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In Case You Missed It, Here’s Jony Ive As The Poo Emoji

Ive showed off Apple’s new AR-enabled “Animojis” by testing them out himself.<p>Today, the world witnessed Tim Cook as a talking alien emoji, Craig Federighi as a clucking chicken emoji, and Jony Ive as smiling poo emoji. This new bit of AR magic is called Animoji, and it’s more than a little …

Augmented Reality

Baseball meets Pinball

Baseball meets Pinball

flyngdream:Dent de Cuir - Dye: She’s Bad

Out of the Loop 73 by gasta | Tumblr

Out of the Loop 73 by gasta | <b>Tumblr</b>

Tempus fugit ⏰

<i>Tempus fugit</i> ⏰.