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Into the Vines: The Wines and Winemakers of Sicily

Chef Gabrielle Hamilton meets the independent winemakers who bottle the flavor of Sicily.

Photos by Francesco Lastrucci.

I WAS MARRIED for more than 10 …


William Sokolin, Wine Seller Who Broke Famed Bottle, Dies at 85

The slightest mishap can cause someone to cry over their beer, or shed tears over spilled milk, but on April 23, 1989, at the Four Seasons restaurant in Manhattan, nobody could have blamed William Sokolin if he had sobbed over a broken bottle of wine.

Not just any bottle, even by Four Seasons …


MAP: Vodka Vs. Whiskey Lovers By State

@joshtext May 4, 2015

Over the last decade whiskey has surged in popularity in America, reclaiming its traditional throne from vodka as America’s best …


What was the best wine in the Middle Ages?

When medieval people chose what wine to drink, they might check at its colour, smell and taste. More importantly, the choice was often an individual …


Get Acquainted With 4 Rosés From 4 Different Countries

Rosé Wine Guide For The Summer
Rosé, the official wine of summer. This delicious beverage has gotten more and more popular as the years have gone by, …


Spring Pea & Asparagus Pasta Salad With Rosé Vinaigrette

May 1, 2015

Last week, I was cleaning out my fridge and found an almost empty bottle of rosé leftover from a recent Game of Thrones viewing party. On …


The Mystery Behind Who Really Created The Margarita

@aleezabeeza May 1, 2015

The margarita is often hailed as the quintessential “Mexican” cocktail, but just like cerveza, the origins of the drink are …


MillerCoors Hit with Class Action Suit for Use of “CRAFT” on Blue Moon Beer

On April 24, 2015, a class action lawsuit was filed in state court against MillerCoors LLC, alleging that the company’s Blue Moon beer deceives …


Texas wine at the crossroads, one year later

And, apparently, not much has changed with Texas wine a year after I wrote: “Has Texas wine reached a plateau, where quality isn’t going to get any …


15 Beer Gardens In America You Have To Visit Before You Die If You Love Outdoor Drinking

@adamteeter April 30, 2015

We have the Germans to thank for the Beer Garden, the warm weather institution that seems as vital to Spring, Summer and …


7 Super Refreshing Beers You Should Drink At A Picnic

@VinePair April 30, 2015

Having a spring picnic is one of those activities that works for any occasion – a family outing, a date, smoothing things …


Mouton 2014: “a true opening price”

Bordeaux first growth Château Mouton-Rothschild has released its 2014 this morning at a lower price than any physical vintage on the market.


Removing the Manipulation Stigma from Winemaking | Wine News & Features

Accusing a winemaker of manipulation is like calling your wife a whore because she's sleeping with you.

To dishonor our craft is both insulting and …


Beyond The Mint Julep: 11 Droolworthy Kentucky Derby Cocktails

@aleezabeeza April 29, 2015

We love the standard Mint Julep, but there are plenty of other drinks fit for Kentucky Derby royalty, from stiff whiskey …

Ancient Egyptian Hangover Cure Discovered

Dealing with a hangover is one of the most unpleasant things an innocent drinker can experience, so it’s no wonder we’ve been trying to discover a …


8 Great Beer Cocktail Recipes: INFOGRAPHIC

@joshtext April 28, 2015

We write about cocktails a lot here at VinePair, usually the kind made with spirits and sometimes even with wine. But you can …


Chill Out With Retro Pineapple Wine Popsicles

Here's how to make wine popsiclesNothing harkens back to childhood like a popsicle. The tartness combined with just the right hint of fruit and color …


What Do You Do With $10K Worth Of Stolen Mini-Bottles Of Alcohol?

48-year-old Brooklyn woman Juanette Cullum has just been charged with grand larceny for stealing $10K worth of alcohol nips from JFK Airport, where …


Winegrower's Family File Manslaughter Case | Wine News & Features

The family of a Bordeaux winegrower that died of a pesticide-related illness will file a case for manslaughter before the Public Health Division of …


Drinking With: Fashion Designer Rachel Antonoff - Why Fashion And Rosé Are The Perfect Combo

Rachel Antonoff fashion designer.Rachel Antonoff is a stellar fashion designer with a creative background in the performing arts. Antonoff designs …

Fashion Design

6 Classic Nintendo Characters Transformed Into 8-bit Wine Labels

@joshtext April 24, 2015

If you’re a certain age, one which is older than you’d like to think about, the NES and its early-to-mid 1980s franchise …


A Hands-Off Approach to Manzanilla Sherry

Manzanilla sherry is often pigeonholed as the lighter, paler, more delicate sibling of fino sherry. It’s correct to call manzanilla a subset of fino, in that manzanilla is essentially a fino that comes exclusively from the seaside town of Sanlúcar de Barrameda in the Andalusia region of Spain. But …


Southern Tier Brewing Company Un-Earthly Imperial India Pale Ale | New York Cork Report | New York Wine

This IIPA looked like it was going to pack a punch as soon as it was poured. The cloudy copper color and vigorous head pushed up a beautiful nose on …


Wine Memories: Roman Holiday

@cobloom April 23, 2015

Growing up with three siblings spanning eight years, it wasn’t always easy to take family vacations. At any given moment, my …


Here's Why Your Organic Wine Is Actually Really Bad For The Environment

April 23, 2015

There is a distinct lack of nuance when it comes to conversations about politics, taxes and … organic agriculture. But even more …


Locating the Moral High Ground in the Wine Industry - Fermentation

Posted by Tom Wark on Apr 23, 2015

There must be word or phrase for that rare occurrence when a business or organization’s financial interests are


The head of China’s biggest wine brand admits its wines are terrible

Ning Gaoning, the chairman of Cofco, the state-owned grain company that operates China’s biggest wine producer, told a conference in Switzerland what Chinese oenophiles have long known: its wines are “not very good” (paywall).

From China’s vast wine market to its rising disposable income levels, …


Pairing Wine & Other Drinks With Korean Barbecue

@aleezabeeza April 22, 2015

Eating Korean barbecue truly feels like sitting down at a king’s feast. The spread of multiple plates toppling with bulgogi


Answer Found to Mystery of Missing Bourbon, Kentucky Officials Say

The Kentucky authorities said on Tuesday that they had mostly solved the peculiar mystery of who had been pilfering — and illicitly profiting from — some of the state’s most celebrated bourbons.

An indictment by a Franklin County grand jury charged nine people with engaging in organized crime, …

Bourbon Whiskey