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Bobb and Tuggz Toys from Dublin Dog - Dog Milk

Walk into any dog shop, big or small, and you’ll likely find any number of fancy dog toys, complete with bells, whistles, whozits and whatzits. If …

This creepy robot may steal your job one day

Welcome to the future people, prepare to feel creeped out.<p>Toshiba dropped a giant WTF bomb on CES in Las Vegas on Tuesday when it introduced a creepy …



Hodor's Pale Ale - Taste The Hodor

Hodor's Pale Ale by APSketches<p>There's a new beer on the market that stupifies the drinker, a brew that reduces the power of speech to one word, …


Stop. the. presses. Yo, the ridiculously simple messaging app that lets you send a “Yo” to your friends and nothing more, has a new rival. (Or perhaps a more appropriate word would be “parody.”) Introducing Yo, Hodor. As the name implies, this recently launched app offers a different spin on the Yo …

Frank Zappa Thicke of the Night Part 1 May 30, 1984

Frank Zappa