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Multi-Million Dollar McLaren F1 Crashed In Parade Of Supercars: Report

Reports are coming out of New Zealand that a 1994 McLaren F1 rolling through the country with over 30 other McLaren supercars has crashed. Sounds …

New Zealand

Photographer Captures Cozy Portraits of Her Cats by the Window Whenever It Rains

Photographer Felicity Berkleef was onto something when she first captured her cat sitting at a dreary window. Late last year, she snapped a sweet picture of the furry friend looking at the world while wrapped in a blanket. A couple of months ago, the other cat joined in and Berkleef tried to repeat …


Epic Drone Video Captures 14 Countries From Above | VIVA Lifestyle & Travel

It's no secret that it's one big, beautiful world we live in, and drone photography has totally revolutionized our ability to capture precisely that. …


5 Trips That Are Truly Fun for the Whole Family

Consider this your guide to five-star family travel.<p>My, how times have changed since the writer Robert Benchley said that "there are two classes of travel: first class and with children." In recent years cookie-cutter accommodations, endless chicken fingers, and ubiquitous water slides have given …


Here's How Many Homes the Average Billionaire Now Owns

Another sign of America’s growing wealth gap.<p>There’s a new bar for wealth in America: Nine homes and 19 cars.<p>That the average number of residences and vehicles owned by the average “ultra-high net worth” individual, according to a new study from AIG, which detailed the assets of the insurance …


What interns and new grads really get paid at top tech companies

From woefully underpaid internships to legendary hiring bonuses at huge Silicon Valley companies, it’s hard for job seekers to know what they’re worth in tech. It’s even harder when they’re new to the rat race.<p>One undergraduate computer science student at Purdue University, Jesse Collins, has taken …


Link House

Mahabis Classic Slippers<p>A modern reinvention of the house slipper, Mahabis Classic Slippers are far more than just something you slip on to get the …


Chef credited with inventing General Tso's chicken has died

NEW YORK (AP) — The chef who has been credited with inventing General Tso's chicken — a world-famous Chinese food staple that is not served in China — has died. He was 98.<p>Chef Peng Chang-kuei (chang-KWAY') brought the sticky, sweet-and-sour dish to New York 40 years ago. It became a favorite of …


How Snapchat Kept Fake News Out

Being a control freak pays off. “It’s impossible for somebody to go rogue in Discover.”<p>Facebook emerged during the U.S. election as a central political and news source, but also a hub for hoaxes, propaganda, and outright fake news, an issue that brought wide criticism and concern from figures …


Incredible Photos of the Altiplano in Bolivia | VIVA Lifestyle & Travel

Bolivia is a country filled with crazy extremes. Boasting some of the most diverse landscapes in the world, the South American gem is also home to …


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Bottle flipping is being used to teach kids probability in school now

Ever since that infamous bottle flipping video earlier this year, it seems flipping bottles around is all the kids are doing now.<p>Year 5 teacher Lauren Hinton admitted annoying at first, when students got into the craze.<p>"It's noisy, it's distracting and because they use the reusable plastic bottles, …


The many colors of a Bearded Dragon... https://t.co/1XInIiGHmQ

Pet You Didn't Know You Needed: Baby Wombat is Playful as a Puppy

Australia’s got all the best animals.<p>That’s it. We’re moving to Australia.<p>First there was that baby koala who got to hang out at the police station. …


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This scientific quest to find “missing” memories is changing the way we think about the brain

Neuroscientist Nathan Rose and his colleagues at the University of Wisconsin recently lost track of a memory.<p>I mean that literally. One minute, they saw a trace of a memory “light up” in an fMRI scan. In the next minute it was gone. And in this one simple observation, Rose and his colleagues are …

The Brain


Frolic with Flamingos at Renaissance Aruba Island | VIVA Lifestyle & Travel

Flamingos go hand in hand with tropical paradise daydreams. We aren’t talking about the tacky murals that adorn cheap Miami motels or though, we're …


Driving Southern California: San Diego to Santa Barbara

This road trip along the Pacific coast offers epic views, delicious fried treats, and the chance to unwind to our perfect Southern California playlist.<p>A new year deserves a new road map. As one year closes and another queues up, change sits patiently on the horizon, waiting for you to take …

San Diego

Snapchat Spectacles for Sale at NYC Pop-Up | VIVA Lifestyle & Travel

As avid Snapchat users ourselves, we were pleasantly surprised when Spectacles, the snap-happy sunnies that capture pictures and ten-second videos at …

New York City

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World's Best Islands for Beaches and Natural Attractions

Sun, sand, and magnificent scenery: the allure of an island getaway is timeless.<p>“Your camera can’t capture all the hues of blue and green in the water,” said one <i>Travel + Leisure</i> reader about Bora-Bora.<p>Bora-Bora’s lagoons, volcanic mountains, and crystal-clear waters helped propel the French …


Daily Report: Snapchat Defies Silicon Valley, and Its Algorithms

The executives at Snap, the parent company of the messaging app Snapchat, like to make a point of noting they do not run a Silicon Valley company.<p>But what exactly does that mean?<p>Let’s start with geography. Unlike nearly every other big social media service, Snapchat is not based in Silicon Valley …

Silicon Valley

The slow death of the manual transmission

Your next EV won’t need a clutch.<p>I've never owned a car with an automatic transmission. From my 1969 Datsun 2000 roadster to the 2011 Mini Countryman S that currently sits in my garage, I've had a long line of vehicles that required more than just pressing on the accelerator and pointing it toward …