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Apple has started selling the View-Master virtual reality headset

Apple has quietly added a virtual reality headset to its online store.

Shoppers can pick up a View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack on Apple's online store for $30, although it's not available in Apple's physical retail stores. It's the first VR product that Apple has sold in recent memory.

Yes, …

Augmented Reality


The stunning Wirra Willa Pavilion designed by Matthew Woodward Architecture is the perfect weekend retreat. Located in Somersby, NSW, Australia, on …


Facebook costs trillions in wasted productivity

Facebook has squandered trillions in potential productivity.


The Most Romantic Islands in the World: Readers' Choice Awards

When it comes to romantic getaways, there's something infinitely appealing about the isolation and untouched beauty of an island. Whether you want a …

Caribbean Travel

Realist Painter Edward Hopper Gets A Digital Update In These Animated GIFs

The American painter Edward Hopper—the man who brought the world the iconic diner-set Nighthawks which became a meme long before the internet was around—gets an animated update in these stylish GIFs from Spain artist Ibon Mainar.

Subtle movements are added to the shadow-strewn, stoic paintings of …

Pop Art

Cute Little Poof! https://t.co/ArbFWTNKcV

Man summons his Tesla Model S using only his Apple Watch

For a long time I’ve been skeptical of not only the Apple Watch but of smartwatches as a whole. However, a new video posted by YouTuber Mark Schey …

Apple Watch

Scientists discover a key mechanism that could prevent Alzheimer's-related memory loss

We're seeing some exciting progress being made in the fight against neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, and now …

24 iconic children's books you should still read, even if you're a grown up

For most of us, there's at least one book we read as children that became ingrained in the make-up of our adult lives. You're probably picturing yours right now — the book that epitomized the innocence and simplicity of the younger you, the book that did something to help you understand the …


handsomedogs: ““ Piccolina by racoonrampage ” ”

montereybayaquarium: “ We’re geeking out over the newest addition to our Tentacles exhibition: the striped pyjama squid! These shy cephalopods have never been displayed in the United States before. To...


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animals-riding-animals: “mantis riding snail ”

animals-riding-animals: “snail riding crocodile ”


A Baby Swordfish Fits on Top of a Fingertip

Photo by Juan C. Levesque

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that a baby swordfish is extremely tiny, but for an animal that grows up to 10 feet long …

Four Tanuki pups, better known as Japanese raccoon dogs. https://t.co/2BcH5EoqUP

tokyo-bleep: “ Via Sotheby’s ”

Swimming with dolphins https://t.co/WVgxJbrBvu

Photo by @river_the_mini_dachshund