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You Should be Excited for the Jaguar XKSS

Simply stunning in a way that you can only expect from Jaguar.<p>Jaguar is building something sincerely admirable with the XKSS. The car was initially …


You Could Have Bought A Revived Aston Martin DB4 GT For A Cool $1.9 Million

Nearly 60 years after the manufacturer first introduced it, Aston Martin plans to build 25 new track-only models of its DB4 GT—a race car launched in …


First Drive: 2016 Audi S8 Plus

A nod to the glory days of understated German performance.<p><b>WHAT IS "PLUS"?</b> In a word: power. The moniker adds 85 hp and up to 72 lb-ft of torque to the 2015 S8's 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8. Engineers at Audi's performance division, Quattro GmbH (now renamed Audi Sport), swapped exhaust valves, …


Aston Martin's 1,000-HP, 250-MPH Hypercar Is Officially Coming in 2018

Photo: Aston MartinWhile Aston Martin has been pretty secretive regarding its upcoming joint venture project with Formula One team Red Bull, code …


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Death Machines of London Triumph Thruxton

The 21st century iteration of the Triumph Thruxton is the sportiest variant of the Modern Classic family of Triumph motorcycles – including the …


Bad News Oligarchs: Aston Martin and Red Bull's 250-MPH Hypercar Is Sold Out

That's no surprise, despite its rumored $3-million price tag.<p>Aston Martin and Red Bull F1's hypercar collaboration, the AM-RB 001, promises to redefine what's considered possible in a performance car. It's no surprise then that demand is high for the 175 Aston plans on building. Rather, demand <i>was</i> …


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Six amazing all-electric motorcycles

Our list includes the first 3D-printed motorcycle and another bike that can reach 100mph.<p>Zero-emissions cars are popping up left and right, but motorcycle design has been a little late to the game. Yet, all-electric motorcycles and are zooming down the streets in increasing numbers. With varying …


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Multi-Million Dollar McLaren F1 Crashed In Parade Of Supercars: Report

Reports are coming out of New Zealand that a 1994 McLaren F1 rolling through the country with over 30 other McLaren supercars has crashed. Sounds …

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The slow death of the manual transmission

Your next EV won’t need a clutch.<p>I've never owned a car with an automatic transmission. From my 1969 Datsun 2000 roadster to the 2011 Mini Countryman S that currently sits in my garage, I've had a long line of vehicles that required more than just pressing on the accelerator and pointing it toward …


This tiny mobile studio is a simple workspace on the go

A cute little place to work<p>Trailers and campers make for convenient (if not cramped) make-shift offices, and this caravan-turned-tiny-mobile-studio is no exception. Designed by Belgian studio Five AM, the curved and compact Dojo Wheels has been refurbished with a new ceiling and wooden window …


Mercedes-Benz Arrow460–Granturismo Yacht

The first-ever yacht from Mercedes Benz ($1,346,000) looks like something straight out a Bond film. It’s 47 feet long, powered by twin 480-horsepower engines, and comes with features like a full wood interior and window tint that’s electronically adjustable. Only ten will be produced and Mercedes …


The seven best luxury SUVs and supercars from the Morgan EV3 to the Bentley Bentayga

Here are the lean, mean machines that usher in a new era of driving<p>Morgan EV3<p>Morgan first built a three-wheeler back in 1910, but has re-imagined the concept with the launch of the EV3. The classic silhouette has changed little since the 1930s and it's still a hand-crafted piece of automotive …

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Maserati's First Electric Supercar To Arrive In 2020

Italian luxury marque Maserati will be joining the ranks of the performance electric car segment if all goes to plan by 2020.<p>The movement to make …


Driving Aston Martin's £1.6m power boat

Top Gear's Jason Barlow heads to Monaco for seat time in the dazzling, 1,040-horsepower AM37.<p><b>It is perhaps a sign of the times,</b> and a lesson in modern brand cultivation, that 103 years after its founding as a carmaker, Aston Martin has begun to affix its winged emblem — and apply its refined …

Aston Martin

Introducing Porsche's New $60 Million Playground for Adults

For all you <i>Fast and Furious</i> fans who find flooring it on your morning commute all too tempting, Porsche understands that the struggle is real, and …


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China’s NextEV says its new electric supercar is the world’s fastest

0–60 mph in 2.7 seconds<p>This could be the world’s fastest electric car: the NIO EP9. So claims the manufacturer, China’s NextEV, which unveiled its new NIO brand of electric cars at a London art gallery today. How fast are we talking about here? NextEV, which also has a Formula E team, says its …

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How Jaguar cloned a legendary supercar from 1957

How to recreate auto tech from 60 years ago.<p>In 1957, automakers simply did not make the engineering of its race cars available to the average (even supremely wealthy) driver. Jaguar did. In the 1950s, it let loose its classic XKSS, a model based on the D-Type that won LeMans three years running. It …


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Jaguar XKSS

Jaguar is to build the stunning XKSS as an ultra-exclusive continuation model for a group of very lucky collectors in 2017. Only 16 were originally …