns is under way …


Generation Z: Younger generation invites digital attention

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Chanel For Cheap? Why Department Stores Should Fear Amazon's Beauty Push

Watch out, department stores: Amazon’s gunning for your beauty business – and that’s not all.

The online giant could redefine the prestige cosmetics industry by offering big discounts on upscale brands like Chanel and Clinique to a mass audience for the first time.

It’s no secret that Amazon has a …