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By Julia | Julia created a magazine on Flipboard. “Just GIF It on Flipboard” is available with thousands of other magazines and all the news you care about. Download Flipboard for free and search for “Julia ”.

gifak-net: “[video] ”

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berlynneftw: “Source: weheartit.com #AHH #amazing #beautiful #beauty #blackwhite #blackandwhite #chicago #city #dark #gif #lightning #lights #love #night #photo #pretty #rain #sky #spectacular #storm...


gifak-net: “video: Screaming Marmot Makes Himself Known ”

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flyngdream: “Timestorm Films - Patagonia 8K | gif by FD ”


damnjongup: “ when youre on the phone with your mom & shes going off on you. but you play it off because youre out with your friends ”

when youre on the phone with your mom & shes going off on you. but you play it off because youre out with your friends

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prostheticknowledge: “growing objectsProject from nervous systems is a collection of 3D printed zoetropes depicting natural-like growth algorithms: ““Growing Objects” is a series of kinetic sculptures...

growing objects



yingyangthang: “ Blur your vision ”

these-times-shall-pass: “ beautiful blog full of baby animals! ”


"Ancient Alchemy", a mag idea with cover about the archaic practices of transforming matter | Flipped in "Promote to Cover" on Flipboard

thecreatorsproject: “Meet the GIF Artist Turning His Dreams into Cinemagraphs Adrian Crego, gif, GIF art, Street Art, cinemagraph, A.L. Crego, Tumblr, Internet, dreams, gif artist, GIF maker ”