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Use This Infographic To Decode Your Cat’s Body Language

When I was growing up, my grandmother had a black cat named Shelby who I was just determined to make friends with. Every time we went over to her …


Mind-Blowing Photorealistic Pencil Drawings of Cats

You don't have to be a cat lover to appreciate this. It's been awhile since we checked up on artist Paul Lung. Over two years ago, we came across his incredible pencil drawings and were blown away by the just how much they resembled photographed. If you can believe it, over the past two years, Lung …


How to Stop Cats From Peeing in the House

Because cats are fastidious about their own cleanliness, they also want their litter boxes to be kept clean. Some cat owners don't empty the litter …


Your Cat Doesn’t Need You, Study Finds

Cats don't seem to attach to their owners the way dogs do

Your cat doesn’t really need you, new study suggests.

According to a new study published in PLOS One journal, cats show little to no separation anxiety when they’re away from their owners and if/when they decide to stick around their human, …


Kitty Who Steals His Neighbors' Belongings Is The Cutest Crook Around

"Looks like he steals hearts as well as shoes!"

You better keep a close eye on your belongings, because you never know when this cat burglar's gonna strike.

Snorri Sturluson, a 2-year-old cat who lives in Portland, Oregon, has a knack for swiping items from around his neighborhood -- especially …


This Kitten Just Met This Baby Owl, And What Happened Next Is Too Much For Words.


I’m starting to think Japan might just be a magical animal land from a children’s book. We already knew they had owl cafes, and in one of …


Top tips for a cat-friendly garden

A guide to creating a haven for your feline friends, with advice on what to plant and what to avoid

Cats, you either love them or loathe them. Quite often the gardener's foe, they stir up strong feelings among some green-fingered people. However, if you are a cat-owner, cat-lover or just rather …

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India's Tigers May Be Rebounding, in Rare Success for Endangered Species

More money has been spent on tiger conservation than on preserving any other species in the world, yet wildlife biologists have been seemingly unable to stop the decline of the iconic big cat in the face of poaching and habitat loss.

That appeared to change Tuesday, when the government of India—the …


Warning Signs

Your Pet Says More About Your Personality Than You Might Think

Cat people and dog people really do have different personality traits, new research suggests. People who own cats tend to be more creative, adventurous, and anxious. Dog owners, on the other hand, tend to be more extroverted, secure, and risk-averse.

Those differences were seen in a fascinating new …



It's a cat wedding and you're invited!

The 11 Most Important Cats Of Science

I can haz scienz?

[Special thanks to materials scientist Joe Spalenka for letting us use his photoshopped image of Watson And Crick Plus Chloe The Cat.]

All the times your cat is actually judging you

Calling all cat moms and dads out there! We love our kitties, but I think we can all agree they can be a little sassy-spirited sometimes. It’s not …


Kitten Therapy Soul Pancake Viral Video

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Pop Culture

No superheroes or ninja costumes for this kid. And, according to his dad, that's just fine. Proud papa Paul Henson is earning raves with his latest parenting post on Facebook. When his young son, Caiden, announced that he wanted to dress up as Frozen's Elsa for …

Viral Videos

Cat Day Pictures: Your Shot's Favorite Felines

Cat Walk

A Siamese kitten crawls around on a woman's shoulders in the village of Gordes, France—one of our best cat photos selected in honor of National Cat Day.

"I quietly photographed a series of this adorable, inquisitive kitten and was so amused by his playful antics, it was difficult not to …


Behind Every Good Whisky Is A Trusty Distillery Cat

Editor's Note: The Glenturret distillery announced Wednesday that Peat the kitten was killed. It was found on the side of the road near the distillery and was presumably hit by a car. The accident took place on Monday, the day before this story aired and was published online, but the distillery did

Perfectly-timed photos

A fantastic collection of photos taken at perfect moments, mostly culled from Reddit.

See many more at Bored Panda.


Move Over Schrödinger, the Quantum Cheshire Cat Is Here to Carve Up Reality

Here’s a thought experiment: think about yourself, your body, your proper you. Now, consider the properties of yourself that independent of that proper you—the you that would result if you got rid of all the physical, squishy stuff that makes you, you.

But it’s all physical stuff, you might say. …


The Internet Wins With 'Confused Cats Against Feminism' Meme

We might not have predicted that #WomenAgainstFeminism would be a hashtag that was surging in popularity in 2014, but watching dozens of women stand up against a movement that's in their own self-interest is a sobering reminder that feminism's image problem runs deep with the millennial generation. …