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Just Try Not To Smile When You See This Adorable, Snuggly Dog Family

The cutie on the left is Sage.

Harlow missed her friend dearly, and took to searching diligently for another friend to keep her company.

At long last, …


The Most Venomous Species On Earth

Everybody freaks out over the idea of getting bitten by a scorpion or spider — but those are nothing. Our planet contains creatures with much more …


Ne zaman ki, düşmanlarım çoğaldı, ne zaman ki iyiliğim kötülük olarak…

Ne zaman ki, düşmanlarım çoğaldı,
ne zaman ki iyiliğim kötülük olarak algılandı,
anladım ki ben doğru yoldayım.

Şems-i Tebrizi

“Sculptures Made From Nylons Are The Most Uncomfortable Thing Ever Annie Churdar, sobadsogood.com Sculptures Made From Nylons Are The Most Uncomfortable Thing Ever These sculptures make me cringe. I...

“Common Langur karthi keyan, flickr.com ”

““• 🔹So Cute! 😍 🔸By Unknown 👇 @SARCASM_ONLY @SARCASM_ONLY”instagram.com ”

““• 🔹Odd Friends! 😂 🔸By Unknown 👇 @SARCASM_ONLY @SARCASM_ONLY”instagram.com ”

“DailyDose Of Puppies on Twitter twitter.com pic.twitter.com/REsByaEz4A ”

“DailyDose Of Puppies on Twitter twitter.com pic.twitter.com/AQZr240j6r ”

Being Happy at Work Matters

People used to believe that you didn’t have to be happy at work to succeed. And you didn’t need to like the people you work with, or even share their values. “Work is not personal,” the thinking went. This is bunk.

My research with dozens of companies and hundreds of people — as well as the research …

The Brain

Why You Should Put a Fried Egg on Your Salad

To get the most nutrients out of your salad, you should consider adding some eggs

Eating eggs with your salad actually helps you absorb more nutrients from the veggies, according to a new study, which builds upon earlier research about eating fat and vegetables in combination.

In a small study, …

Fried Egg

Advice for 2015 Grads That Everyone Should Read on Flipboard

By TIME | Watch the most inspiring 2015 commencement addresses

Natalie Portman to Grads: Carve Your Own Path

Natalie Portman gave this commencement …

Commencement Speech

“Animal Planet on Twitter twitter.com 8 ton Orca jumps 15 feet in the air chasing after Dolphin pic.twitter.com/LvS1QR0rV3 ”

engadget: “This foldable drone origamis itself and dissolves when done ”


awwww-cute: “This is Pandamonium (Source: http://ift.tt/1Hrjy2R) ”

dezeen: “A home on the Welsh coast built against the remnants of an ancient stone cottage »”

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theverge: “wbsloan: “Magic Carpet Ride ”Warning: may induce nausea in viewer. ”

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nevver: ““We’re gonna need a bigger boat” ”

What Parents Should Tell Their Kids About Finding a Career

“After board dinners, we inevitably sit around and talk about our kids and their careers,” Dave Calhoun recently told me. “Frankly, we’re often at a loss with how to help them.” If someone with Calhoun’s experience has trouble with this – he’s chairman of Nielsen’s board, sits on boards of Boeing …


TED turns away mother, baby at conference for women

MONTEREY, California — A mother and her 5-month-old baby were asked to leave TEDWomen, a conference meant to celebrate the accomplishments and potential of women and girls around the world.

Jessica Jackley, author of Clay Water Brick: Finding Inspiration from Entrepreneurs Who Do the Most with the

Women's News

Serial Will Return For Two More Seasons With "Distinct New Stories"

If you were among the bazillions who became obsessed with Sarah Koenig’s Serial podcast, which was spun off from This American Life, time to rejoice: …

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gifsboom: “Video: Xenostapler ”

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lightprocesses: “Connector. Coded in Processing. 50 frames. _Related: Abstract Creatures. _Prints available at Society6. ”


lightprocesses: “Slow flight Created with Blender. 40 frames. _Related: Circular. ”

_Related: Circular.

theverge: “Goodnight, moon. ”



Face Expressions of Dogs in Cones

Face Expressions of Dogs in Cones
Léa, fubiz.net

In his collection entitled “Time Out”, photographer Ty Foster immortalized expressions and attitudes of our four-legged friends enduring the unpleasant ordeal of the cone. Sad glance, sidelong glance, envious glance, imprisonment feeling, desire t…