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Memories of a day in May | 1945 - A turning point for Europe | DW.COM | 04.05.2015

When World War II finally ended, it was less a matter of joy than "dull relief," as historian Gerhard Brunn wrote in retrospect about the emotional …

Adolf Hitler

The ludicrous myth of Republican fiscal responsibility: A history lesson for the modern GOP

The GOP loves to insist that Democrats have caused a fiscal crisis. But the real story looks far different

Over the past three decades, the Republican party has followed a familiar strategy — get elected to executive office by preaching fiscal responsibility, make a complete mess of things fiscally, …

The real story behind the demise of America's once-mighty streetcars

This post is part of a series on the past, present, and future of commuting in America.Back in the 1920s, most American city-dwellers took public …


30 Photographs Capturing the End of World War II in Europe

Remembrance Day

The Veneration and Worship of Felines in Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptians revered and worshipped many animals, just as the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Norse did, but none were worshipped as reverently …


World’s Richest Eighty People Own the same Amount as World’s Bottom Fifty Percent

Oxfam’s recent report, “WEALTH: HAVING IT ALL AND WANTING MORE” contains shocking figures that the press haven’t sufficiently publicized; so, the

Social Justice

Berlin, Then and Now

Seventy years since the end of World War II, a look at a ruined city rebuilt

It’s been 70 years since the end of World War II in Europe. The German leadership signed the unconditional surrender after a final battle that flattened Berlin. Some 600,000 apartments were destroyed, along with many public …

German History

The Medieval Roots of Our DIY Gun Culture

Cody Wilson is a crypto-anarchist, a gun rights activist, and the founder of Defense Distributed, a nonprofit venture aimed squarely at the heart of …

Beyond California: The Worst Droughts In American History

A senior hydrologist for California says the state’s ongoing drought will become more severe—at least in the San Joaquin River Valley—than any similar-length drought of the past century.

“With the forecast just made, this year is going to be the worst four-year sequence on the San Joaquin River …

Workday Wednesday: Blacksmithing circa 1900

Blacksmithing was an essential trade. The blacksmith made and repaired the iron parts for farming implements. He crafted carriage wheels and shod …

The Dwight Eisenhower lesson America forgot

In his farewell address, Ike famously warned about our military industrial complex. Now we face permanent war

It’s 1990. I’m a young captain in the U.S. Air Force. I’ve just witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall, something I never thought I’d see, short of a third world war. Right now I’m witnessing …

Next Iraq Question for 2016 Wannabees: Would You Have Let the Inspectors Finish Their Work Before Invading?

Everyone seems to forget that, regardless of intelligence errors or even cherry-picking, what we now know about the absence of WMD in Iraq was indeed knowable prior to the invasion.

Now that Jeb Bush (R-FL), the last Republican holdout, has admitted the Iraq War was a mistake, "knowing what we know …

Middle East

Most European men descended from just three ancestors

Almost two out of three modern European men (64 per cent) were descended from just three Bronze Age males

Most European men descend from just three Bronze Age dominant forefathers who began a ‘population explosion’ several thousand years ago.

A research team from the University of Leicester looked at …


Veterans frustrated by presidential debate on Iraq War

Veterans of the Iraq War have been watching in frustration as Republican presidential contenders distance themselves from the decision their party enthusiastically supported to invade that country.

Some veterans say they long ago concluded their sacrifice was in vain, and are annoyed that a party …

Historians gloss over too many unpalatable truths, Antony Beevor says

Historians are too reliant on official accounts and have missed controversial facts about American and British troops in the First and Second World War, Antony Beevor says

Historians have been too reliant on official documents and unwilling to tell the "unpalatable" truth about atrocities committed …

Remembrance Day

Republicans Want You to Forget Why Sending Troops Back to Iraq Is a Terrible Idea

As the Republican presidential demolition derby continues, the 2016 GOP candidates have settled on two central themes: hatred for President Barack Obama and desire to send U.S. troops back to Iraq to fight ISIS. While Republicans suffer from short-term memory loss, there's no reason the rest of us …

Middle East

Britain Sent Thousands of Its Convicts to America, Not Just Australia

The joke about Australia is that it was founded by a bunch of criminals. And from 1788 until 1868, Britain did send roughly 164,000 convicts to the …

United Kingdom

1812: The Inconsequential War That Changed America Forever


Most adult Americans today are unaware of what caused the War of 1812, who started it, what the outcome was, or even who the …

What is the Magna Carta and why there is a Google Doodle?

On the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta we ask what actually is it, and what does it mean?

The Magna Carta was granted 800 years ago. A series of events are taking place on the anniversary to mark the occasion, including a flotilla of boats sailing down the Thames and a royal appearance in …

Magna Carta

Glimpse Into Our Amazing Past With These Historic Photos

Images of the past always dredge up feelings of wonderment for me. I see an old black and white photo and I wonder what was happening at that time. …

Blue Ridge Mountains

The Lessons of the Crypto Wars

Rep. Bob Goodlatte, who in 1996 introduced the SAFE Act in Congress, and Rep. Zoe Lofgren, who has helped to introduce the current amendments …


Historic Freedmen’s Bureau Records Coming Online: What You Need to Know and How to Get Involved

A historic project in underway to bring one of the most important US record collections ever created online — and you can be part of …


Here's where you're most likely to own a gun

Nearly one in every three Americans owns a gun, according to a recently published study in the journal Injury Prevention by researchers Bindu Kalesan, Marcos Villarreal, and Katherine Keyes of Columbia University, and Sandro Galea of Boston University.

The researchers conducted the survey of 4,000 …


How To Disappear And Live Under The Radar

There are 30 million plus surveillance cameras on the US, one camera for every ten americans.

The average American is in 200 databases.

Putting a plan …

If Retired Cops Are Safer With Unlocked Guns, Why Aren't the Rest of Us?

By Kurt Hofmann, July 1st 2015
JPFO writer contributor, © 2015.

The Los Angeles City Council is considering implementing a more restrictive "safe …


Cold War files show secret war between CIA and KGB in Canada

A set of declassified intelligence documents from the 1950s and 1960s offer a glimpse into the secret war fought in Canada between American and …

Cold War

AFL-CIO leader tries to quell pro-Sanders revolt

The labor federation’s rules don’t allow its state and local leaders to endorse presidential candidates, Richard Trumka says as the Vermont senator surges.

Richard Trumka has a message for state and local AFL-CIO leaders tempted to endorse Bernie Sanders: Don’t.

In a memo this week to state, central …

Bernie Sanders

Criminologist Believes Violent Behavior Is Biological

Twenty years ago, when brain imaging made it possible for researchers to study the minds of violent criminals and compare them to the brain imaging of "normal" people, a whole new field of research — neurocriminology — opened up.

Adrian Raine was the first person to conduct a brain imaging study on …

The Brain

6 reasons why summer will kill us all: From flesh-eating beach bacteria to pools full of poop

The hottest take

I am under the impression (please don’t correct me if I’m wrong) that summer is only fun if you have too much confidence. Like if you went to the confidence vending machine and put in enough money for one can of confidence but it broke and gave you one million so now you think you …