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Are content curators becoming more important than content creators?

I’m sure most of you bristle at the thought of curators being more valuable than creators. After all, the former have no job without the latter. I …

Content Curation

What is a "book-plus" and who are tomorrow's readers?

Some people think the book is dead, much as Joe referred to obsolete single-use devices like the GPS while discussing the potential for peer-to-peer …

Book Publishing

3 content pricing models from the future

The year is 2020 and I’m about to make a digital content purchase. It’s amazing how much the industry has evolved in the past five years. For …


Malcolm Gladwell: the Snapchat problem, the Facebook problem, the Airbnb problem

Last night futurist, journalist, prognosticator, and author Malcolm Gladwell told pretty much the most data-driven marketing technologist crowd imaginable that data is not their salvation.

In fact, it could be their curse.

“More data increases our confidence, not our accuracy,” he said at mobile …


Ebooks are unfamiliar waters for digital pirates, according to UK survey

For publishers, fresh from winning a landmark ruling forcing internet service providers to block illegal ebook download sites in Russia and the US, pirates are the enemy. Author Paulo Coelho believes that “the more people ‘pirate’ a book, the better”. But research commissioned by the government …


Peer-to-peer content distribution

The smartwatch movement inspired me recently, which is surprising because I haven’t worn a watch since I started carrying a smartphone many years …

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How Geolocation Beacons will Help Book Publishers Go Mobile

How Geolocation & Beacons will Help Book Publishers Go Mobile

By Ron Tomich


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When my two-year-old nephew …


5 reasons behind Israel’s startup success

With a population of eight million people, Israel has over 6,000 startups and attracts more venture capital per person than any other country in the world. The Israeli startup scene extends from the tech hub of Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and all the way to the southern desert city of Beersheba.

The …


Blinkist and the “read less, learn more” movement

Remember the “info snacking” phrase that was somewhat buzzworthy several years ago? The thinking was that everyone was too focused on reading short …


Does Discounting Devalue a Brand More than Free?

We were having a good discussion about my upcoming presentation at Social Media Marketing World about what kind of offer we could make to folks that …

University of Maryland

3 Reasons to Buy Digital Content Subscriptions

Subscription models are an opportunity to grow overall demand for content. In practice, these new models can provide an attractive gateway to testing …

One day content will enrich itself

You’ve probably heard me say that we live in a print-under-glass world, one where we’re consuming dumb content on smart devices.­­ It’s true simply …

Scribd Cuts Romance Catalog

Scribd, the fast-growing ebook subscription service, today announced dramatic cuts to their catalog of romance and erotica titles.
Effective …

A Berlin Startup Gets People To Buy More Books, By Reading Less

Berlin startup Blinkist is getting people to buy more books, by reading less. Business titles like Getting Things Done and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People are classics in the world of self-improvement. But time has increasingly become a precious commodity. Business books now compete with …


Baker & Taylor Expands Tools to Help Libraries Buy Wisely

The library content distributor expands a pilot program with collectionHQ, the data analytics service for public libraries, to help librarians make …


Editor vs. Algorithm: Why the Future of Media Needs Both

Last week, Fortune journalist Matthew Ingram asked an interesting question: “Would you rather have Apple’s human editors filtering your news or …


Millennials 'least likely to buy e-books'

Millennials are less likely to purchase e-books than any other age group, with 63% of 16-24 year-olds saying they have never bought one, according to …

Entertainment (UK)

Here’s how reader analytics can help publishers

I recently asked what questions you’d like to see answered via reader analytics. I gathered feedback from a variety of publishers including trade, …

Forget killer apps, start thinking about killer context

Stop looking for the killer app. When it comes to the Internet of things, context is where the value is.

During the Internet’s early days, email is what got many people online. It became the first “killer app” of the era and an inspiration for companies looking to develop the next must-use service …


Penguin Random House COO on What Has Changed in Book Publishing and What Has Stayed the Same

By Ellen Harvey


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Malaviya will be leading a session on how the digital revolution has transformed book

Here’s What Happens to Your $10 After You Pay for a Month of Apple Music

You don’t have to pay anything to try Apple’s new streaming music service, since the company will offer a free three-month trial when it launches at the end of June.

But if you stick around after that, you’ll need to pay $10 a month for the on-demand, all-you-can-eat subscription service. And Apple …

Apple Music

Apple is hiring human editors to change the way you get news

Apple appears to be building a newsroom.

The iPhone maker has posted a new job listing that seeks human editors for Apple News, its new Flipboard-like app that will display stories from publications like Wired, The New York Times, and BuzzFeed.

Apple News will be included in iOS 9, the next version …

John Gruber

“What is code?” illustrates rich content potential

The painful reality is that we still live in a print-under-glass world, struggling to produce content that leverages our powerful phones and tablets. …

What questions do your reader analytics need to answer?

In my book publisher days I recall saying the following to our Amazon rep: “You guys are capturing a ton of reading data from our customers. When are …


How crowdsourcing will ultimately add value

The Javits Center must have some sort of time warp technology. I recently attended the BEA event there and I kept asking myself the same question: Is …


How curation automation is going to disrupt content consumption

The best content curators have extensive topic knowledge and a knack for reader interests and preferences. That sounds like something only a living, …

Why all-you-can-read subscriptions need curation

The initial promise is compelling, especially for voracious readers. For $10-$15/month consumers get access to more content than they could possibly …

Here’s a dilemma every book publisher should hope to face

A recent email from Evernote piqued my curiosity. I’ve used the note-taking tool for years but never found a reason to upgrade from the Basic (free) …


Debunking the discovery problem

Ever since ebooks gained traction the publishing industry has obsessed with what’s typically referred to as “the discovery problem.” The common …

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