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Justin Craycraft

Justin Craycraft is a Solution Engineer who spoke at CareForum, a conference for acute, post-acute, and community care professionals. He discussed, at length, the importance of advancing the quality of care via analytics. He also provided an in-depth overview of Tableau visual analytics and examples of how the technology was creating change in the care sector at the time. Craycraft has presented at Tableau Conference on topics including automation using Tableau REST APIs, embedding using the Tableau JavaScript APIs, data engineering using the Tableau Hyper API, as well as how to leverage other Tableau SDKs to automate and scale Tableau's solution. Craycraft proudly supports numerous charities, nonprofit organizations, and other good causes. Among these charities and nonprofits are various community-focused and volunteer-led initiatives. Craycraft enjoys running and has previously participated in multiple races for charity. He is also a frequent volunteer at his local church.