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What is an Analemma?

<i>What is an Analemma?</i><p><i>An analemma is the figure “8″ loop that results when one observes the position of the sun at the same time during the day over the course of a year. Due to the earth’s tilt about its axis (23.45°) and its elliptical orbit about the sun, the location of the sun is not constant from day to day when observed at the same time on each day over the course of a full year. Furthermore, this loop will be inclined at different angles depending on one’s geographical latitude.</i>

Sideprofile of a phospholipid bilayer membrane with a few anchored proteins, Nuno Moreira

Sideprofile of a phospholipid bilayer membrane with a few anchored proteins, Nuno Moreira.

Why People Love Tipping Waiters

As an economic phenomenon, tipping is really weird. As a psychological phenomenon, it's something else entirely.<p>When the Linkery, a small San Diego restaurant, shuttered its doors this summer, it ended a fascinating social experiment. The Linkery had instituted a standard 18 percent service charge …

Worms' Bright Blue Death Could Shed Light On Human Aging

Last year, researchers at University College London's Institute of Healthy Ageing were looking through their microscopes when they saw something amazing.<p>David Gems, professor of biogerentology, was part of the team looking for answers to big questions about human aging in small, squishy little …

We Call Him Flipper. But What Do The Dolphins Call Him?

Dolphins are like humans in many ways: They're part of complex social networks and, just as in people, a dolphin's brain is big, relative to the size of its body. But there's something else, too — a study published Monday shows these acrobats of the sea use name-like whistles to identify and …

NASA's Cassini spacecraft captures breathtaking images of Earth from Saturn

NASA's unmanned Cassini spacecraft has already returned some gorgeous views of the planet Saturn, which it is currently flying around. But the latest images should be enough to make it and any other interplanetary travelers (such as Voyager 1) homesick. On July 19th, the spacecraft, located about …

Find the Little Dipper

Tonight … how to find the Little Dipper using the Big Dipper as a guide. The Big Dipper is easy to find, but the Little Dipper isn’t. You need a dark …

FYI: Why Do You Lose Your Tan In The Winter?

Whenever you decide to clean your house, you could be slowly but surely sweeping your tan right out the door.<p>Walk along a California beach on a warm summer day, and there are sure to be dozens of men and women, spread out on their towels, soaking in as much sun as they can. Sure enough, about six …

The Science of Hangovers

Liquid Oxygen (slow motion) - Periodic Table of Videos