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Donna 3 Bike by Cicli Brianza

by lovli


This Is What It Looks Like When Men Are Allowed To Take 480 Days Of Paternity Leave

Photographer Johan Bävman documents the world of dads and their babies in a country where fathers are encouraged to take a generous amount of paternity leave.

In his photo series Swedish Dads, Johan Bävman documents men who take advantage of Sweden’s comparatively generous paternity-leave legislation …


snapgif:JoeJoe The Capybara. [video (YT: Rubber Ducky?)


Two pretty kittiesss


She’s so cute it’s ridiculous


mlem, mlem

Digital Waterfall and More Remarkable Projections Transform the Grand Palais for Art Paris 2015

For this year's Art Paris Art Fair, every night, from March 26 till March 29, the facade of the iconic Grand Palais will turn into a beautiful, digital canvas. Three different video projections will transform the exterior of the building from 6pm to midnight. 2014 was the first year Art Paris Art …



An Abandoned Puppy and a Stray Kitten Became Best Friends for Life

Aw, Chip! Aw, Adele! Awwww, Chip and Adele together!



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16 Fun Kids Room Ideas Will Make You Want to Shrink Yourself

[ By Steph in Design & Furniture & Decor. ]Why don’t rooms for adults come with cool tent-shaped beds, oversized Legos, slides, tree houses and …


Wouldn't You Love To Rent One Of These Private Island Paradises?

These Islands Are Privately Owned Vacation Paradises

Photo: Inspiring Modern Home/Blogspot

These privately-owned island paradises can all be yours for …

Amazing Cave in Kauai, Hawaii Photo by Jake Marote http://t.co/dXA6Zwly1p

Hiiiiiiii http://t.co/pPnCeDquwB

William Wegman Puppies 2015

OMG U GUYZ #ZaynMalik Quit #OneDirection??? I haz a sad. http://t.co/KhCX2cryK3

It's like the Finding Nemo of puppies! http://t.co/h2bTEk8eoH


He’s still a puppy to me

aeoll: Sphere Inversion

10 Words Every Girl Should Learn

Socialized male speech dominance is a significant issue, not just in school.Editor's Note: This article updated from original, which appeared in Role

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SEC allows regular Americans to become venture capitalists, no Silicon Valley cred required

Get the PayPal account ready.

Startups can now raise up to $50 million by selling stock online to anyone, opening the door for Internet-based equity crowdfunding platforms to begin operation.

The Securities and Exchange Commission voted unanimously on Wednesday to adopt rules that permit startups to …


Perfect Puppy Eyes! http://t.co/PnrdTxL4V4

So fluffy! Awww. Looks like a bear. :) http://t.co/Uhryfhi0pX