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How I Left A 12-Year Career In Silicon Valley To Work On A Beach In Belize

Three months ago, Jeanna Barrett traded a beige office in San Francisco for a palapa on the Caribbean. This is how she pulled it off.<p>Three months ago, I worked in San Francisco as a marketing leader for a unicorn startup. I earned a salary that let me do, eat, and buy whatever I wanted. Now, I live …


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Photographer Captures World’s Tiniest Rodeo: Frog Riding A Beetle

In perhaps what is one of the most astonishing spectacle in the world, Hendy MP, an Indonesian photographer who is interested in wildlife …


Stressful job? It might help you fight off Alzheimer's

Lawyers, teachers and doctors have a better chance of fighting off the effects of Alzheimer’s disease, because of the complex nature of their jobs, scientists said yesterday.<p>Researchers found that people whose jobs combined complex thinking with social engagement with others – such as social …


Pokemon Go candy: What is it, how do I use it and where can I find it?

Candy, huh? Yeah, what is it good for?<p>Quite a lot, actually. Pokemon Go has several key elements and one of those is candy.<p>The mobile-app game has exploded since its release last week and users are already scrambling to discover how to get ahead when battling against gyms and what items can be …


Think Really, Really Hard Before Voting for a 3rd Party Candidate. Really.

Unlike any major candidate in generations, Donald Trump is temperamentally, emotionally, and intellectually unfit to be President of the United …


Brain training may forestall dementia onset for years, new study says

If you’re intent on keeping dementia at bay, new research suggests you’ll need more than crossword puzzles, aerobic exercise and an active social life. In a study released Sunday, researchers found that older adults who did exercises to shore up the speed at which they processed visual information …


6 Tips For Raising Kids Who Are Great People

I know these years are rough. The middle school years can be the toughest on moms. My kids are still little —  2 and 5 years old  —  but not a day …


5 Ways to Handle Friends with Different Parenting Styles

While friends don’t have to agree all the time, having different parenting philosophies can make it seem like you’re speaking totally different languages. “It can be polarizing when you get along with someone well but your parenting styles clash,” says Andrea Bonior, Ph.D., a psychologist in …


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Why Seoul is Destined to Become Asia’s Next Hottest City Break

More than just Gangnam Style and K-pop, Seoul is a city where you’re witnessing development in ultra-high speed. Not long ago, the South Korean …


Outstanding 55 Blair Road House Singapore

This marvelous house is located in <b>Singapore</b>. And designed by the architectural studio Ong & Ong. The plan of the <b>architects</b> was to create open living …


A UPenn psychologist uses the 'Hard Thing Rule’ to teach her kids to take control of their success

It's always interesting to get a peek into how successful people raise their kids.<p>It's doubly so if that successful person is a top psychologist who specifically studies how to help kids thrive.<p>That psychologist is Angela Duckworth, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania whose new book, …


How Boomer Parents Can Stop Babying Their Millennials Financially

For 2 ½ years after Nancy Archer’s eldest moved back to her parents’ Long Island, N.Y. home upon graduating from college in 2012, Archer and her husband covered all her costs (including cell phone and car insurance), except for personal expenses. Their daughter worked full-time during this period. …


How to track and find rare Pokémon in 'Pokémon Go'

So you've downloaded the global phenomenon that is <i>Pokémon Go</i>, and you're itching to find a rare Pokémon like Charizard. Truth of the matter is, whether you like it or not, you'll most likely find yourself trapped in a vast land of abundantly annoying Zubats. And Rattatas. And Pidgeys. And all those …


Australian couple raffle off Micronesian island resort

An Australian couple who own a tropical island resort have decided to raffle it off rather than sell it to the highest bidder – and the move has sparked interest from around the world.<p>Australians Doug and Sally Beitz moved to the Micronesian island of Kosrae with their three young children in …


Mark Your Calendars for this Unlimited Flight Pass

If you find yourself frequently traveling between New York, Paris and London, listen up. A boutique airline has introduced an all-you-can-fly pass …


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Pokemon GO Blamed for Illegal Border Crossing from Canada to U.S.

Two youths wandered into the U.S. by mistake.<p>Two youths unaware of their surroundings when they were playing Pokemon GO on their cell phones made an illegal border crossing this week from Canada into the United States in a remote part of Montana, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol said.<p>The two, who …


How to Have a Single, Spectacular Day in Miami

If your budget is $10,000.<p><i>We asked D’Michael Haas, concierge of the iconic Delano in South Beach, to plan a single, spectacular day in Miami …</i><p><b>More:</b> See <i>Fortune</i>’s interactive guide to Miami here: <b>A Concierge’s Black Book — Miami</b><p>1. Poolside bungalow at the Delano<p>Start the day in your poolside bungalow …

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3D-printed iPhone case gives you perfect Pokemon aim every time

Level up your Pokemon-catching skills with an assist from a special iPhone case designed to guide your finger during Pokeball throws.<p>Not everybody …


Pokémon Go Shatters Apple App Store Record

Another indication that this augmented reality game is very, very popular.<p>The phenomenon that is <i>Pokémon Go</i> just keeps on going.<p>More people downloaded the popular mobile game than any other app during its first week of release on the Apple App store, Apple AAPL said Friday, confirming a report from …


Pokémon Go Is At The Center Of An International Incident Because Of Course It Is

The Chinese group that took over the Yasukuni Shrine’s gym in Japan told BuzzFeed News that it was an impromptu move as they were exploring the newly-released Japanese server.<p>Japan, the original home of Pokémon, finally released the wildly popular Pokémon Go on Friday morning. But players from …


The Bahamas travel guide

Expert guide to the Bahamas<p>Why go<p>The Bahamas is regarded as part of the Caribbean, even though the archipelago of over 700 islands and cays, strung together with deep ocean channels and shallow banks, is actually located in the Atlantic and not the Caribbean Sea.<p>For most visitors, The Bahamas' …

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8 Dating Apps Transforming Solo Travel

So, you’ve been getting that itch lately — you know the one. Every time you scroll down your Instagram feed or log into Facebook, you’re drawn in by …


5 Incredible Day Trips Just Outside of San Francisco

San Francisco’s a great place to live, and you’ll likely never run out of things to occupy yourself with – thanks to the city’s great food, …