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Wine Country's Nuclear Threat

A nuclear facility in Washington state's prime wine country is leaching radioactive groundwater and is one natural disaster away from Fukushima 2.0.

The Hanford Site, a former nuclear-weapons production facility located in southeastern Washington State near the Oregon border, is one natural disaster …

Nuclear Power

Make This Lunch In Your Office Kitchen: Ridiculously Easy Quesadilla And Chilled Lime Cooler

@aleezabeeza March 30, 2015

Unless you’re a high roller or work next to a plethora of bodegas, chances are you bring your lunch to work. But you …


CHEAT SHEET: Red Wine Body Guide | Red Wine Body Chart

@VinePair March 30, 2015

A wine’s body is one of the biggest clues to help you decide if an unfamiliar grape variety (or region) might be just what …


The Two Invisible Forces Shaping Southern French Terroir

Life has a way of constantly reminding you that ‘You don’t know until you do something. Similarly, you can’t really understand a wine region until …


Drink Half, Cook With The Other: Spicy Red Wine Spaghetti

@aleezabeeza March 29, 2015

Unless you’re having company (or a really bad day), chances are you won’t drink a whole bottle of wine in one night. You …


How To Learn About Wine

March 29, 2015

I had been studying wine hard for a few months. In fine dining, being a server with only a superficial understanding of the differences …


Anson on Thursday: What have the Romans done for us?

A photo of the 2,000 year old grapevine. Image credit: Jane Anson

Not that you'd have looked twice at it unless you'd been told what it was. It - or …


Zinfandel, The All American Grape, Comes from A Place Called Kaštela

@in_vino_nyc March 27, 2015

Kaštela is the region of Croatia where Zinfandel’s true home was found.

When we hear the term Cult Wine in California we …


What The Heck Is Noble Rot, And Is It Really A Good Thing?

@aleezabeeza March 26, 2015

Noble rot. It sounds like an industrial band that’s booked a gig in a warehouse somewhere, but it’s actually what makes …


Why Is My Wine So Expensive? A Glimpse At What Jacks Up The Price Of Posh Wine

Just why are some wines so expensive? A list of reasons and they don't all have to do with quality. Find out why sometimes a cheap wine might be best.


Our Reader Panel Selects The Boxed Wine You Should Be Buying Now

@adamteeter March 26, 2015

Over the past decade boxed wine has been one of the fastest growing segments of wine in America, particularly on the …


Wood-Infused Yeasts For Aging on the Lees: A Novel Approach to Achieve Oak Character in Wine

The use of oak barrels in wine fermentation and aging is common, as it is known to increase wine aromatic complexity and improve overall wine …


Shiba Sommelier’s top 10 icon wines

Suki is no ordinary dog. The two-year-old shiba inu has exquisite taste in wine. So much so, that she’s started her own website,, …


Cerveja Feminista Is A New Feminist Beer

@aleezabeeza March 25, 2015

A feminist beer named Cerveja Feminista is being released, and my feelings are mixed. On one hand, I appreciate the …


Tijuana Sweet Heat Is The Next Fireball

@aleezabeeza March 25, 2015

Awhile back, Sazerac, the owners of Fireball Whiskey, hit a bit of a scandal when small amounts of propylene glycol, an …


Venture Capitalist Bottles California Pinots That Rival Burgundy

Software entrepreneur Kevin Harvey, co-founder of Benchmark Capital, is used to backing startups that make it big, such as Proofpoint and MySQL. It …


15 Shocking Facts Most People Don't Know About Their Favorite Liquors

@aleezabeeza March 24, 2015

When you sit down with your poison of choice, your mind will probably be blown some way or another. After all, booze …


CHEAT SHEET: White Wine Sweetness Chart & Guide

@VinePair March 23, 2015

When looking over an unfamiliar wine list or browsing the aisles of a shop, trying to find a wine that is as sweet or dry as …


America's Best Drinking Town: Atlanta

@adamteeter March 23, 2015

America is undergoing a drinking revolution. Across the board, people are seeking out great drinks, from delicious


Is a wine that costs four digits worth it? There’s only one way to find out.

“Are you insane?” I asked.

My friend had just said he was thinking about buying a single bottle of Screaming Eagle, a Napa Valley cult cabernet …


Do You Need to Worry About Arsenic in Your Wine?

It's all over the wine news channels, and will soon be in much wider distribution, as these stories spread like wildfire thanks to sensational …


Pairing Little Caesars' Bacon Wrapped Pizza With Ken Wright Cellars Canary Hill Vineyard Pinot Noir

@adamteeter March 20, 2015

Fast Food & Fine Wine #4: Little Caesars Bacon Wrapped Pizza with Ken Wright Cellars Pinot Noir

Having trouble with the …


Walter Channing Dies

Walter Channing, founder and partner in Channing Daughters winery in Bridgehampton, died Thursday, March 12 after a long illness. He was 74.

“Walter …

New York

12 Incredible Images Of Alcohol In American History

@aleezabeeza March 20, 2015

For most of us, visuals of Prohibition usually involve Steve Buscemi. Boardwalk Empire may have been dramatized, but …


Wine: support your local independent

It’s always struck me as odd that people who go out of their way to shop at a good butcher’s or cheese shop don’t take the same approach when it comes to buying wine. Instead, they’re happy to boast about bargains at Aldi and Lidl.

While I find it as hard to resist a good deal as anyone, I also want …


A Vineyard Dispute, $800,000 in Cash, and Two Dead in Napa

YOUNTVILLE, Calif. — Perhaps it began with the red Adidas gym bag stuffed with $800,000 in cash.

Then came the trail of overhyped and failed wine ventures here in the heart of Napa Valley, and the furious court battles between Robert Dahl, who ran a struggling vineyard, and his chief investor, Emad …


A couple of wines from Jane Eyre, an Aussie in Burgundy

Jane Eyre is an Australian winemaker who first did vintage in Burgundy back in 1998 as a bit of work experience.It’s an interesting story. She was …

Jane Eyre

At Corison Winery, the Focus on Napa Cabernet Never Blurs

Napa Valley is not known for its reserve, subtlety and understatement. Flamboyance, yes, as well as grandiosity, weight, excess and the wines that epitomize these traits. Yet before Napa wineries began to take architectural cues from Las Vegas, the Valley was largely a quiet agricultural center …


How Malbec Colonized South America

@in_vino_nyc March 19, 2015

Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, Malbec has become one of the most popular wine imports to the American …