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This is PuiPui, a Holland Lop bunny that has his own stylist who handmakes all his outfits. Looking very smart there PuiPui! To see more of PuiPui and his outfits go to: https://www.instagram.com/mumitan/

These Are The Winning Food Photographers Of 2016

The next best thing to eating food is easily capturing it with a lens and eye as big as your stomach.<p>For the 2016 edition of the Pink Lady …


A Windfall for Chobani Employees: Stakes in the Company

NEW BERLIN, N.Y. — The 2,000 full-time employees of Chobani were handed quite the surprise on Tuesday: an ownership stake in the yogurt company that could make some of them millionaires.<p>Hamdi Ulukaya, the Turkish immigrant who founded Chobani in 2005, told workers at the company’s plant here in …


Why Becoming Parents Makes People Better Employees

Working moms are often viewed as frazzled and less committed to their jobs, but for many women motherhood can make them more ambitious.<p>A funny thing happens if you search "working dad clipart" and "working mom clipart" on Google. The dads look pretty relaxed: One is straightening his tie, another …


This Third Generation Electric Bike Takes The Hell Out Of Commuting

Ride across the whole city without breaking a sweat.<p>Electric bikes have a reputation for being clunky, inelegant machines. So, the first thing I notice about the new VanMoof Electrified S is how it's not clunky or inelegant at all. The aluminum commuter bike weighs 40 pounds. But it feels light and …

Electric Bikes

BMW Redesigns The Wheelchair For High-Speed Paralympians

The goal? To remove any hardware limitations from the equation, so athletes can just be athletes.<p>There isn’t a lot of money in wheelchair racing, so racing in the Paralympic games is an exercise of carefully choreographed improvisation. Athletes are crammed into their chairs with loose foam. Their …




Poor Navigational Skills Could Be Early Sign of Alzheimer’s, Study Says

Having trouble remembering directions in new surroundings may be an indicator<p>Poor navigational skills could be an early sign of Alzheimer’s disease, according to a new study.<p>Researchers from Washington University in St. Louis suggest that people who have trouble remembering directions in new …

The Brain

What Kind of Mom You're Going to Be Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Let your kids use sharp knives and hot stoves

Would you let your 2-year-old use a chef’s knife? Many people think that sounds not just dangerous, but insane. However, that’s what my friend J.M. Hirsch, a prominent food writer and cookbook author, did with his son Parker.<p>I’m a little more conservative (okay, fearful) than he is. My kids were …


Craziest mohawk I've ever seen! Via: Imgur

So fluffy 😍 https://t.co/6sO8LNxsLT

Meet PuiPui, The Most Stylish Bunny In The World (15 Pics)

Meet PuiPui, the self-proclaimed most stylish bunny in the world from Tokyo, Japan. PuiPui is so dapper he even has his own personal photographer and …


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gifsboom: “Baby Fennec Fox. [video] ”

p5art: “ noisy circle (inspired by @echophon‘s recent stuff, although less sophisticated; code here) ”


Your first day behind the wheel. https://t.co/xMQ2LtPuwN

The world's best luxury dive resorts

(CNN)Super-swanky dive resorts come in all sizes.<p>But mostly in small.<p>From Chile to Australia to St. Lucia, the world's most exclusive scuba hideaways serve fewer than 100 select guests.<p>Some cater to a maximum of just 20 diving VIPs.<p>Others tempt groups to reserve their whole private island.<p>Read …


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headlikeanorange: “Burrowing owl ”

smithsonianchannelcanada: “ An adorable orca swimming in the wild. Source: Hunt For The Super Predator ”


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Little furball- day 18

Photo by @volli.dox

Photo by @alain_cat