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Porsche concept for LeMans? Go see @timothysykes lessons as he's a self-made multi-millionaire who now teaches others and has created several millionaires from scratch in the past few months! His top student turned $1,500 into $2.7 million in 4 years & got featured on CNN, are you @timothysykes next millionaire student?

Exclusive: Nest CEO Tony Fadell Behind 'Smart' Go-Kart for Kids

Fadell says the passion project ties to both his childhood and other full-time gig: parenting<p>Tony Fadell has some serious claims to fame within the world of tech. He led design for many of Apple’s iPods and the earliest iPhones. More recently, Fadell added to his reputation as a gadgets guru for …


Huge, Wind-Propelled 'Strandbeests' Arrive in San Francisco

The kinetic sculptures are part sailboat, part stick insect, and seemingly possessed with animal intelligence.<p>Imagine heading for a nice stroll by the water, only to find yourself being pursued by <i>this</i> thing:<p>For people in San Francisco, such an unsettling encounter could be in the cards thanks to an …

San Francisco Bay Area

17 Tiny Animals You’ll Want To Pop In Your Mouth For Safekeeping

Do you ever get that urge?<p>Do you ever find animals so cute and small you just want to pop them into your mouth? Not to eat, of course. Just because you love them so much you don’t know what else to do. Not an urge you’d ACTUALLY follow through on, but an urge nonetheless.<p>1. This mouse is so small, …


Mom Turns Boring Food Into Incredible Pop Culture Icons

Artist Olle Bengtsson might be the only person creating spaghetti art after kindergarten — and it's beautiful.<p>0 second read<p>You'd want to order every …

Vintage Computers Look Like Sci-Fi Relics in This Photo Series

It’s strange how futuristic old computers still look to me. By now, I’m not only used to tech in every instance, I <i>use</i> tech in every instance. I rely …

Artist Floats Through the World One Self-Timed Photo at a Time

Artist Sandra Lauterbach uses fabric as her paint and needles as her brushes to create abstract designs.<p>0 second read<p>In James Ball's photo series …

This Family Bonds Over Recreating Unsettling Horror Movie Scenes

One of the best items you’ll find in any home is a family photo album full of poised smiles, raucous laughter, tender embraces, and candid moments of …

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Photo by @TimLaman. This Bent-toed Gecko is a species new to science that was discovered by herpetologist Paul Oliver in the Foja Mountains a few years ago and named Cyrtodactylus boreoclivus. One of the most exciting things I’ve had a chance to do as a @NatGeo photographer and biologist is to accompany research expeditions like the one to the Foja Mts with scientists searching for new species and being there to photograph them for the first time. The Foja Mountains are uninhabited by humans and lie in a remote part of Papua, the Indonesian half of the big island of New Guinea. There is still a lot more to discover on this amazing island. #gecko, #Indonesia, #IndonesiaBiodiversity, #Papua, #FojaMountains, @thephotosociety, @natgeocreative, @TimLaman.

photo by @joelsartore | A mara or Patagonian cavy at the @HoustonZoo. #Follow me to meet more members of the #PhotoArk. #nikonambassador #photooftheday

Photo by @BrianSkerry. A newborn harp seal basks in the sun with its mother in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada. These pups only keep their white coats for about 2 weeks before shedding and adopting the typical grey cover of adult harp seals. Underwater, vision is the dominant sense of these creatures, yet, when on the frozen tundra of the North, mother harp seals use smell to identify their pups. To learn more about Harp Seals and to see more from my experiences in the frozen ocean realms, follow @BrianSkerry on Instagram. @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #arctic #harp #seal #pup #ice #frozen #tundra #natgeo #onassignment #photooftheday #oceans #conservation #protect #nature #national #geographic

Photograph by @paulnicklen taken while on assignment for @natgeo. A ringed seal scans the horizon for polar bears through the glassy surface of its breathing hole. To avoid polar bears seals maintain several holes. I once watched a mother polar bear station her cubs near several seal holes while she waited at a hole of her own. When the air-starved seal finally emerged at her location, she pounced and grabbed it. Without sea ice, polar bears are not able to hunt. Please #follow me on @paulnicklen to learn a lot more about the important of sea ice to all polar creatures. With @sea_legacy #climatechangeisforreal #nature #naturelovers #thejourney #adventure @thephotosociety #wildlife #beauty #seal #tbt @ Baffin Island

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Lenovo video teases return of Motorola’s iconic RAZR flip phone

Motorola’s RAZR surely stands as one of the most recognizable phones of yesteryear (although myself I preferred the Samsung Trace) — and while the brand has been desultorily maintained for Verizon’s dubious benefit, a new video from Lenovo suggests a more serious throwback device is nearly at hand, …


Modern Premium House in Spain

Architecture studio Ramon Esteve imagined the <i>Premium House</i>, in Spain : a modern house of 170m2. Playing with textures and rays of lights, this house …


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bigblueboo: “meet kumo. he’s a polar bear cub. help him get home in my latest game, rescuties VR. ”

joewinograd: “FROM THE ARCHIVES…Digital stop-motion animation loop (GIF) June 16, 2014 Click Here to view it in Full Resolution. ”


Stop Motion

gifsboom: “Owl loves rubs. [video] ”

Is Bunny Even Real?

Posted on May 23, 2016<p>Thanks, Denise! Denise writes, “My current foster bunny. Starting weight: 4oz! We’re guessing he’s an Astrex Mini Rex given the …